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Evocon is a cloud-based overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) solution that helps businesses track equipment downtime and monitor production performance across manufacturing processes in real-time. It enables professionals to generate customizable reports related to OEE, downtime, and quantities. Read more about Evocon
MaintainX is the world-leading mobile-first workflow management platform for industrial and frontline workers. We are a modern IoT-enabled cloud-based tool for maintenance, safety, and operations on equipment and facilities. Read more about MaintainX
PerformOEE Smart Factory Software is an integrated overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) solution that allows businesses in the manufacturing industry to measure the performance of operational processes. Key features include regulatory compliance, task management, reporting, and trend monitoring. Read more about PerformOEE Smart Factory Software
UpKeep is an Asset Operations Management solution combining CMMS, EAM, and APM for maintenance, reliability and operations teams which allows users to manage their team, assign work orders, sync devices, and more. Read more about UpKeep
Fiix, by Rockwell Automation company, is the #1 way to manage work, assets, and parts. Get a 360-degree view of costs, schedules, KPIs, and more. Boost asset performance and drive uptime with cloud and mobile capabilities, AI-driven insights, and the ability to connect with 1000s of business systems Read more about Fiix
Limble CMMS is a web-based and mobile computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) designed for businesses with facilities of all sizes across a variety of industries. Key features include asset management, preventative maintenance management, and work order management. Read more about Limble CMMS
DELMIAworks (previously IQMS) provides integrated manufacturing and supply chain software featuring project management, supply chain forecasting, costing, estimating and quoting, and more Read more about DELMIAworks
Equip your frontline with an inspection solution that they can learn in minutes, so you can manage operations from wherever you are. iAuditor is used to conduct over 1 million inspections per month across all industries for safety, quality control, and operations. Read more about SafetyCulture
QAD Redzone’s innovative solutions create an unbeatable culture of engagement and efficiency by working together. Traditional plant floor technology alienates frontline teams. QAD Redzone breaks down these barriers with simple, intuitive, and engaging social technology that people love to use. Read more about QAD Redzone
The SISMETRO platform stores data on maintenance performed on equipment, machines, and other assets. Eliminating the need for manual spreadsheets, and consolidating all maintenance in one place. The platform also frequently helps to manage inventory and schedule maintenance tasks. Read more about SISMETRO
ProShop is a web-based shop management system intended for small to medium sized machine shops, regulated industries requiring ISO-9000, AS9100, API, 13485, or other certifications, and more. It can be accessed through all web-enabled devices including mobile phones and desktop computers. Read more about ProShop
By assessing key metrics, TRACTIAN’s OEE solution delivers a comprehensive evaluation of equipment performance. This analysis empowers maintenance and reliability teams to identify potential areas for enhancement and streamline operational efficiency for optimal outcomes. Read more about Tractian
Prodsmart is the digital gateway for SMBs. Its OEE module gives you full, real-time insight into the state of your machines. Read more about Prodsmart
L2L is the premier smart manufacturing platform that drives continuous improvement for world-class performance. Read more about L2L Smart Manufacturing Platform
Increase your productivity and track your OEE. WorkClout centralizes digital inspections, corrective actions, safety & quality procedures, knowledge building, and data reporting that enable huge boosts in your overall OEE. Read more about WorkClout
GainSeeker is a statistical process control (SPC) platform that helps businesses of all sizes collect statistical data to monitor manufacturing processes. It enables users to measure organizational performance using predictive analytics, histograms, and more. Read more about GainSeeker Suite
ACCEPT is a cloud-based quality management software, which helps enterprises monitor the performance of production processes and maintain compliance with product’s quality and specifications. Read more about ACCEPT
SafetyChain is a digital plant management platform for process manufacturers trusted by more than 2,000 facilities to improve plant-wide performance. It unifies production and quality teams with data and insights, tools, and delivers real-time operational visibility and control by eliminating paper Read more about SafetyChain
McMain Software builds a software solution to optimize all of your asset management tasks and helps you improve the maintenance management processes. It helps you maintain your assets in an efficient way. Read more about McMain
Chronos is a production management solution. Businesses can create production orders, receive notifications about updates and receive alerts via an application. It can be accessed via multiple devices including mobile phones, desktops, and tablets. Read more about Chronos
FourJaw is a real-time production machine monitoring software that enables manufacturers to increase machine utilisation, productivity and production capacity whilst also allowing manufacturers to understand their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint. Read more about FourJaw
VersaCall’s Software is an on-premise solution that enables users to collect data automatically and gain valuable insights into essential manufacturing such as OEE, cycle time, downtime, utilization, throughput, and many others. These insights are visualized through scoreboards and dashboards. Read more about VT3000
SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics provides visibility into the factory floor by automatically calculating and displaying OEE in real-time to create accountability and drive process improvement. Read more about Mingo
Smartmon is a MES/OEE platform developed under the concept of User friendly, being intuitive and easy to use. Software designed to help businesses of all sizes capture data from manufacturing machines and store it in a centralized repository to gauge productivity. Read more about SmartMon
