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Backstop Solutions is an investment management platform which offers solutions for consultants & advisors, institutions & pensions, hedge funds, private equity & venture capital, endowments, and more, through a suite of products including Backstop CRM, Portfolio, Research, Accounting, Portal & IR Read more about Backstop
FundCount is a Investment management software for family offices, hedge funds, private equity, fund administrators with integrated partnership and G/L Read more about FundCount
Unity allows you to: • trade all type of assets • serve brokerage flows of retail/institutional segments • manage client apps and professional web-interface • support trading with cryptocurrencies 24/7 • use single margin collateral Read more about Unity
CompTrak Carried Interest Management is a cloud-based software that helps businesses handle compensation benefits, long-term incentives, and equity components. Read more about CompTrak Carried Interest Management
Seeking Alpha offers stock market analysis tools to assist with stock portfolio management. With this solution, users can access stock prices and charts, in-depth news and analysis, real-time updates, investing newsletters, data visualizations, peer comparisons, and more. Seeking Alpha can provide email alerts for stock news as well as upgrades... Read more about Seeking Alpha
MetaTrader 5 is a cloud-based trading platform designed to help stock and Forex traders automatically manage trading activities using various advanced financial trading functions and fundamental analysis. It lets users open multiple positions of a single financial instrument in the same or opposite direction. Read more about MetaTrader 5
Dynamo is an investment management software for private equity, hedge funds, funds of funds, & institutional investors, which supports industry-specific capabilities for managing fundraising, investor relations, and fund reporting, as well as manager due diligence, performance tracking, & more Read more about Dynamo
Best in class fund selection, portfolio construction tool used by 100s of institutional investors. Fast, user-friendly, 24/7 support. Read more about AlternativeSoft
TOGGLE is an AI-powered financial analytics software designed to help businesses monitor market data in real-time and gain insight into investments and opportunities. Features include data visualization, natural language processing, portfolio creation, email alerts, and asset due diligence. Read more about TOGGLE
HedgeGuard is an investment portfolio management software with order, risk & compliance management tools, and position keeping & reporting capabilities Read more about HedgeGuard
Pinnakl is a cloud-based trading and portfolio management solution, which assists hedge funds with managing front and back office operations. Key features include process automation, order management, reporting, risk management, data filtering, and analytics. Read more about Pinnakl
Global relationship management software for capital markets, corporate & investment banking, and investment management. Read more about Tier1
With over 45 years of experience in the utility billing industry, NorthStar has a customer service experience solution tailored to support the community your serve. NorthStar is a robust, configurable solution that solves even the most complex billing challenges. Read more about NorthStar
Limina allow asset & investment managers Front and Middle office teams to focus on what matters – producing returns with minimal operational risk Read more about Limina IMS
M2M is a independent derivative portfolio valuation service. M2M was built in partnership with treasury outsourcing experts to meet needs of corporate treasuries. Reports provide valuations, transaction diaries, cashflow report, compliance reports, and hedge effectiveness calculations for IAS 39. M2M supports: FX forwards, FX options, Interest... Read more about ResolutionPro
Obsidian Suite is an investor management platform for financial firms and service providers with tools for CRM, data management, business intelligence, and more Read more about Obsidian Suite
Hedge Funds Setup can be complicated and long winding. There are multiple systems to consider - EMS, OMS & PMS. * QUO is designed for small to medium hedge fund. *Focus on ease of use, full integration & multi market / broker access. * SaaS based & Modular - Browser based EMS and OMS Read more about QUO
Allvue is an investment management software designed to help commercial banks, private equity firms, fund administrators and collateralized loan obligation (CLO) managers handle asset servicing, fund accounting, compliance, business intelligence, and portfolio monitoring, among other processes. Read more about Allvue
To enable institutional investors with complete control of their complex alternative investments and external manager relationships. ​ - $100+ Billion in Alternatives Managed on the Platform - $5 Trillion in AUM among Vidrio Clients - 1000+ Fund Managers monitored by Vidrio on behalf of allocators Read more about Vidrio Financial
Perfona is a cloud-based portfolio management system intended for deployment by hedge funds, RIAs, asset managers, and private equity firms, comprising key modules including portfolio accounting, investor management, order management, data warehousing, workflow automation and customizable reporting Read more about Perfona
