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The KeepTruckin fleet management solution helps fleets of all types track vehicles with real-time GPS, automate operations, simplify compliance, and protect their business with dashcams—all in one place. Read more about KeepTruckin
ArcGIS by Esri is an integrated suite of geographic information system (GIS) software, providing a compliant platform for spatial analysis, data management, and mapping, with ArcGIS Online offering a web-based solution accessible anywhere, anytime for the creation & sharing of 3D map visualizations Read more about ArcGIS
Samsara is a fleet operations management platform which helps various industries including transportation, logistics & construction streamline fleet operations with features like GPS fleet tracking, ELD compliance, routing & dispatch, documents, reporting & alerts, & more Read more about Samsara
Yext organizes a business's facts so it can provide direct answers to consumer questions — wherever people search. Read more about Yext
Maptitude is a GIS solution that provides maps, tools, and customer demographic data for businesses. This mapping software enables users to visualize data and discover geographic patterns. It provides data related to customer location, sales opportunities, drive time, and more. Read more about Maptitude
eSpatial is a mapping software that enables organizations to transform data into clear, visual maps and graphs that yield valuable business insights Read more about eSpatial
Nrby's location intelligence software allows you and your team to digitize existing manual processes to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your data. Read more about Nrby
CARTO is an open-source, cloud based Location Intelligence platform enabling users to gain insight and reach business outcomes by visualizing and analyzing data Read more about CARTO
IPinfo powers accurate IP address data for users around the globe. Businesses use IPinfo's reliable data to power various use cases including, secure online transactions, web personalization, data enrichment, fraud prevention, content restrictions, lead generation, and more. Read more about IPinfo
Tenna tracks equipment, tools and vehicles in construction, outdoor or harsh environments. Track everything you use on one consolidated platform. Read more about Tenna
CleverMaps is a map-based analytics platform transforming how the world is using data to solve location-related problems. CleverMaps empowers people and organizations to make data-driven decisions based on the insights visualized in our intuitive and interactive analytical map. Read more about CleverMaps
uberall is a reputation management software designed to help businesses in the finance, tourism, retail, automotive, and other industries manage customers’ reviews and marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Administrators can gain insights into store location data and optimize web pages based on search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Read more about uberall
Salesforce Maps is a cloud-based location intelligence platform designed to help businesses across healthcare, life sciences, technology, manufacturing, and other industries streamline route and territory optimization operations for field service executives. It enables supervisors to manage the workforce, generate custom reports, and track leads... Read more about Salesforce Maps
Woosmap is a Location Intelligence Platform for companies that want to digitize their business model. Woomap enables businesses to create engaging mapping applications for their customers (both for desktop & mobile) by leveraging accurate and actionable location data on top of Google Maps. Read more about Woosmap
LocationSmart is a cloud-based location platform enabling businesses and developers to deploy location-aware mobility solutions for gaming geolocation compliance and connected IoT device monitoring. Read more about LocationSmart
AuthorityLabs is a cloud-based search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword tracking application that assists marketing teams with ranking and competitor analysis. Its key features include customized reporting, data filtering, location-based rank generation, website analytics and link management. Read more about AuthorityLabs
MOZ is a powerful platform that is designed for SEO, content marketing, and link analysis. This application provides a suite of basic and advanced research functionalities that are helpful in search engine optimization. Read more about Moz Local
Mapsimise is a cloud-based location intelligence solution designed to help enterprises pin business data including store locations, assets, properties, appointments, and more on a map. Teams can utilize Mapsimise’s drawing tools to perform spatial queries and mark territories. Read more about Mapsimise
LandVision is a visual mapping research & analysis system which provides geospatial data for commercial real estate brokers, home builders & developers, & more Read more about LandVision
HyperTrack is the live location cloud for deliveries, visits and rides. Its technology enables businesses to focus on growth and deliver better customer experiences with less location infrastructure to build and operate. Read more about HyperTrack
Direction Local is a local SEO (search engine optimization) and reputation management solution for businesses of all types. The cloud-based platform allows users to manage their online reputation by verifying data across multiple platforms and responding to client feedback online. Read more about Direction Local
TopPlace is a location insights platform designed for online travel & BI companies, with a worldwide location rating system for discovering popular areas Read more about TopPlace
PolicyMap is a cloud-based geographic information system (GIS), which helps academic and financial institutions, healthcare centers, and governmental organizations generate demographic data for research purposes. Key features include multi-layered mapping, user management, and trend analysis. Read more about PolicyMap
RetailTune is a marketing analytics and SEO management software that helps businesses manage store information across multiple platforms, such as Google My Business, Facebook Local Pages, Google Maps, and other store locator applications. It allows staff members to create, run, and track custom localized marketing campaigns. Read more about RetailTune