WinSPC is software to help manufacturers optimize their processes for the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost. Based on the science of SPC, WinSPC facilitates real-time statistical process control, in-depth process analysis, and automated compliance reporting to meet diverse needs. Read more about WinSPC
proGrow is a web platform that empowers operational teams to improve results. This is done by collecting data from the shop floor, with dashboards and alerts in real-time and collaboration tools. The data provided to operational teams reduces reaction time and improves decision-making. Read more about proGrow
ProMOS and other projects developed by H2W always seek to collaborate with industrial management, improving efficiency and reducing production costs. Read more about ProMOS
Peakboard is a simple, flexible and secure all-in-one solution for visualization and communication of data from widely different data sources. With low administrative effort, you can control data visualizations in your company from a central location and comfortably rely on effective IT security. Read more about Peakboard
The OEE indicator is an indicator used to measure the productive efficiency of industrial machinery. With QPlant solutions it is possible to meet the needs of personnel, materials, equipment, services, etc. thanks to the forecast of of improvement of the OEE index. Read more about QPlant
Raven’s OEE software combines and analyzes operator input and machine data to provide a clear timeline of all OEE and production losses. Read more about
With the Blackbird plug and play OEE system, manufacturers can improve factory efficiency and profitability in a quicker, more cost-effective way compared to a traditional system. Read more about Factbird
WATS is a Test Data Management solution for Electronics Manufacturing, that converts all your production test data into powerful insights. Yield calculation, OEE, Process Capability and much more are available, to help you quickly determine the real root causes of production inefficiencies Read more about WATS
Elara: A modern, intuitive maintenance software designed for tech-savvy users. Streamline processes, enhance equipment availability, and simplify work. Experience seamless integrations, expert support, and robust security with Elara. Read more about Elara
EAM software to help organizations manage, maintain, and optimize their enterprise assets in a secure, intuitive, and scalable way. Read more about The Asset Guardian (TAG)
Vorne XL is a bolt-on production monitoring system that can be deployed on any production process to measure and analyze OEE production losses. We have 30,000+ installations in 45 countries. Fixed up-front cost. 90-day trial. Free support. No recurring fees or licenses. Simple. Easy. Read more about XL Platform
The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a platform for manufacturing efficiency and execution that gathers, analyzes, and displays data from machines or the entire production line. MES software is used to make the duties of operators more predictable and to help management make informed decision Read more about ANT MES
Smart Work Station is an industry 4.0 solution to solve, react and manage execution exceptions with agility to avoid disruptions in safety, quality, and delivery that affect customer experience. Read more about Smart Work Station
Worximity is a cloud-based manufacturing software that helps companies with their performance, processes and analytics. Read more about Worximity
Industry agnostic solution, a plug & play digital transformation experience. One product, multiple solutions. The industrial IoT platform that drives operational performance. Read more about MonitorApp
SQUEAKS digitally transforms Visual Management Boards and improves problem solving at the production line by driving actionable information to an interactive digital canvas in real-time. Read more about SQUEAKS
RS Production OEE is a proven, market-leading software designed to make factories more profitable and sustainable by finding production losses and providing insights to minimize identified losses. RS Production OEE shows a return on investment in hundreds of factories worldwide. Read more about RS Production OEE
HORAS OEE is the fastest way to improve your overall equipment effectiveness. Discovering and eliminating your process's inefficiencies and idleness to reach better results and exceed your goals. Read more about Horas OEE
Manufapp is an OEE software designed to help businesses connect real-time manufacturing parameters with production planning, execution, quality, maintenance, and inventory. The platform enables managers to collect and analyze data, manage teams and workflows, and optimize operations. Read more about Manufapp
FSWorks is a web-based quality control solution, which helps businesses in industries such as food & beverage, automotive, medical, & manufacturing optimize production processes. Key features include real-time status tracking, work instructions, trend analysis, and data acquisition. Read more about FSWorks
Senseye Predictive Maintenance is used by Fortune 500 industrial companies to monitor & predict asset condition automatically, at scale & in real-time. Read more about Senseye PdM
Open Automation Software is an open-architecture industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solution that helps businesses connect any data source to Web, NET, databases, and other open data format destinations or applications. It provides several developer tools, APIs and SDKs, allowing administrators to build and customize integrations, tag configuratio... Read more about Open Automation Software
Wowflow is a facility service & maintenance tool that helps field teams do work with less administrative effort. Communicate with your workers, know when the work is done, and automatically document everything with pictures - in one place. Read more about Wowflow
iGromi is a Lean Manufacturing software that offers a range of features to optimize production processes. From OEE and continuous improvement to traceability and TPM, iGromi provides access to all production data and workflows in one platform. The software is powered by AI and offers automation and control of the workflow, allowing users to track... Read more about iGromi
APPRODUCTIVITY4.0 is a Lean and Industry 4.0 oriented software that helps you to eliminate waste and make your factory more flexible, because it gives you the means to make unlimited simulations for different scenarios. + Productivity + Added value + Flexibility + Competitivenes Read more about APPRODUCTIVITY4.0
Supports smart innovative workflows, allows distributed planning for sales, product line-up, production and logistics with collaborative business decisions. Read more about S&OP - Sales Planning

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