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Facilio’s CMMS software helps property owners/operators manage, control, and optimize their end-to-end portfolio O&M in one place. Read more about Facilio
Energy Elephant is an energy management solution that helps multi-location enterprises automate energy data management, analysis, wastage optimization, and more. It enables managers to store spreadsheets as well as various bills such as electricity, oil, gas & transport in a centralized database. Read more about Energy Elephant
Tekmon is a SaaS communications and emergency mass notifications solution that helps businesses communicate across channels such as voice, SMS, email, WhatsApp, and fax. The platform can be used by frontline teams in commercial and industrial environments to aid communications and operations. Read more about Tekmon
Futureproof is a cloud-based sustainability software that helps companies achieve certifications, reduce carbon emissions, and report ESG. Users can achieve certifications like B Corp, reach Net Zero (through SBTi), and report carbon emissions from a unified platform. Futureproof helps businesses measure, improve, and report ESG performance,... Read more about Futureproof
AI-driven carbon emissions data platform and cloud-based solutions for supply chain risk management. Read more about Avarni
The Guardian uses Hedera blockchain to mint carbon tokens and ensures traceable records, reducing fraud in ESG. Read more about Hedera Guardian
Greenly is a sustainability management platform that automatically measures the environmental impact of businesses. It uses accounting data to derive actionable insights. Key features include audit management, automatic CO2 calculations, emissions monitoring, supplier management, and KPI reporting. Read more about Greenly
Cority offers enterprise level companies a web-based environment, health, safety and quality management software solution to enhance environmental sustainability, occupational health, safety and quality. Read more about Cority
Set ambitious sustainability & climate targets (and meet them!) with the Benchmark Gensuite Sustainability suite. Simplify & automate operational sustainability footprint tracking with auditable data and determine the best sustainability strategies and opportunities for your company. Read more about Benchmark Gensuite EHS
EnergyCAP is utility bill accounting and energy management software for utility bill processing, auditing, and analysis; M&V, submeters & chargebacks, energy benchmarking, interval data, custom dashboards, reporting. Read more about EnergyCAP
PEAK, by CIM, is an advanced building analytics SaaS platform designed to streamline property management. Leveraging data, intelligent automation, and machine learning, it optimizes efficiency, sustainability, and tenant comfort. Read more about PEAK
EHS Insight is a multi-feature solution for managing incidents, risk, audits and safety at workplaces. Read more about EHS Insight
Quentic software strengthens your sustainability and environmental management, in compliance to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 5001. The platform comprises ten modules that can be selected and combined as required. Request a guided demo today! Read more about Quentic
VelocityEHS comprehensive EHS management software includes risk analysis, incident management, corrective action, compliance management, ergonomics, and more Read more about VelocityEHS
Building Engines, a JLL company, improves net operating income across the world’s most successful CRE portfolios. Our customers increase revenue, deliver the best tenant experience, and reduce operating costs with Prism – the industry’s most innovative and powerful building operations platform. Read more about Prism
ProActivity Suite is an environmental, health, and safety (EHS) management software designed to help businesses plan, maintain, manage and audit compliance according to several industrial regulations. Administrators can execute and track Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) across the enterprise in real-time. Read more about ProActivity Suite
LogicManager believes performance is a result of effective risk management. LogicManager's ERM software empowers organizations to uphold their reputation, anticipate what's ahead, and improve business performance through strong governance. Read more about LogicManager
SmartHead software provides everything your company need to manage, track and report on ESG and sustainability performance and at the same time it allows stakeholders to engage with your sustainability. It is usable for companies of all sizes. Read more about SmartHead
Choose Yumana's leading collective intelligence solutions to maximize your performance. Using Yumana software, accelerate the transition from ideation to project development and ensure measurable results for your organization. Join industry leaders such as L'Oréal, LVMH, VINCI and many others: opt for Yumana. Read more about Yumana
Supercritical is a cloud-based emissions management solution, which helps businesses in technology, advertising, architecture, and other sectors track and manage their carbon footprint via carbon accounting, removal programs, portfolio tracking, and more. Read more about Supercritical
Watchwire is a fully integrated cloud-based energy management solution for organizations monitoring and managing utility consumption, expenses, and emissions Read more about WatchWire
Selflessly helps businesses develop a purpose-driven culture through giving and volunteering. Easily track, coordinate, & celebrate philanthropy in your office. With our holistic reporting, you can easily decide which campaign to run next! Read more about Selflessly
FAMA offers technological solutions for the Integral Management of Assets and Infrastructures, Facility Management and Services. Read more about FAMA
Goby is the most intelligent, comprehensive, and intuitive platform for ESG management. Read more about Conservice ESG
Diligent ESG (formerly Accuvio) empowers organizations to address the seminal components of ESG that matter most to their stakeholders, while meeting current reporting requirements and planning and preparing for the future. Read more about Diligent ESG