ipapi provides an API for IP address geolocation for business websites and mobile apps, serving as a comprehensive service to lookup info for an ip address Read more about ipapi
Use the Placekey API for free to generate universal location IDs for any location, solving all your address matching and normalization problems. Read more about Placekey
Targomo offers businesses in retail, hospitality, instant & last-mile delivery, real estate and (e-)mobility an easy-to-use location intelligence platform to combine and analyze all branch-related data in a single tool: TargomoLOOP. The basic version is free of charge and plug-and-play. Read more about TargomoLOOP
PoolCar is a fleet management and asset tracking software that helps businesses manage bookings, calculate rates, schedule maintenance, track vehicle usage, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to utilize the built-in calendar to track vehicle and seat availability based on specific time periods, vehicle type, pick-up... Read more about PoolCar
MyWiFi Networks is a WiFi marketing platform designed to help digital agencies, managed service providers (MSPs), resellers, and advertising businesses monetize, track and manage guest WiFi networks for clients. Administrators can gain insights into guests' profile information such as full name, contact number, device type, gender, login location,... Read more about MyWifi Networks
Lystloc is a cloud-based solution specifically designed to measure and increase employees and overall organization’s productivity with real-time data for tactical and strategic decisions. Read more about Lystloc is a unified geospatial platform built for enterprises. Overcome location challenges & manage location data with AI-driven, use-case-specific custom solutions. Read more about
LocalCMS helps automotive, financial, banks, insurance, retail, and other businesses in the Italian market automate marketing operations and manage point of interest (POI) data. The platform enables organizations to import data from various external sources via a unified portal. Read more about LocalCMS
SpatialKey is a saas based next generation business & location intelligence solution. With it users can visualize, analyze and map business and operational or event based information interactively and share their data and work in interactive form with others. It takes only minutes to set up and learn. Read more about SpatialKey
Fract Territory is a cloud-based location intelligence solution which assists franchisors with territory mapping and customer profiling. Key features of the platform include data visualization, behavioral analysis, demographic data, predictive analytics, file sharing reporting and customer profiling Read more about Fract Territory
Smartrak is a fleet management platform that offers mobility and car sharing solutions designed for organizations in government, education, or healthcare industries. Key features include customized portfolios, motor pool management, data analytics, key management, and asset productivity tracking. Read more about Smartrak
WiFire is a marketing solution that works through a Wi-Fi social hotspot. With the use of this tool, enterprises offer a free Wi-Fi connection to their clients, accompanied by analysis and engagement mechanisms, which contribute to the loyalty of the target audience. Read more about WiFire
Demetra Integrador is web-based software for farm property management that offers a mobile application with offline access. The tool can capture data from third-party weather stations and enable the digitalization of records and activity planning. Read more about Demetra Integrador software is for location tracking, which integrates with mobile apps using the software development kits (SDKs). The application also offers modules for specific functionality such as geofencing, in addition to the standard location tracking. Read more about
LOKASI is a location intelligence and analytic platform designed to serve the demand of the Indonesian market. Businesses can utilize the artificial intelligence-enabled solution to visualize, analyze and optimize locations using geofencing and mapping capabilities. Read more about Lokasi Intelligence
Matidor is an intuitive project management tool that helps you organize extensive project portfolio on a live-updating map with easy visualization, team collaboration and management. Read more about Matidor
Turn unknown in-store traffic into sales with the help of C2RO PERCEIVE™, a privacy-aware AI video analytics software solution. Read more about C2RO
Boundless Guest is a guest wifi software that helps businesses monitor network usage, manage security audits, handle SSID templates, and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to use a drag-and-drop interface to create splash pages with custom text, logo, redirect page, and authentication methodologies. Read more about Boundless Guest
Splash is a guest Wi-Fi software designed to help businesses in the restaurant, transportation, and retail sectors capture and visualize real-time behavioral data based on different locations. The platform allows administrators to configure consent policies to process collected data in accordance with privacy regulations. Read more about Splash
IP Geolocation API is one of the most comprehensive IP geolocation services, providing the precise geographical location of 99.68% of all IP addresses. It gives further insights into a user’s device by returning the address’s ISP and type of Internet connection, among others. Read more about IP Geolocation API
PathSense is a software development kit (SDK) that provides businesses with tools to add geofencing capabilities in their iOS and Android applications. Supervisors can capture and track customers’ visits to specific outlets, restaurants or other locations and monitor the total mileage of the distance travelled. Read more about PathSense
Maple manages mathematical needs and allows calculations to be treated like like the valuable assets they are. Read more about Maple
Maple Flow combines a simple, freeform interface and a math engine. Read more about Maple Flow
AI-based Wifi marketing analytics and loyalty system for businesses of all sizes. Aiwifi is designed to enrich data collection by pulling information that can increase customer engagement. It allows businesses to create surveys, collect data, and create mailing lists with segmentation information. Read more about Aiwifi

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