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48 Software options is a cloud Work OS, where teams run their projects and everyday work, whether they are in the office, home or on-the-go. Read more about
The perfect storyboarding app with user-friendly UI and optimum graphics and collab tools for the lone wolf as well as the team player. Read more about MakeStoryBoard
ClickUp is a fundamentally new way to work - bringing separate apps like tasks, docs, spreadsheets, goal tracking, resources, and even an inbox, together in one place. It's the convergence of the best productivity and collaboration apps. Finally, there's one app to replace them all. Read more about ClickUp
Confluence is a shared workspace to create and manage all your work. From product roadmaps to creative briefs, help your team do their best work together. Read more about Confluence
Miro is #1 collaborative whiteboard platform, trusted by over 13M users worldwide. Easily collaborate, ideate and centralize communication for your cross-functional team work. Try our 60+ deep integrations, explore 250+ templates and interactive frameworks to start collaborate quickly with your team Read more about Miro
InVision Freehand is the first online whiteboard made for everyone. Trusted by 100% of the Fortune 100 with best-in-class security, proven reliability, and integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack. Includes pre-made templates, voting, sticky notes, version history, SSO, and SCIM integrations. Read more about InVision App
BlueJeans Collab Board allows teams to bring their ideas, thoughts, and content together on a virtual whiteboard. Read more about BlueJeans Meetings
Aha! is the world's #1 product development software. Our suite of tools works together to help teams turn raw concepts into new capabilities — for customers and the business. Set strategy, crowdsource ideas, spark creativity, prioritize features, share roadmaps, manage releases, and plan development Read more about Aha!
Lucidspark is a web-based whiteboard tool, designed to help teams collaborate on projects and share ideas. The collaborative platform provides users with an adaptable space to share ideas, create plans, collaborate on projects, organize tasks, and evaluate ideas. Read more about Lucidspark
Ayoa takes online collaborative whiteboards to new heights. By seamlessly blending idea generation, task management and team collaboration features, Ayoa goes beyond convention and provides a platform for teams to work together and cultivate knowledge that can be used to drive success. Read more about Ayoa
MyDraw is a cloud-based whiteboard solution that helps small to large businesses create flowcharts and diagrams via text formatting, automatic layouts, barcodes, image generation, and pre-made templates. Key features include data import/export, predefined shapes, user interface, and more. Read more about MyDraw
Microsoft Whiteboard is a cloud-based whiteboard software designed to help teams draw shapes, create tables, edit content, and comment at the same time on a digital canvas. The pen-based interface lets users add images, post sticky notes, type, draw, and move content across the canvas. Read more about Microsoft Whiteboard
MURAL is collaboration platform that helps businesses plan, design, brainstorm & analyze ideas, and create custom workflows to streamline decision-making across teams. Users can store documents and files in a centralized AES-256 encrypted repository and securely share data with team members. Read more about Mural
Collaborate more effectively and make informed decisions with Bluescape, a secure visual collaboration solution. Get flexible virtual workspaces, powerful whiteboarding, smart video conferencing, annotations and drawing tools, customizable templates, and easy file sharing. Read more about Bluescape
Jamboard is a collaboration management software, which helps businesses create and manage virtual workspaces to capture and discuss ideas. The platform enables users to directly import images, documents, spreadsheets, slides, and more to a digital canvas from the web or local drives. Read more about Jamboard
Padlet is a beautiful way to organize and present your team’s files, assets, and ideas. Instead of mind-numbingly boring documents from the 80s or mostly useless folders from the 90s, create visual boards (padlets) that are delightful to look at and fun to contribute to. Read more about Padlet
Swiss online whiteboard software for creative and interactive collaboration to bring your online meetings, and workshops to the next level. The software is GDPR-compliant, and the data is hosted securely in NL and Switzerland. You can also self-host the data on-premises or in your cloud. Read more about Collaboard
Opendo allows the dynamic creation of your activities to energize your meetings, conferences and trainings. You can choose from 20 different modules to create your own content and make a great sequence for your participants ! Read more about Opendo
Milanote is a cloud-based collaboration software designed to help creative teams manage storyboarding, creative writing and briefs, mind-mapping, note-taking, and brainstorming. It lets users create private boards and share projects with team members to collect feedback and ensure service quality. Read more about Milanote
Conceptboard is a virtual collaboration workplace that enables efficient collaboration between teams across different locations or time zones. The platform offers infinite online whiteboards for a wide range of use cases like product development, brainstorming, project management and meetings. Read more about Conceptboard
Stormboard helps capture and organize ideas, prioritize tasks, plan projects, and manage meetings using a digital workspace that transforms content into actionable data, not just loosely connected points on a static canvas. Read more about Stormboard
Slickplan is a planning suite for creating websites. It supports building website sitemaps, crafting user flow diagrams, planning content, creating projects, sharing and real-time collaboration: add multiple users to your account, chat live, comment, grant access and assign an approval process. Read more about Slickplan
Intuiface is an interactive displays and applications platform for creating, deploying, measuring, and managing interactive digital experiences. Users can create highly functional multi-touch applications such as multi-touch applications for any screen and any audience, without coding. Read more about Intuiface
Ditch the graphs and spreadsheets and get the right answer faster. When you know what to optimize, you can scale with confidence. Funnelytics Performance helps you do that. Read more about Funnelytics
