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Inuvika is an enterprise digital workspace software platform and an alternative to traditional VDI. With hybrid work environments now the norm, Inuvika OVD Enterprise gives users secure access to their work apps from anywhere. With built-in 2FA, no VPN is required. Read more about Inuvika OVD Enterprise
Kasm Workspaces is a container streaming platform for delivering browser, desktop and application workloads to the web browser. Kasm is changing the way that businesses deliver VDI using our open-source web-native container streaming technology to stream Linux desktop environments to your browser. Read more about Kasm Workspaces
Workspot is a turnkey SaaS platform designed to help IT teams deliver cloud desktops to devices located across remote locations from the public cloud. The low latency system lets users deploy cloud desktops, workstations, and apps, which enables disaster recovery for desktop workloads. Read more about Workspot
Cloudalize is a graphical processing units (GPU)—enabled virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform designed for government organizations and businesses in the construction, manufacturing, real-estate, media and entertainment, and education sectors. Read more about Cloudalize
Private GPU Cloud is for companies wanting digital transformation with guaranteed performance, infrastructure flexibility, and great value for money. The platform helps build a high-computing cloud environment for a range of business applications: real-time collaboration, high-powered cloud workstations, remote office, BIM in the cloud, and... Read more about Private GPU Cloud
Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform designed to help organizations run virtual desktops and applications in the cloud. It offers businesses with built-in migration tools, which enables administrators to migrate remote desktop services (RDS) and Windows server desktops to various devices. Read more about Microsoft Azure
Oracle VM VirtualBox is an open-source cross-platform virtualization software, which helps organizations create, manage, and run multiple virtual machines (VMs) simultaneously. Features include guest multiprocessing, USB device support, remote machine display, RDP authentication & soft keyboard. Read more about VirtualBox
Citrix DaaS is a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that enables businesses of all sizes to securely access remote files and documents on a digital workplace from multiple devices. Read more about Citrix DaaS
Citrix Workspace is a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses streamline work for employees by offering collaboration across different systems & devices. Key features include endpoint management, session performance tracking, multi-factor authentication, microapp creation, & monitoring. Read more about Citrix Workspace
Iperius Backup is a data backup and recovery suite which helps small to large businesses with backups for image files and data restoration. Key features include hard drive cloning, data synchronization, scheduling, user authentication, backup verification, and file transfer. Read more about Iperius Backup
Software for backup of physical PCs, Virtual Machines (VMware ESX, ESXi, vSphere/Hyper-V), Servers, SQL and Exchange databases. Read more about Uranium Backup
Ansys Gateway powered by AWS is an intuitive, scalable, easy-to-use cloud solution available via AWS Marketplace. Read more about Ansys Gateway powered by AWS
Amazon WorkSpaces is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) software that helps businesses facilitate remote working through cloud-hosted desktop virtualization. It enables administrators to maintain a secure user platform via multi-factor authentication, single-sign-on (SSO), and access control features. Read more about Amazon WorkSpaces
Workspace ONE is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that enables organizations to simply and securely deliver and manage devices, apps, and data from a single, unified console, providing modern, cloud-native endpoint management and secure access to corporate resources. Read more about Workspace ONE
Paperspace is a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) software designed to help businesses in manufacturing, healthcare, education, and other sectors access desktops, which run on Windows operating systems or virtual machines. Read more about Paperspace
Horizon is a desktop virtualization software designed to help businesses manage virtual desktops and published applications on digital workspaces. Administrators can secure the virtual infrastructure via role-based access control and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities. Read more about VMware Horizon
Awingu is a unified workspace that offers a highly secure and audited access to your company files and legacy, web and SaaS applications in a browser-based workspace, accessible via any browser, on any device. Read more about Awingu
Evolve IP is a unified communication management solution designed to help contact centers of all sizes manage email, voice, and telephonic communications via a unified portal. It offers a host of features such as contact center architecture, campaign management, call routing, IVR/voice response, and interactive voice response. Read more about Evolve IP
V2 Cloud is a desktop virtualization software that provides businesses with cloud desktops to facilitate remote work and manage published applications on a centralized platform. Users can minimize potential data breaches with HTTPS encryption, ransomware protection, and two-factor authentication. Read more about V2 Cloud WorkSpaces
Cameyo is a cloud-native Digital Workspace that enables the secure delivery of Windows and internal web apps to any device from the browser without the need for VPNs. Cameyo enables remote work by providing employees access to the business-critical apps they need from anywhere and on any device. Read more about Cameyo
Softdrive provides the infrastructure and delivery method for high performance GPU virtual desktops. Softdrive's full Cloud PC service has optimized the virtualization of bare metal servers with a GPU, and created a cutting edge remote desktop solution that feels like a local computer. Read more about Softdrive
Tehama is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) software that helps businesses create invoices, track expenses, process payments, and analyze financial data. Key features include file sharing, project management, time tracking and billing, and contact management. Read more about Tehama
