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GovPilot is an e-government management solution designed to help government organizations streamline and manage their operations with workflow automation, reporting and analytics, constituent engagement tools, and more. Tablet and smartphone apps allow users to access and manage data on-the-go. Read more about GovPilot
An online rule-based court deadline calculator with automatic updates when court rules change, email reminders, deadline reports, and synchronization to any calendaring platform. Read more about LawToolBox
eCourt by Journal Technologies is a web-based case management solution for courts to manage case records and expedite case flow process Read more about eCourt
Litify is the end-to-end legal operating platform designed to break down silos within your legal team and with your clients. Our industry-leading platform includes customizable matter plans and intake questionnaires, a full suite of timekeeping and billing products, and native document management. Read more about Litify
VobeSoft is a business software solution that configures a cloud database into business solutions without coding. Companies can use a pre-defined template or build custom enterprise applications. Read more about VobeSoft
ExhibitView is a trial presentation software, which helps organize and display every type of demonstrative evidence and allows users to zoom easily for depositions or other virtual proceedings. Read more about ExhibitView
Docket Alarm is a cloud-based docketing platform that enables law firms, attorneys, and legal professionals to manage lawsuits, track deadlines, and analyze case outcomes. Users can build custom litigation analytics and generate reports based on key metrics. Read more about Docket Alarm
eFORCE Software provides solutions for public safety and law enforcement agencies regarding court and jail management and transportation dispatch systems. Key features include case and records management, case notes, warrant tracking, inmate accounting and management, API, and property logs. Read more about eFORCE
Matrix is a web-based legal case management solution that enables businesses in the legal industry to manage documents, stakeholders, appointments, and more. Users can create reports, organize their data, and gain visibility into daily workflows, cases, or appointments from a personalized dashboard. Read more about Matrix
Odyssey is a legal case management solution that allows courts & justice agencies to streamline administrative operations related to petition filing, jury selection, court disposition, and more. Key features include task scheduling, collaboration, bank reconciliation, reporting & electronic filing. Read more about Enterprise Justice
UniCourt is a Legal Data as a Service offered via API that is disrupting the way court records and public records are organized, accessed, and used by Am Law firms and Fortune 500 companies. Read more about UniCourt
JWorks CMS is a case management solution for courts, which is customizable to support court-specific priorities and procedures. It provides the ability to design and automate workflow rules, auto-assign tasks, manage keyword searches, and more. Users can easily configure JWorks for any docket or case, creating custom fields and screens according... Read more about JWorks CMS
Voltaire provides trial teams with real time, concise and accurate background information on jurors & witnesses in order to bring a new level of insight. Voltaire helps uncover hidden bias and risk factors using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics on character and behavioral traits. Read more about Voltaire
iJustice is a web-based legal case management platform that helps law enforcement agencies manage law violations and automate business operations. Users can manage payment processes, access information about court documents, and schedule courtrooms, judges, and officers for upcoming hearings. Read more about iJustice
Noble Justice is a court management software designed to help legal professionals manage various court administration processes including eFiling documents and probation management. Administrators can generate real-time reports to track the status of ongoing and historical cases. Read more about Noble Justice
C-track is a web-based court management software designed to help federal, state, or local government agencies capture, track, and process legal cases. The application enables legal professionals to streamline operational workflows, modify rules, and store data in a centralized repository. Read more about C-Track
The Pexip Virtual Courts solution uses automations and easy-to-use features to virtualize judicial proceedings and streamline court flows, making communications more efficient, convenient, and accessible. Read more about Pexip Video platform
Casedoc offers superior time to value as it is designed to be cloud first, flexible, and self-administered. The system completely integrates functions and data needed to manage cases throughout the justice lifecycle such as roles, participants, responsibilities, tasks, forms, templates, and more. Read more about Casedoc

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