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Network Configuration Manager is a comprehensive solution for managing network configurations holistically. With features like backup, change management, compliance management, automation, and firmware vulnerability management, it simplifies network management tasks and increases efficiency. Read more about ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager
ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a wholesome yet simple-to-use, web-based Active Directory management solution that makes day-to-day AD management immensely easy. The intuitive user interface of the product gets rid of the monotony in using native AD tools. Read more about ManageEngine ADManager Plus
ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is a change audit software that provides detailed reports for changes made in Windows Active Directory and real-time compliance audits Read more about ManageEngine ADAudit Plus
Strike Graph software is a SaaS platform for building compliance to help speed up the certification process for companies. Its main features are risk assessment, assigning controls, and creating cybersecurity programs to match company needs. The software is suitable for risk managers and auditors. Read more about Strike Graph
EventLog Analyzer is a web-based security information and event management (SIEM) solution, which assists small to large organizations with the monitoring of network devices, servers and applications. Key features include auditing, traffic analysis, threat detection, and compliance management. Read more about ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer
Splunk Enterprise is a cloud-based platform designed to assist businesses with big data management and analysis of machine data. Key features include data visualization, performance metrics, data collection, real-time search, indexing, KPI tracking, reporting, and monitoring. Read more about Splunk Enterprise
Backed by Visa's 99.999% uptime, easily connect payments to every part of your business, including shopping carts, accounting, subscriptions, over the phone, in-store and more. Accept payments today. Read more about
AuditBoard transforms how audit, risk, and compliance professionals manage today’s risk landscape with a modern, connected platform. Read more about AuditBoard
Pass PCI DSS audits with less effort and expense. Slash preparation time for audits by 75% and improve your assessment grade. Read more about Netwrix Auditor
GoAnywhere MFT can safeguard and automate your file transfer process for strengthened cybersecurity and compliance. Read more about GoAnywhere MFT
MOVEit Managed File Transfer (MFT) software provides secure collaboration and automated file transfers of sensitive data. Organizations get complete visibility of all file transfers along with automated workflows that can replace scripting. Read more about MOVEit
Resolver's PCI and IT compliance software is designed for 25+ IT compliance certifications. Accelerate the end-to-end process of certification. Dramatically reduce certification efforts by testing once and applying to multiple frameworks. Gain visibility to find gaps and allocate resources. Read more about Resolver
ClearTouch is a cloud-hosted contact center platform provider, which specializes in boosting the customer experience of organizations in BPOs, consumer goods, and services, healthcare, insurance, and banking Read more about Cleartouch Cloud Contact Center Platform
Hyperproof is a compliance management software designed to help businesses conduct audits, assess and mitigate potential risks, and manage compliance programs. Administrators can use the dashboard to track auditors’ requests and gain visibility into program summaries, security controls, and more. Read more about Hyperproof
SecPod SanerNow is an integrated platform that helps businesses secure system devices and monitor potential threats across digital assets via patch management, endpoint detection & response (EDR), and more. Key features include regulatory compliance, asset management, audit trails, and reporting. Read more about SanerNow
Qualys Cloud Platform is designed to help businesses automate the security and monitoring of web applications and gain visibility into the utilization of IT assets. It enables IT professionals to detect threats related to unauthorized access across networks and conduct audits and IP scans. Read more about Qualys Cloud Platform
ZenGRC steers you through the evolving maze of PCI compliance. Stay ahead of PCI compliance audits with unified control management. Read more about ZenGRC
Puppet Enterprise is designed to help businesses automate the configuration of multi-cloud infrastructures via a unified platform. It enables IT teams to streamline application deployment timeframes, create, test, and deploy infrastructure codes, and automate operational workflows in real-time. Read more about Puppet Enterprise
C1Risk supports the move from spreadsheets to automation & a single source of truth for Governance, Risk, Compliance for companies of all sizes. Open API for system integration. Full GRC platform & supporting content for CMMC, ISO, SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and more. $4,500 per year. Read more about C1Risk
Our innovative universal data hub receives, converts and sends data from various sources to any target system in six simple steps, allowing fast, efficient and transparent communication within your company and with your business partners. Read more about Lobster_data
Apptega is a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that assists IT and compliance teams with managing cybersecurity operations. Key features include framework mapping, compliance management, collaboration, budgeting, vendor management, data synchronization, and predefined templates. Read more about Apptega
StandardFusion is a SaaS application for organizations of all sizes to manage their GRC program & follow best practices for risk, audit & compliance management Read more about StandardFusion
Vanta is the leading automated security and compliance platform. Vanta helps your business get and stay compliant by continuously monitoring your people, systems and tools to improve your security posture. Read more about Vanta
Alert Logic MDR is a managed detection and response platform that helps businesses identify, investigate, and eliminate active threats across networks, applications, and endpoint devices. Features include asset discovery, PCI scanning, behavior tracking, web log analytics & real-time reporting. Read more about Alert Logic MDR
USM Anywhere is a cloud-based threat detection and response software designed to help IT professionals automatically collect and analyze data across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments. Powered by Alien Labs, the platform lets security teams leverage data from leverages from the Open Threat Exchange (OTX) to gain threat intelligence. Read more about USM Anywhere
