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Software for management of Trade Finance and Investment Instruments. Read more about Finora
Abby helps businesses ensure that customer documents are legal and comply with the rules. Customers can pay online and receive reminders for late payments. Read more about Abby
SAP S/4HANA Cloud is a cloud-based intelligent ERP system specifically developed for companies in all industries offering them a broad and flexible functionality. Read more about SAP S/4HANA Cloud
Agicap is a software solution for running the cash flow side of your business, offering reliable forecasting and real-time analysis. Read more about Agicap
Automated cash flow control and forecasting software. Real-time banking synchronization. Helping CEOs and CFOs. Read more about Orama
Our SAP-embedded and cloud-native solutions integrate financial data across multiple ERP systems and data sources to provide a centralized view of your cash position to drive greater insights to fuel planning and forecasting. Read more about Serrala Suite
Automate the aggregation of bank data with Trovata. Get the most up-to-date view of your cash across all your multi-banks & accounts in one single dashboard. Read more about Trovata
Axonaut is a cloud-based solution that helps small businesses streamline administrative processes related to customer relationship management (CRM), invoicing, marketing, inventory tracking, and more. Read more about Axonaut
IBSFINtech is a fully featured Treasury software designed to serve SMEs, Startup, Agencies, Enterprises. IBSFINtech provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App and On premises. This Treasury software offers Cash Management, For Hedge Funds, Liquidity Management, Risk Management at one place. Read more about IBSFINtech
HighRadius Treasury leverages the proven RivanaTM Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to provide the most accurate cash flow forecasts – right from a ledger account level and rolling up to the organizational level. Read more about Integrated Receivables
With over 11,000 banking options, $80 billion in daily cash managed, and $2.5 trillion in annual transaction volume, TIS has a proven track record of combining our unparalleled market expertise with tailored client and community feedback to drive digital transformation for companies of all sizes. Read more about Treasury Intelligence Solutions
Cforia.autonomy is an accounts receivable and order-to-cash software designed to help businesses consolidate data across billing, invoicing, order management, payment processing, and other operations. Administrators can create custom reports using pre-packaged templates. Read more about Cforia.autonomy
Tesorio AR Automation empowers finance teams to collect cash faster by automating key processes and providing valuable insights on when to collect and communicate with your customers. Tesorio connects with your ERP to make sure every invoice is followed up with quickly and accurately. Read more about Tesorio
Kyriba is a treasury management platform that assists finance professionals with risk management, payment processing, cash flow, and liquidity management. Key features include forecasting, transaction monitoring, investment accounting, bank relationship management, netting, and fee analysis. Read more about Kyriba
LeanPay is a French-language online software which helps you with accounts receivable management. Read more about LeanPay
Indy is a cloud-based software that helps individuals, freelancers, and sole proprietors streamline accounting operations, such as bank reconciliations, tax declarations, and expenses from a unified platform. It lets team members access transaction receipts, categorize income sources, and allocate personal spending shares. Read more about Indy
Corporate-to-Bank Integration Platform is a financial management software designed to help businesses integrate with banks to streamline finance operations. Treasury teams can access multiple back-office systems, payment schemes & other services provided by banking partners from a single platform. Read more about AccessPay Platform
Cashtrack help freelancers and SMEs in the French market manage cash flow, forecasting, and other financial operations. The platform automatically synchronizes bank accounts to capture transaction information and evaluate input data, enabling users to view and analyze turnover forecasts. Read more about Cashtrack
Calypso is a cloud-based risk management platform for the financial industry, which provides features such as front and back office integration, analytics for regulatory calculations, and portfolio management. Read more about Calypso
Embat is an automated, efficient, and secure treasury for financial teams that generate business impact. Businesses can save time spent on manual tasks. Users can access all functionalities required to optimize their business liquidity from within a unified platform in real-time. Read more about Embat
You can manage all of your working capital and cash flow alternatives with the help of Payference, an all-in-one tool for real-time, dynamic cash forecasting. Read more about Payference
ACH Universal is an on-premise treasury software that helps SMBs, financial institutions, and government agencies import data from Microsoft SQL Server and QuickBooks to create automated clearing house (ACH) files. Administrators can utilize the profiles feature to store banking information of multiple clients and vendors on a unified interface. Read more about ACH Universal
Reducing involuntary errors and allowing access to key information. With an intuitive interface that can soon become part of their working day-to-day, Solidarity Associations and Employee Cooperatives achieve integration in less time and with greater simplicity than ever before. This allows them to devote maximum attention to processes while... Read more about B1 Unity
TreasuryView cloud platform aggregates existing and planned loans, currency exposure, interest rate and currency hedges information into predictive insights and real-time treasury and financial risk management results Read more about TreasuryView
