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Backstop Solutions is an investment management platform which offers solutions for consultants & advisors, institutions & pensions, hedge funds, private equity & venture capital, endowments, and more, through a suite of products including Backstop CRM, Portfolio, Research, Accounting, Portal & IR Read more about Backstop
EQUITY MANAGEMENT & REPORTING Streamline equity management, tighten compliance, minimize risk, improve your productivity. It’s life beyond the spreadsheet. Read more about Certent Equity Management
FolioSure is a cloud-based software that enables private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) firms to track, monitor, and analyze the performance of investment portfolios. It enables businesses to calculate net net total value to paid-in (TVPI) and internal rates of return (IRR). Read more about FolioSure
CompTrak Long Term Incentive Management is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses handle deferrals across multiple years, instruments, and vesting schedules. Read more about CompTrak Long Term Incentive Management
AppFolio Investment Manager is a commercial real estate ecosystem that enhances your investor experiences and simplifies your investment operations. Read more about AppFolio Investment Manager
A1 Tracker is a risk management platform designed to help businesses of all sizes manage & mitigate risks across contracts, migrations, insurance, assets & claims. A1 Tracker enables users to track, report & manage trends, reducing risks on claims for insurance premiums, product liabilities, & more. Read more about A1 Tracker
Juniper Square provides a way for GPs and their LPs to seamlessly connect and communicate across every stage of their partnership. Read more about Juniper Square
Carta is an equity management solution that helps investors, public, & private firms manage cap tables, equity plans, investments, and valuations. The platform comes with features such as transfer agent services, portfolio insights, 409A valuations, safekeeping, & equity plan administration. Read more about Carta
Vestd is an equity management platform that helps businesses manage share schemes. The FCA-regulated software enables businesses to manage shares and options in real-time and track live cap tables. The solution offers direct integration with Companies House. Read more about Vestd
Seeking Alpha offers stock market analysis tools to assist with stock portfolio management. With this solution, users can access stock prices and charts, in-depth news and analysis, real-time updates, investing newsletters, data visualizations, peer comparisons, and more. Seeking Alpha can provide email alerts for stock news as well as upgrades... Read more about Seeking Alpha
Capdesk from Carta is the all-in-one solution for managing equity in the UK and Europe. We enable high-growth companies across Europe to keep track of their cap tables as they scale, with greater accuracy and efficiency. Read more about Capdesk
Papaya Global is a SaaS fintech company providing global payroll technology and the only one with an embedded payments platform designed for the workforce needs of global enterprises. Read more about Papaya Global
Ledgy simplifies equity management for growing companies. Manage employee participation plans, shareholdings, prepare cap tables, and more on a unified and scalable platform. Invite investors into your dashboard. Automate document signing, shareholder agreements, convertible loans and more. Read more about Ledgy
FoxHire's Employer of Record (EOR) platform enables businesses to manage contract, temporary, and remote employees without having to do the admin work or worry about the risk. FoxHire delivers world-class payroll, insurance, benefits, and timesheets solutions through an all-in-one HR suite. Read more about FoxHire
Utilized by thousands of businesses, Shareworks is a cloud-based equity plan management solution for startups, private and public companies to simplify equity administration, engage their employees, manage regulatory compliance and prepare for audits, with integrated 409A valuations and cap tables. Read more about Shareworks
Pulley is a cap table platform taking a new approach to equity management. We give founders and employees the tools and insights to make smarter decisions about their equity. Read more about Pulley
Knowliah is a legal case management solution for businesses of all sizes, which helps users manage & store critical information on a unified platform. It comes with an automated contextualization engine which lets users quickly locate relevant documents related to a specific case, customer or issue. Read more about Knowliah
One single tool to stay on top of your investments and portfolio performance. With Rundit, investors can get holistic insights, make decisions from a unified data source, thus focus on investment returns and portfolio performance analysis. Read more about Rundit
EquityEffect is a cloud-based equity management solution for financial institutions, investors, law firms, and private businesses of all sizes. The platform enables users to monitor, manage, and structure shares with up-to-date and accurate cap tables, what-if analysis and digital documents. Read more about Diligent Equity
AIM is a cloud-based private equity CRM solution for Salesforce which helps firms of all sizes consolidate data into one central system to manage operations & workflow. The platform enables enterprises to streamline investments, portfolio, back-end systems, team collaboration, compliance, & more. Read more about Altvia
Orchestra provides equity management software for growth companies so they can manage stakeholder requirements & relationships on one platform. Read more about Orchestra
WOWS Cap Table is a digital cap table management tool designed to help startups manage their equity Read more about WOWS Cap Table
Agora is a comprehensive, intuitive, and easy-to-use real estate investment management platform, enabling firms to raise capital faster, streamline operations, foster investor relationships and ultimately drive profits for themselves and their investors. Read more about Agora
