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INTUENDI is the leading Demand Planning tool developed to reduce stockouts and minimize excess inventory while increasing sales. Affordable, easy to use, reduces up to 82% forecasting error, and speeds up 6x the purchase orders management process. Stock the right products at the right time. Read more about INTUENDI
NETSTOCK is an affordable cloud-based app that integrates with most ERPs to help companies with their demand planning. Balance your inventory investment by minimizing stock outs and reducing excess stock. Read more about Netstock
Sales Analysis & Forecasting Tool is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses streamline demand planning and inventory optimization processes. Supervisors can use the dashboard to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) via actionable analytics and generate administrative reports. Read more about SAFIO Solutions
SKU Science is a simple, smart, and secure demand forecasting and performance tracking solution. It's affordable, easy to use & can be deployed in 2 days. Hence our customers are all over the globe and of all sizes. Try it for free with your data! No need to speak to a salesperson Read more about SKU Science
Fuse Inventory is a software solution for demand planning, supply chain management, and inventory analytics. Read more about Fuse Inventory
The world's first and only truly bionic demand planning solution that empowers planning stakeholders to create accurate and explainable plans in 1 day, cross-functionally and continuously, utilizing transparent AI, real-world data, and planners’ knowledge. Read more about Garvis
Wrike is a demand planning software used by 20,000+ companies worldwide. Features performance reports, resource management and allocation, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, custom request forms, time tracking, portfolio management, and workload overviews. Includes automation with 400+ integrations. Read more about Wrike
Workday Adaptive Planning, formerly Adaptive Insights, is a cloud-based enterprise planning software, which offers tools to help businesses collaboratively plan using tools for modeling, budgeting & forecasting. It offers features including balance sheets, expense tracking & workforce modeling. Read more about Workday Adaptive Planning
Board enables end-to-end visibility of supply chain resources and assets, allowing you to balance demand with supply. Read more about BOARD
Coupa’s cloud-based suite of financial applications provide visibility and control over all expenditure in your company; procurement, expenses and AP Read more about Coupa
Logility is a supply chain management software that helps businesses across several industry verticals, including wholesale distribution, electronics, apparel, retail, and life sciences. It enables organizations to plan inventory, optimize demand, and manage compliance, among other operations. Read more about Logility Platform
DISKOVER is a supply chain management software for those who want to optimize and automate the management of their supply chains. It offers unique optimization capabilities in demand planning, inventory management, production scheduling, MRP parameter optimization and maintenance. Read more about DISKOVER
StockIQ is a supply chain management (SCM) solution that helps businesses in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare & other industries manage suppliers, inventory, promotions, and more. The system enables forecasting of upcoming events using predictive analytics to ensure stock availability. Read more about StockIQ
Atlas Planning is a single, AI-driven SaaS solution that can span your entire supply chain. Read more about Atlas Planning
From demand planning to advanced scheduling, in a single tool. Fast, intuitive, highly customizable. CyberPlan offers finite capacity production planning for the management of high-performance Supply Chains; it integrates MPS, MRP/CRP, finite capacity scheduling and material constraint management. Read more about CyberPlan
Developed over the last 30 years, our AI-enabled demand planning software, Slim4, helps businesses attain a clearer picture of future demand. Autonomously considers emerging trends, seasonality, & product lifecycle to build robust forecasts that spreadsheets can’t match. Read more about Slim4
Lean, visual resource planning solution empowering businesses to optimize workforce operations and achieve sustainable growth. Tempo Planner is for any industry professionals that need to schedule, monitor, and report on resources and projects. Read more about Tempo Planner
Imperia SCM is an innovative solution for supply chain management. It enables the digitization of SMEs, optimizing demand forecasting, production planning, and purchasing all within an intuitive interface and with exceptional customer support. Read more about Imperia
Mi9 CRM is an integrated customer experience & relationship management solution with real-time omni-channel customer data, designed specifically for retailers Read more about Mi9 Retail Suite
Avercast is a customizable demand planning and supply chain forecasting solution for demand planners and executives across a range of industries. The cloud-based tool offers features for inventory forecasting, batch analysis, supply planning, stock level alerts, operations planning, and more. Read more about Avercast
Powered by actionable data and insights, Uber Freight TMS is the all-in-one solution for planning, executing, and managing logistics operations across modes and regions. Read more about Uber Freight
Demand planning software made easy. Automate production processes with an easy-to-use cloud-based production scheduling system. Connect production planning to Inventory Control, Purchasing, Bill of Materials & Sales Management with email alerts & FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic approvals. Read more about QT9 ERP
Demand planning and forecasting for fashion companies. A visual and user-friendly forecasting software tailord for fashion companies. Read more about FashionBoard
RELEX Solutions helps retailers, wholesalers and consumer brands drive profitable growth across all sales and distribution channels by maximizing customer satisfaction and minimizing operative costs. Read more about RELEX
Powerful financial modeling, planning, and analytics software-as-a-service fit for any industry. Easier to use than any other specialized or spreadsheet solution. Read more about Farseer
Tecsys Elite™ Enterprise solutions offer strong demand planning tools to help accurate forecasts and achieve optimum inventory levels. Read more about Tecsys Elite