FundPortal is a cloud-based file sharing, marketing, and analytics solution which helps hedge fund managers, placement agencies, and third-party marketers manage investment campaigns and client engagement through a centralized portal designed to handle investor-business relationships Read more about FundPortal
Eze Investment Suite is a cloud-based investment management platform which offers an integrated suite of tools for order management, execution management, portfolio management and accounting, investor accounting, commission management, and compliance Read more about Eze Investment Suite
VestServe is an investment management solution, which helps financial institutions, insurance agencies, & businesses manage assets, mutual funds, finances, pension plans, & credit risks. The notification system enables organizations to send & receive data updates from clients, custodians or brokers. Read more about VestServe
TrustQuay 5Series, formerly Microgen 5Series, is a trust and corporate administration software for wealth managers. The platform comprises a range of integrated modules including entity management, accounting, investments, time & expense tracking, billing, and more. Read more about TrustQuay 5Series
TradeSmart is a SaaS order execution management system (OEMS) that helps businesses handle asset class trading operations across multiple categories, including equities, derivatives, FX, and futures. Supervisors can track order quantities, total traded values and high performing brokers or traders. Read more about TradeSmart
The daappa platform is a combination of software, cloud technology, data management, and proactive client servicing. Read more about daappa
Octopus has won the Editor‘s Pick at Fundmanagertools by Opalesque: Supports Crypto Portfolio/Fund OCTOPUS covers workflow from trade entering to reporting and risk management. For Funds, Hedge Funds, Banks, Asset Managers and Family Offices. Read more about Octopus
Allocator allows investors to see across private and public fund investments so that they can analyze the fund portfolio in a standardized and unified format. It collects the most granular data reported by funds so that investors can make informed and timely investment decisions. Read more about Allocator
Everysk is the portfolio and risk analytics solution for the financial industry, offering an intuitive interface, unified data visualization and multi-asset functionality. Powered by advanced algorithms, the application delivers actionable information to help you make better business decisions. Read more about Everysk
TheInvestorNet is a comprehensive, intelligent, and secure application for investors to manage end-to-end operations. Read more about TheInvestorNet
Risk Shell is a SaaS application hosted on a private dedicated server network that includes all components of an investment process such as asset screening, portfolio construction and optimization, factor analysis, stress testing, peer group analysis, accounting, CRM, and more Read more about Risk Shell
B1 Financial provides financial & credit management solutions for businesses. The cloud-based platform assists businesses with accounting and risk modelling, customer data handling and business growth strategies. Read more about B1 Financial
The modern, tech-enabled fund administration solution you've been searching for. Read more about Repool
IR.Manager is a complete and intuitive investor relationship management and targeting platform for corporate investor relations teams. This cloud-based solution is made up of a flexible and comprehensive CRM including shareholder base, investor targeting and reporting features. Read more about IR.Manager
Repool is a cloud-based hedge fund management software that helps investors launch hedge funds. It offers digital tools for executing offering documents, managing investor identities, and tax reporting. Read more about Hedge Fund-in-a-Box
Vantage Investor helps organizations record all of their investments, including real estate, stocks, and bonds. It allows users to easily track all activity including cash flow. Administrators can automate partnership accounting and reporting while ensuring total compliance with all tax regulations. Read more about Vantage Investor
V3locity is an integrated suite of powerful applications that provide comprehensive business functionality throughout the entire life cycle. It also offers a wide range of enterprise capabilities, making it a truly transformative platform. With its modular design, V3locity allows for flexible and agile deployment strategies while ensuring... Read more about V3locity
AM-DIS is a cloud-based financial risk management solution that offers an automated environment for asset managers, insurers, and others to monitor and manage their risk, capital requirements, compliance, and performance. Read more about AM-DIS
INDIS is a cloud-based solution designed for insurers and mutual investors, which automates business processes through regulations by analyzing financial and non-financial data. Read more about INDIS
Eze Eclipse is a cloud-based platform that helps streamline investment management on a centralized interface. It is designed to automate investment workflows across the entire firm, eliminating multiple data sets and providing a single source of truth. Eze Eclipse's flexible and configurable investment experience helps firms stay ahead, providing... Read more about Eze Eclipse

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