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Parcel management software for residential, student housing, co-working & more. Scan received packages and get e-signatures on pickup Read more about Parcel Tracker Mailroom
ShippingEasy is online shipping fulfillment software for eCommerce sellers that want the best postage rates and automate back end shipping processes. Read more about ShippingEasy is an online postage purchasing & shipping label printing solution for small office mailers & online sellers to automate and track USPS shipping Read more about
Notifii Track is a package tracking software for mailrooms to scan inbound packages, notify recipients, & capture signatures for proof of pickup & delivery Read more about Notifii Track
Envoy Deliveries helps you manage your mailroom by simply taking a photo to log deliveries and automatically notify recipients. Read more about Envoy
The simple way to manage deliveries of parcels, food, or just about anything to your reception. With SwipedOn Deliveries, you simply scan the label and the recipient is instantly notified! Automatic reminders ensure deliveries are promptly picked up, saving time and effort. Read more about SwipedOn
Postage $aver is low-cost software that makes it easy to prepare USPS bulk mailings, so you save postage and time. Prints barcoded addresses on labels or mail pieces. Calculates all discounts, incl. nonprofit. Prints USPS forms, tray/sack tags. Great for small businesses, non-profits, churches, etc. Read more about Postage $aver
No more driving to the post office or waiting for a pile of mail when you return from your travels. You can now access your postal mail and see your package deliveries online, then simply tell us what to do. From your PC or Mac, Android or iPhone. We've got you covered. Read more about PostScan Mail
Eden provides the all-in-one platform for HR, Workplace, and People Operations professionals to make workflows easier across their organization. Read more about Eden Workplace
SendPro Online is a shipping platform designed to help users send packages, large envelopes, and letters from homes, offices, or on the go. It enables professionals to access discounted shipping and postage rates from USPS and UPS and compare prices and delivery services across multiple carriers. Read more about SendPro Online is an SaaS print-to-mail service for automating the on-demand sending of documents as postal mail with USPS IMb delivery tracing. Read more about Click2Mail
Users have scanned over 14 million mail items with Earth Class Mail. Easily access your snail mail online so you can focus on more important stuff. Set up multiple users, auto-rules, and integrate with other apps to make your mail work for you- not the other way around. Read more about Earth Class Mail
MAILERS+4 is a mailroom management software that helps businesses import address lists, cleanse data, and handle discounts, among other administrative operations from within a unified platform. The presort functionality allows staff members to sort and send bulk mails based on the lowest postage rates. Read more about MAILERS+4
Mailform is an online mailing solution that enables users to print and mail documents via USPS, offering integration with QuickBooks, Google Docs, Box and more Read more about Mailform
Everything you need from a hybrid workplace management platform, plus the ability to book desks and meeting rooms, not only within the office but also in hundreds of co-working spaces. Available as web, mobile and Slack app. Read more about Nibol
Anytime Mailbox is a cloud-based software that provides customers with a digital and fully-branded mailbox to send and receive mails. All incoming mail is scanned and uploaded to the account, which allows a customer to view and manage their mail online. Anytime Mailbox also provides additional services such as allowing customers to shred, scan,... Read more about Anytime Mailbox
SmartAddresser is an on-premise mailing software designed to help colleges, government agencies, nonprofits, and other organizations streamline address verification, deduplication, sorting, and job scripting operations via a unified portal. The platform includes a print layout assistant, which lets businesses create personalized envelopes and... Read more about SmartAddresser
DocuSend is a cloud-based mailroom software that helps businesses upload pre-addressed files, select paper options, and mail documents via U.S. postal services. It enables employees to use several printing options, such as perforated paper usage, remittance envelope, and color printing. Read more about DocuSend
The cloud-based internal mail tracking system tracks the delivery of parcels and their safe distribution through your building, from the mailroom to the client. Read more about OmniPost
Switch is a mailing platform that allows businesses to send mail without printing or sorting and track & report mail in one place. Read more about Switch
Our Decentralized Smart Mailroom Management Solution allows operators to scale their mailroom operation without the need to increase staff members. Read more about SphereMail
Impress by Quadient is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses automate document preparation workflows and communicate with customers. It enables employees to create, manage, and distribute invoices, cash statements, notices, letters, and other documents via a unified platform. Read more about Quadient Impress
Lob Direct Mail is a software platform that allows marketing teams to use direct mail as a part of omni-channel campaigns across the customer lifecycle. Features include automatic triggers, activity dashboards, reports and analytics, invoicing, customizable templates, delivery tracking, and more. Read more about Lob