Evolve IP Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a desktop virtualization software that helps businesses manage remote working operations. Administrators can utilize Microsoft Active Directory to handle multiple user accounts and configure role-based permissions. Read more about Virtual Desktops
Weytop's mastery of new streaming technologies now makes it possible to offer a virtual computer of unmatched simplicity and ease of use. Read more about Weytop
VDI empowers secure and flexible remote work. Deploy virtual desktops on centralized servers, enabling employees to access their desktop environments from any device. Enhance productivity, reduce hardware costs, simplify IT management, and provide a seamless user experience. Read more about Dizzion
Google Cloud Compute Engine delivers configurable virtual machines running in Google’s data centers with access to high-performance hardware, fast networking, and simple management of resources such as persistent disks, memory, and load balancing. Read more about Google Cloud Compute Engine
Ace Cloud Hosting provides virtual desktop hosting solutions- DaaS, VDI & Hosted Virtual Desktop. Read more about Ace Cloud Hosting
Resilio Connect is a file transfer and synchronization platform for tech, logistics, engineering, & retail enterprises with P2P technology & WAN acceleration Read more about Resilio Connect
Flaneer's mission is to make VDI affordable for every business, while simplifying the integration. Read more about Flaneer
Nerdio Manager empowers MSPs & Enterprise IT Professionals to deploy, manage, and cost optimize Azure, AVD, Windows 365, Intune, Application Managament, and More. Start for FREE today and save up to 76% on Azure compute costs, and 80% time savings. Read more about Nerdio
TruGrid is a cloud-based remote access management solution that helps businesses establish secure connections with remote desktops (RDP) and schedule, launch & manage encrypted sessions. Users can set up a virtual private network (VPN) to ensure protection from hack attempts & other vulnerabilities. Read more about TruGrid
Shells is a Desktop as a Service platform that provides everyone an opportunity to transfer their work to the safety and security of virtual cloud computers. Read more about Shells
Thinfinity Remote Workspace allows you to enable remote access to ALL your apps, desktops, and files on any device. It is the most convenient and scalable remote access solution, allowing secure digital workspaces that users can access with just a web browser. Read more about Thinfinity Remote Workspace
Cloud Hosting is a cloud-based VDI and hosting solution for ProSeries Tax and Lacerte, which provides features such as enterprise firewall, file management, document management, collaboration tools, and data encryption. Read more about Cloud Hosting
HPE GreenLake is an enterprise-grade, multi-cloud management software. It is a cloud-native platform that allows businesses to manage applications and data across hybrid clouds, on-premises, and edge locations. Read more about HPE GreenLake
VirtEngine is an open source cloud management platform that can be used to build private or public clouds, which supports IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Read more about VirtEngine
dinWorkspace is a cloud-hosted virtual desktop solution that enables businesses to access remote data and applications from multiple devices including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Read more about dinWorkspace
Frame is a Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) software that helps businesses create virtual workspaces for teams, customers and partners from a centralized platform. It enables users to select and use design, CAD, 3D modeling, animation or gaming applications according to business requirements. Read more about Frame
SmartVDI is a desktop virtualization software, which helps businesses create and manage multiple computing environments within a single host server. The centralized system enables network administrators to ensure data security, minimize downtime, and deploy applications & resources. Read more about SmartVDI
IronOrbit INFINITY Workspaces is an all-in-One turnkey solution optimized for each industry, application, user profile, and business needs for superior performance & CEX. Read more about INFINITY Workspaces
Thinfinity Remote Desktop lets you create virtual environments in just a few simple steps to take advantage of the benefits of VDI with minimal effort. It works seamlessly with Hypervisors like Microsoft Hyper-V and VM-Ware or runs natively on public clouds like AWS or Azure. Read more about Thinfinity Remote Desktop
DesktopReady is a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution that provides both automation and services to deliver secure Modern Workspaces. Read more about DesktopReady
Venn is the secure workspace for remote work that isolates and protects work from any personal use on the same computer. Sensitive company information will be protected, while giving workers the freedom and convenience of a single PC. And it will provide a welcome opportunity for companies to get ou Read more about Venn
ThinApp is an application virtualization platform that streamlines app delivery and management. Applications are packaged into native-code VMs, making them portable to any computing device. Read more about ThinApp
Patented SaaS AIOPs platform that can simplify the management and delivery of virtual desktops and apps on both private and public. Read more about EuVantage
SmartWork, Resilience and Business Continuity have become core existential elements of any business operational strategy.With StarCloud, Businesses can enable unfettered, on demand, secure teleworking, reducing costs, attrition and turnover, and hiring the best talent wherever located. Read more about StarCloud Platform
Login Enterprise Platform is a digital workspace reliability platform that enables organizations to adapt to technology changes across their applications and workspaces, including cloud, virtual and physical. Login Enterprise Platform provides full coverage of the digital workspaces. Read more about Login Enterprise Platform
ComputerVault Virtual Desktops provide secure, high-performance remote access to desktops from anywhere, on any device. Read more about Virtual Desktops
Systancia Workplace is an application virtualization product (VDI, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) that allows to deliver to end-users all applications and desktops using the most advanced cybersecurity and artificial intelligence technologies in order to guarantee the best experience for users. Read more about Systancia Workplace

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