Quanto® is a software in the cloud that allows financial institutions to automate their processes, improve their productivity and achieve their strategic objectives Read more about Quanto
CAPIX is a cloud-based treasury & investment software solution which enables SMBs to manage corporate treasury & investment operations effectively & efficiently Read more about CAPIX
ZenTreasury is a cloud-based treasury management software designed to help businesses manage cash flow, payments, financial risk, and customer engagement. It enables employees to import foreign exchange transactions data from various electronic trading platforms including FXall, 360T, and more. Read more about ZenTreasury
Fygr is a treasury management software designed to help small and medium-sized businesses track and forecast cash flows to automate financial management processes. Administrators can gain insights into historical banking transactions across different accounts on a centralized dashboard. Read more about Fygr
CreditManager is a data-driven, cloud-based debtor management solution. Users can segment customers, automate repetitive tasks, and track outstanding invoices through automatic workflows and processes. Read more about CreditManager
Irma is a cash management and control software solution for auto-entrepreneurs and SMEs. It displays a cash flow curve on a graph by offering clear, contextualized, and personalized actions. Users can refine cash flow forecasts, streamline the synchronization of commercial flow and quotes, planning of installment deadlines with an algorithm for... Read more about irma
Qotid is a financial data analysis tool. It allows, thanks to its functionalities, to follow and analyze the performance of its company. Read more about Qotid
Nomentia provides cash management solutions like payments, cash forecasting, matching, bank account management, and in-house banking. Read more about Nomentia
We are focused on the financial industry, transforming how banks, credit unions and thrifts serve their tech savvy customers. Choose Fiserv as your partner to gain vital, innovative technology expertise in information management products, services, and practices. Our Financial Crime Risk Management solutions reside on a common platform featuring... Read more about FCRM Insurance
BankSense is a cash flow management and finance decision making solution with real time visibility, cash flow management, analytics, and more Read more about BankSense is a modular accounting, invoicing & collection web-based solution. It is aimed at entrepreneurs, small businesses and associations based in France. Read more about
Single solution for treasury and risk, including cash management, payments, accounting, banking, financial instruments, risk analysis and hedge accounting Read more about GTreasury
MX.3 helps banks, clearing brokers, public agencies and other businesses manage trading, risk, IT costs, treasury, funding, compliance, and more. The platform lets organizations examine pre-trade operations and create and manage custom portfolios using stress analysis and risk metrics in real-time. Read more about MX.3
Monitor by Mark2Market is a treasury management software that helps businesses manage financial and cash-flow processes. It offers integration with ERP systems and facilitates financial and operational performance of businesses through constant monitoring of derivatives and debts. Read more about Monitor
Libeo enables SME businesses, CFOs and accountants to save time by centralizing, validating, and paying their supplier invoices in one click, without IBAN, and without using their banking interface. The platform allows users to manage the entire purchasing lifecycle via a unified portal. Read more about Libeo
Piteco is a modular product, used in 5 continents in the areas of Liquidity Management, Digital Payments, Financial Planning, Payment & Collection Factory, Global Treasury Management. Read more about Piteco Evo 5
Financial Navigator is an integrated solution designed to help finance teams optimize cash management processes, handle payments and streamline decision-making processes. Read more about Financial Navigator
CashAnalytics is a cash flow forecasting software tool that automates manual forecasting tasks and provides clear visibility over future cash flows. Read more about CashAnalytics
Oracle Corporate Banking is a financial services software designed to help businesses manage lending, payments, virtual accounts, revenue, and treasury. Administrators can automate deal processing, messaging, settlement, and other post-trade operations. Read more about Oracle Corporate Banking
QX QuickReco is a web-based automation tool that automates and standardizes the reconciliation process to produce high-quality and accurate financial statements. The tool also allows users to add adjustments for hidden transactions such as bank charges or any bank fees. Read more about QX QuickReco
Shootih offers a 360° view of asset holdings, single-click investment in various asset classes, and a real-time view of all business transactions across multiple bank accounts in one place. It provides alerts when business owners have idle cash and suggests the best investment opportunities. The platform includes timely notifications for upcoming... Read more about Shootih
Xepelin is a free financing and payment platform for all companies. Read more about Xepelin
Eazitron is a management suite that helps small businesses to manage invoices, inventories, projects, agendas, cash flows & more. Eazitron solutions are: simple, affordable (starting from 99€) & on-premises. Read more about Eazitron
Business Payments experience that helps SMBs & Startups improve their cash flow. Read more about denario
Comptalib is a cloud-based software intended for French account firms and departments. Its features include balance sheets, forecast cash flow and many others. Read more about Comptalib
Infor CBS seamlessly merges pricing and billing into a user-friendly interface. It introduces pricing incentives and comprehensive deal management. Integrated with analytics, CBS empowers global financial institutions with innovative services while prioritizing regulatory compliance. Read more about Infor Complete Billing System (CBS)

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