Hamilton Visitor was created to welcome your visitors in the best possible way. Our software helps you register visitors simply and smoothly, making the reception more fluid. The registration is done in complete security. You will have control over all information concerning your public. Read more about Hamilton Visitor
Create handwritten card campaigns and boost your customer acquisition and loyalty actions with an emotional touch. Read more about Manuscry
PakLog is a delivery management software for mail and parcel centers, private and corporate mailrooms, residential concierge and university housing associations. Supervisors can manage inbound deliveries, conduct audits, maintain records, and notify customers via texts or emails. Organizations can send email announcements to recipients and... Read more about PakLog
Online Post is a mailroom management software that helps businesses print and mail letters, documents, or postcards straight from the computer. Upload direct mail and manage the rest from printer to mailbox in a few clicks. Or automate via API. Read more about Online Post
PackageLog is a cloud-based package logging software which enables businesses and apartment buildings to log inbound packages and deliver automated notifications by text and email. The solution works on all web-enabled devices, and allows users to automate reminders for uncollected packages. Read more about PackageLog
illico is a multichannel document and process management software that provides local governments with tools to facilitate collaboration among residents and improve citizen relationships. Administrators can sort incoming mails based on queries and assign them to specific employees for resolution. Read more about illico
Address Enhancement Software is an address validation software and offers features such as real-time processing, address matching API, and data cleansing. Read more about Address Enhancement Software
rtdiQ is a mailroom management system designed to help businesses in education, healthcare, government, and other industries track and manage packages via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to establish custom workflows to automate the entire delivery process from dispatch to tracking and final delivery. Read more about rtdiQ
Tracker4all is a cloud-based internal tracking software specifically created to track shipments and materials. Read more about Tracker4all
Quadient WTS is an on-premise and cloud-based software designed to help businesses track and streamline internal delivery processes. Supervisors can locate the real-time movement of packages through their desktop or mobile applications. Read more about Quadient WTS
Use Zenkraft's native FedEx App to send mail, ship orders and track packages inside Salesforce. Use Chatter to follow any shipment and much more. Read more about ZenKraft Shipmate
iLobby DeliveryOS streamlines your mail and package management at your reception, mailroom, or loading dock. Read more about DeliveryOS
Your mailing operations will become more productive and efficient with this robust, powerful, and advanced system. File management, data exchange, address quality, and postal presorting are just a few of the outstanding mailing features. Read more about Mail Room
PhysicalAddress is a cloud-based mailroom management platform designed to help businesses forward, open, shred, store and access mails across virtual mailboxes. Read more about PhysicalAddress
Docufree Digital Mailroom captures paper and electronic documents from multiple sources, brings them into the processing flow for consistent categorization and indexing and delivers them to teams according to requirements. It provides immediate access to new information and helps teams gain visibility into action taken on a document. Read more about Docufree Digital Mailroom
A mailroom management platform that allows you to log package deliveries & collections quickly & efficiently in your multi tenanted buildings, co-working spaces, Universities, Hotels & more. Quickly integrate with your property management system & send notifications & reminders automatically. Read more about WookiPost
Stannp is a SaaS direct mail platform that caters to companies of all sizes, from SMBs to global enterprises. Because of its open API, businesses can integrate Stannp with a variety of different communication solutions. The platform can be used to support critical and marketing communications. Read more about Stannp
eFACiLiTY Mailroom Management System automates the corporate mailroom operations and tracks consignments across multiple sites/multiple locations. It helps users monitor and record the delivery status and track the consignment status through barcode/QR code scanning. Read more about eFACiLiTY Mailroom Management System
SendPro Enterprise is a shipping software that helps businesses ship items in bulk across the country. The application comes with features that help improve business operations by streamlining various shipping processes. Read more about SendPro Enterprise
Simple Office is a booking and scheduling software for for hot desk, assigned desk and remote teams. It offers easy booking of working areas and other office spaces. It has a UX-friendly platform for connected workplace experiences. Read more about Simple Office
Is here! solution help companies organize and manage their parcels and shipments at each location under single platform. The solution brings together two key operations such as tracking and reporting tool. It helps drivers send messages and alerts automatically to recipients. Read more about Is Here!

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