Capboard is the equity management software that is used to have a clear visibility over your company's equity, stakeholders and investors. It allows to easily manage equity plans, speed up fundraising and due diligence, and make simulations about future equity transactions, all in a few clicks. Read more about Capboard
Eqvista is a cloud-based equity management software designed to help investors and shareholders manage capitalization tables, equity shares, valuations, and more. With an integrated share management platform, stakeholders can electronically issue and transfer existing shares to investors. Read more about Eqvista
Corporify is a leading European cloud-based solution for legal entity management and corporate housekeeping. The platform is a game-changer for legal teams at corporates, modern legal service providers and investment funds (PE/VC). It covers the full end-to-end entity lifecycle, from tracking securities to automated document generation and... Read more about Corporify
Global Shares is a cloud-based employee ownership platform, which assists public and private companies with managing stock compensation plans for employees. Key features include performance tracking, rewards management, goal setting, stock trading, and electronic messaging. Read more about Global Shares
OptionTrax is an equity management software designed to help businesses manage capitalization tables, equity shares, valuations, and employee stock plans. Read more about OptionTrax
Designed for accounting, automotive, construction, hospitality, human resources, and other industries, Quoroom is a cloud-based equity management platform that helps streamline liquidity and funding processes related to statutory registers and filings, security transfers, account reconciliation, and legal document storage. Read more about Quoroom
From deal screening to exit, Kushim's suite of products helps you streamline your workflow, collaborate with stakeholders, and manage your funds. Read more about Kushim
Optio's platform simplifies equity management throughout the entire process, from start to finish. It includes a user-friendly administrator portal, compliance tools, a portal for shareholders, and share custody capabilities. With Optio, managing equity is made easy and understandable Read more about Optio
Cake Equity simplifies cap table management, ESOPs & early-stage capital raising. It offers a beautiful, intuitive app with built-in doc templates & automated vesting. The single source of truth makes equity management easy & accurate for founders, investors & employees. Read more about Cake
DealPotential for entrepreneurs is a AI-powered one-stop-solution for fundraising journey. Use it to find investors, become investment-ready, showcase your business to investors. and get a company valuation service using five different methods. Read more about DealPotential Entrepreneur Platform
From the back office to investor relations to deal tracking, Allvue’s fully integrated suite of private equity solutions has everything a GP needs to run their operations and businesses successfully – regardless of size or strategy. Read more about Allvue
Elevate your equity with the most affordable RSU management available. Upstock makes RSUs accessible for all companies at any stage. Read more about Upstock
From diligence to exit, Maestro is the collaboration and insights platform purpose-built for private equity. Read more about Maestro
TheBizPlanner is a comprehensive business planning software that helps you manage your finances, team, marketing strategy, sales channels and much more. Read more about TheBizPlanner
Gust is a SaaS equity management software designed to help businesses issue employee stock options (ESO), set up vesting schedules, and create equity incentive plan agreements. It allows organizations to divide equity among co-founders, establish bylaws, and appoint board members. Read more about Gust
TradeSmart is a SaaS order execution management system (OEMS) that helps businesses handle asset class trading operations across multiple categories, including equities, derivatives, FX, and futures. Supervisors can track order quantities, total traded values and high performing brokers or traders. Read more about TradeSmart
Fundrbird supports the automation of investor reports. The platform is tailored specially for private investment fund managers and private equity firms. The software is tailored to suit individual funds by adapting workflow rules. Read more about Fundrbird
Pepper powers asset and portfolio managers' data to drive ROI while maintaining full fidelity with regulations and security. Pepper is the industry-leading cloud-native investment data platform. Read more about Pepper
InstaVal is a data-driven platform helping founders organize recurring cap table events while helping investors access investment-ready opportunities. Read more about InstaVal is a specialized platform focused on private market data, offering comprehensive insights into companies, investors, industries, and global investment activity. It is specifically designed to facilitate research, analysis, and deal-sourcing workflow management. Read more about
Capiche is a web-based equity management platform designed to help businesses streamline the capital-raising and investing process through electronic signatures, subscription tracking, and more in compliance with stock exchange policies, securities laws, and other regulations. Read more about Capiche
Join the 10,000+ investors and fund managers who would have launched their SPVs and Funds on the fastest, most advanced Fund platform in the world. Read more about Allocations
The daappa platform is a combination of software, cloud technology, data management, and proactive client servicing. Read more about daappa
Nth Round helps streamline investor workflows – distribute reports, manage equity, and engage investors, all from one platform. Read more about Nth Round
EQS IR COCKPIT is a cloud-based investor relations (IR) platform designed to combine investor data, disclosure obligations, contact management, and news distribution in a single system. The software includes tools for publication and disclosure, investor targeting, roadshow management, communications, and more. Read more about EQS IR COCKPIT
Investment management solution that helps businesses manage equity via distributed ledger technology (Blockchain). Read more about FCX

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