Emex is an intuitive platform that digitises & simplifies EHS Management, Environmental Performance, Sustainability & ESG. We give our clients the power to introduce responsive reporting based on accurate data, proving compliance to investors and shareholders. Read more about Emex EHS & ESG Software
JadeTrack is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses, governments, commercial enterprises, and smart cities manage data related to energy and sustainability. With Energy Star facility benchmarking, users can automate utility bill management and monitoring of critical data in real-time. Read more about JadeTrack
SafetyFirst is an environment, health, and safety (EHS) management tool that enables businesses in the construction, healthcare, non-governmental, engineering, industrial, and public sectors to report, inspect, inform and resolve safety incidents across projects. Read more about SafetyFirst
Key Green Solutions is a cloud-based energy management platform, designed to help healthcare organizations measure the effects of implemented sustainability programs. Hospitals can review water/electricity usage, waste volume, and sustainable food purchases to generate development reports. Read more about Key Green Solutions
The end-to-end ESG management platform for private equity, fund managers and companies. KEY ESG’s intuitive and modular platform enables organisations at all levels of ESG maturity to conduct data-driven analysis of their ESG performance and drive measurable improvement. Read more about KEY ESG
Planon Universe offers an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) for corporate real estate, facility managers, service providers and financial professionals. It helps them streamline business processes for assets, workplaces, real estate, and employees. Read more about Planon
Gain the agility and insights you need to outperform in any market condition. Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) helps your mid to enterprise level company model and plan across finance, HR, supply chain, and sales, streamline the financial close process. Read more about Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM
ESGenius! is an automated, cloud based all in one ESG management platform (SaaS) that helps users establish baselines, develop KPIs, track progress, and share pragmatic ESG ratings with stakeholders & investors in full transparency. Read more about ESGenius!
FigBytes empowers impact-focused organizations to make positive change for people and the planet. Learn more: Read more about Figbytes
SaaS platform that manages the collection, analysis, and tracking, providing complete control over ESG reporting and maximising the value of your data. Automated data collection, validation, and traceability of your ESG reporting. Read more about Position Green
Impact is a cloud-based sustainability & social value reporting platform designed to help organizations capture, monitor, and record social initiatives and performance. Key features include goal tracking, predictive analysis, team communication, real-time data logging, data capture and transfer. Read more about Impact
Your sustainability strategy must be tailored to your stakeholders and materiality assessment. Denxpert provides a solution that takes into considerations your corporate goals, products, and value chains. Read more about denxpert
Climas is an ESG and GHG management solution that allows orchestrating and consolidating sustainability indicators and reports, offering all areas and business units a single, centralized view of the company’s ESG and GHG information. Read more about Climas
Green Places is a leading climate tech platform that helps businesses of all sizes calculate, track, and reduce their carbon footprint. Our software logs your sustainability data, making it easy to report on your climate action initiatives to internal and external stakeholders. Read more about Green Places
Sustain.Life is a SaaS platform that helps future-proof companies by fighting climate change—that means making business decisions with the environment in mind and measuring and reducing their environmental impact. Read more about Sustain.Life
Socialsuite is an impact management solution for businesses of all types, primarily government and corporate funders, non-profits, and impact measurement consultants. The cloud-based suite offers tools for configuring frameworks, gathering data, and creating custom dashboards to measure impact. Read more about Socialsuite Impact
Planetly’s innovative software solution empowers companies to manage their carbon emissions holistically. This involves transparently analysing the carbon footprint, reducing it using effective measures, and offsetting it with the help of certified climate projects. Read more about ESG and Sustainability Cloud
Worldfavor is a sustainability platform to drive transparency and sustainability in the value chain. Read more about Worldfavor
We transform your data into information for informed and assertive decision making Read more about M-Risk
A cloud-based solution for electrical and energy data monitoring, analysis, reporting, and alarming. Read more about NovaVue
All-in-one, easy-to-use ESG and sustainability reporting platform. SustainIQ is a web-based app that empowers companies with accurate and consistent data to improve their ESG performance. Read more about SustainIQ
Streamline your CSR management and reporting with KindLink. Engage employees, run community and sustainability campaigns with ease. From fundraising and volunteering to CO2 tracking and environmental support - bring your CSR in the digital era. Read more about KindLink
Novisto is a sustainability management platform to assist businesses with ESG commitments. Key features of the ERP include data collection, analysis, performance monitoring, and regulatory reporting workflows. The system also aids with internal company communications and external third parties. Read more about Novisto

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