DEON is a collaboration tool for project managers to drive brainstorming and ideation processes from a centralized platform, enabling users to work remotely. Key attributes include content management, bespoke editing, task management, discussion forums, and version control. Read more about DEON
ezTalks is a cloud-based video conferencing software which enables SMBs & large enterprises to communicate & collaborate instantly online via HD video & audio Read more about ezTalks
Dojoit is a whiteboard software designed to help businesses in the IT, education, sales, and other sectors share and collaborate on ideas with colleagues in real-time. The platform enables managers to asynchronously connect during sessions using mind-mapping, starbursting, brain-netting, and other techniques. Read more about Dojoit
FigJam by Figma is a collaborative online whiteboard that allows teams to ideate and brainstorm together. The platform includes a range of templates for diagramming, mood boards, design sprints, team meetings, and more. Read more about FigJam
Limnu is a whiteboard and collaboration software that helps teams of all sizes share and discuss ideas and workflows remotely. It comes with a built-in instant messaging and video conferencing tool, which allows team members to establish quick communication. Read more about Limnu is a visual collaboration and management tool for Agile Project Managers, Product Managers, and Designers. enables teams to explore new ideas, agree on solutions, document action items, and drive desired outcomes. Read more about
We provide next generation video collaboration services to enable a company’s experts to work virtually side-by-side with anyone needing help. Our cloud-based solution applies augmented reality features to improve real-time to improve real-time communications and solve difficult problems. Read more about Help Lightning
Mykademy is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) designed for a seamless digital training experience. It is built with excellent features to track and manage the training activities of your trainees. Fuel your business (any type or size) productivity with a tech-powered training system. Read more about Mykademy
OpenBoard is a whiteboard software that helps schools and universities develop interactive content by using text, images, videos, and animations. It provides an application library, which allows educators to access and organize collaboration tools such as calculator, notes, ruler, compass, and more. Read more about OpenBoard
SQUEAKS digitally transforms Visual Management Boards and improves problem solving at the production line by driving actionable information to an interactive digital canvas in real-time. Read more about SQUEAKS
Klaxoon is a meeting management and team collaboration software designed to help businesses handle employee engagement, feedback collection, and brainstorming processes on a centralized platform. Managers can create slide decks and share screens with team members. Read more about Klaxoon
Data visualization software that transforms business data into engaging visual stories, helping you make smarter strategic decisions. Read more about SharpCloud Software
Freehand software is designed to help people and teams brainstorm, set goals, and collaborate on projects. Key features support the management of visual workflows, ideas, and collaborative project planning through prebuilt templates, digital whiteboards, sketching, and annotating tools. Read more about Freehand
HPE MyRoom is a collaboration platform that enables businesses of all sizes to host meetings, training sessions, and other events, communicate with customers and colleagues, and manage web conferencing. Professionals can utilize the platform to access personal meeting rooms and invite attendees. Read more about HPE MyRoom
Hoylu is an easy-to-use, cloud-based, project management and whiteboarding tool that enables distributed teams to visualize information and collaborate without limits. Our Adaptive Workspaces open a new way to plan, build, and track your projects. Read more about Hoylu
IPEVO Annotator is a whiteboard software designed to help educators annotate and draw on images projected onto the screen using advanced tools, such as ruler, scissors, magnifying lens, and protractor. Users can add or delete boards, import images, and export whiteboards into JPEG or PDF formats. Read more about IPEVO
Sketchboard is a virtual whiteboard software that enables businesses of all sizes to visualize, share ideas, and collaborate with remote teams in real-time. Software development teams can utilize the platform to send or receive feedback on ideas, post comments, and share private whiteboards. Read more about Sketchboard
Epic Pen is a whiteboard software designed to help artists, animators, and graphic designers highlight information across screens during virtual meetings. Teachers can annotate learning materials and switch between multiple screens using the click-through functionality. Read more about Epic Pen
Digstack offers a powerful free plan, great for small digital teams, educators or individual who value collaborating with others. Use our timer and voting features, then simply export your boards. In addition, our whiteboards offer suggestions to help maximize the collaboration benefits. Read more about DigStack
witeboard is a cloud-based whiteboard platform that enables businesses to manage tasks and collaborate with team members across multiple locations. It lets users brainstorm and visualize ideas using various drawing or editing tools such as pencil, eraser, and more. Read more about witeboard
WhiteboardFox is a cloud-based whiteboarding solution that enables businesses to collaborate, visualize, and brainstorm ideas on a virtual whiteboard in real-time. Team members can use the platform to create and share whiteboards with colleagues via unique URLs and track changes across devices. Read more about Whiteboard Fox
With TASKBOSS you have an overview of all tasks in your company, plan projects precisely and leverage time tracking to create invoices in record time. Manage tasks, structure your projects and track time accurately?—?optimize your workflow with TASKBOSS to get the decisive advantage! Read more about TASKBOSS
Intelligent collaborative whiteboard: It is user-friendly, good for Cross-platform, and easily recognizes shapes. Read more about Lekh Board
Notably is a cloud-based data-driven platform thoughtfully designed for research workflow. It lets users create a research repository, manage and track participants, analyze research data and share insights. It helps teams find insights by collecting, analyzing, and sharing qualitative research. Additionally, Notably replaces note-taking apps,... Read more about Notably

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