Minimize your attack surface by discovering sensitive information and keeping access to it at the least-privilege level, and prove your success to auditors with ease. Read more about Netwrix StealthAUDIT
From 10 to 10,000 users or more, CallCabinet is an award-winning SaaS solution that records every audio, video and screen interaction regardless of where and when it happens. Simplify compliance, quality assurance and business intelligence for enterprises of any size. Read more about CallCabinet
6clicks offers a suite of services including a curated and customizable content library, world-first AI engine and risk intelligence social network that revolutionizes the way organizations mature their cyber security, data privacy, and compliance capabilities. Read more about 6clicks
Compliance Manager GRC is online governance, risk management, and compliance solution designed to help businesses reduce risk and meet industry, regulatory, or internal security requirements without adding staff or stretching your already thin budget. It gives you greater confidence that the information security programs you’ve put into place are... Read more about Compliance Manager GRC
OfficeSafe is a compliance management solution that helps healthcare organizations assess and manage risks in accordance with HIPAA and PCI regulatory standards. It enables users to automatically customize, update, and store HIPAA security and privacy documents on a centralized platform. Read more about OfficeSafe
We help businesses around the world to finalize their agreements securely, efficiently, and conveniently. Read more about Sertifi
Network Detective is a non-intrusive IT assessment tool. There is no software to install, so it can be used anywhere without leaving a footprint. The low-cost and unlimited license models allow MSPs to manage workflows, onboard new clients, and improve service delivery. Read more about Network Detective Pro
Achieve Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance to protect cardholder data. Implement security measures, encryption, vulnerability scanning, and regular audits to ensure the integrity of payment transactions, mitigate risks, and build trust with customers. Read more about Dizzion
Security Event Manager is a security information and event management (SIEM) solution, which assists small to large organizations with threat detection and response management. Key features include event log forwarding, reporting, file integrity, and device monitoring. Read more about Security Event Manager
WhiteSource is the leading solution for agile open source security and license compliance management, helping companies comply with the PCI Secure Software Lifecycle standards. It integrates with your development environments to detect open source libraries with security or compliance issues. Read more about WhiteSource
Checkmarx Static Application Security Testing (CxSAST) is designed to help businesses conduct static analysis for identifying vulnerabilities in custom codes and open source applications. It enables DevOps teams to scan source codes in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), mitigate risks, and gain insights into the system's security framework. Read more about CxSAST
Wallarm is a cloud-based application security suite designed to help organizations automate protection and security testing for websites, microservices, and APIs. Key features include perimeter scanning, traffic metrics, password management, threat detection, and pattern analysis. Read more about Wallarm WAF
Maintain complete visibility across your digital environments leveraging the graph-based, API-powered and data-driven JupiterOne. Simplify compliance evidence collection, shorten the time between findings and remediation and manage configuration of your critical resources. Read more about JupiterOne
GPayments is a Fraud Prevention solution provider, securing web based transactions. We protect our clients against fraud and chargebacks and offers frictionless payment experience. Read more about GPayments
PA File Sight is Windows-based ransomware protection and access auditing software used to protect secure data and files. Organizations can use the software to detect and stop ransomware attacks, prevent data loss and leaks, and audit file access. Read more about PA File Sight
Secureframe helps hundreds of companies ensure PCI DSS compliance through automation and continuous monitoring. Secureframe enables companies to get compliant within weeks and monitors 100+ services, including AWS, GCP, and Azure, to ensure they stay compliant. Read more about Secureframe
Sprinto makes it easy to comply with the business compliance requirements. It helps you follow the best practices when it comes to meeting the compliance requirements. Solve your compliance problems with minimum effort and without any manual intervention. Read more about Sprinto
Accountable helps businesses easily manage HIPAA compliance from employee training, business associate agreements, risk assessment, and policies & procedures. Read more about Accountable
GDPR Register is a cloud-based solution, which helps businesses in retail, banking, healthcare, and other sectors manage GDPR documentation via data processing, breach management, contract lifecycle tracking, and more. The solution offers various features such as activity tracking, pre-made templates, reporting, data import/export, and agreement... Read more about GDPR Register
INSSIDE Security Suite is a leading cloud-based platform in regulatory compliance solutions, designed by collaborators, allowing companies to manage risks, and facilitating the creation of reports, analysis, and monitoring of compliance processes. Read more about ISS
Software for secure file transfer and data management which allows companies to share and transfer files securely and meet regulatory compliance requirements. Read more about ITAC SecureFile
Rectangle Health is a cloud-based solution that helps organizations streamline healthcare practices' financial and operational well-being by improving patient experiences, optimizing payment processes, and minimizing compliance risks. Read more about Rectangle Health
Digital River is a complete back end commerce integration for global payments, fraud, tax, and compliance. Read more about Digital River
CloudAware is a cloud management platform designed to help enterprise IT teams deploy and manage applications across Amazon, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms. Key features include data collection, custom fields, filtered views, data encryption, tag management, and analytics. Read more about CloudAware
Nightfall DLP is a cloud-based data loss prevention software designed to help businesses discover, manage, classify, and protect sensitive data using machine learning technology. Read more about Nightfall DLP

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