Kepion is a business planning software which combines budgeting, forecasting, BI reporting, modelling technology, and more in a single platform. Read more about Kepion
Ganacos is a planning and simulation software for businesses which is designed to aid users to in making better business decisions by simplifying data & spreadsheet models. It offers tools for data analysis, planning, & simulation inspired by a combination of spreadsheet, BI & simulation tools. Read more about Ganacos
QVANTUM is a cloud-based business planning solution helping companies create and manage agile, collaborative, integrated, and scalable planning processes. The plattform for transparent, integrated, easy-to-use, and scalable planning. Read more about QVANTUM
Your Company has hunderds to thousands of products in stock, each with different characteristics. And, it's your job to price them properly. Price a SKU too low, and you may not make a profit. Price it too high and you could miss your mark! You need to do it just right. Read more about Optimus Price
SCP 4.0 is a supply chain planning software for materials managers and planners. Using a demand modeling and forecasting approach, SCP combines software tools such as MRPII, Integrated Planning and Scheduling (IPS), and time-phased demand planning to provide users with a unified approach to their planning needs. Read more about SCP 4.0
Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM Cloud is a cloud-based supply chain management solution that offers distribution, manufacturing, inventory management and fleet management within a suite. Read more about Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM
Prevail is a web-based demand planning solution that helps create sales forecasts and supports near-term demand sensing to long-term strategic planning processes. Read more about Arete Prevail
Smart IP&O is a web-based, integrated suite with modules designed to help businesses to track business metrics and forecast accurately to optimize service levels. The platform integrates four modules; Smart Inventory Optimization, Supply Planner, Demand Planner, and Operational Analytics. Read more about Smart IP&O
Mission Control is a project management tool that helps teams orchestrate their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. Read more about Mission Control
StockTrim is a cloud-based inventory forecasting software designed to help small to midsize businesses leverage machine learning technology and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to streamline demand planning processes. Read more about StockTrim
ICRON Supply Chain Planning is an end-to-end solution that optimizes all processes throughout your whole supply chain including order management, demand planning, capacity planning, detailed scheduling, purchasing, and inventory management. Read more about ICRON Supply Chain Planning
Experience the utmost flexibility and potency of a business planning platform that surpasses all others. Address every planning and analytical requirement within a unified and cohesive environment. Read more about Pyplan
MODLR is a cloud-based financial planning and analysis solution that offers organisations, from enterprises to SMEs across all industries, one unified platform for modelling, budgeting & forecasting. Sign-up for a free MODLR account. Read more about MODLR
Supports smart innovative workflows, allows distributed planning for sales, product line-up, production and logistics with collaborative business decisions. Read more about S&OP - Sales Planning
Built with predictive algorithms, CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning orchestrates demand and supply data to deliver actionable insights that help optimize the supply chain. Its web-based platform drives automated planning at all stages of the process, from replenishment to capacity management and demand forecasting to creating more resilient plans... Read more about CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning
Artia is team and project management software that makes it possible to organize and plan the duration of each phase of a project, distribute tasks, monitor the performance of team members, and gain oversight of the deadlines and profitability of ongoing projects. Available only in Portuguese. Read more about Artia
Luminous is an inventory management platform that helps eCommerce businesses gain visibility across day-to-day supply chain operations. Administrators can manage purchase orders, quotes, inventory, and forecasting using a unified platform. The solution enables administrators to aggregate sales data from various channels, facilitating informed... Read more about Luminous
E2open Demand Planning can achieve 10% better predictions than other planning approaches. Demand sensing, a technology first pioneered by e2open in 2002, has been proven to increase short-term forecast accuracy by 30 to 40% compared to traditional forecasting methods. Read more about E2open
ParityFactory is a food factory management solution that automates materials control in food processing plants with a range of features, including real-time inventory, ERP integration, and more. The software is designed to automate and simplify the food production lifecycle. Read more about ParityFactory
Tempus Resource is a resource forecasting and capacity planning solution which provides businesses in industries such as IT, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare with resource management tools. Key features include data capture, project time tracking, visualization, analytics & reporting. Read more about Tempus Resource
Remi AI is a cloud-based demand forecasting, price optimization, and supply chain platform designed to help eCommerce businesses monitor stock replenishment across multiple stores. Key features include revenue optimization, competitor analysis, historic data tracking, and re-ordering. Read more about Remi AI
Colibri is a cloud-based software that helps businesses in the food and beverage, distribution, and retail industries manage sales forecasts to streamline demand and supply planning processes. It enables administrators to create forecast plans using various statistical and historical models. Read more about Colibri
The goal of demand planning is to anticipate demand for a given product and ensure that a company’s supply chain is able to meet that demand efficiently and without incurring excess expenses. Read more about AGR Dynamics
Intelligent Planning, Manufacturing and Warehouse System enabling lean factory management. Read more about d-one

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