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Lusha is a sales intelligence platform that helps you speed up your sales cycle by identifying potential buyers with zero effort. Our unrivaled and compliant B2B data is trusted by over 1M users. Lusha's Intent Data gives you signals to better prioritize your outreach with company-level intent sc Read more about Lusha
ZoomInfo powered by DiscoverOrg is a cloud-based lead generation platform for B2B organizations. It uses buyer intent data to help sales and marketing teams prioritize prospects. Intent insights are provided for online research activities, organizational changes, funding announcements, and more. Read more about ZoomInfo SalesOS
Lucky Orange is an all-in-one conversion optimization suite that helps website owners identify drop-offs in the conversion process using dynamic heatmaps, visitor recordings, form analytics, live chat, and polls Read more about Lucky Orange
Dealfront, (formerly Echobot & Leadfeeder), identifies website visitors from Google Analytics data as prospects or customers, tracks their behavior, and automatically sends leads to CRM systems Read more about Dealfront
TrustRadius is a buyer intent software designed to help businesses add product-related information and receive verified reviews from customers. The platform enables administrators to track customer views via Salesforce on a unified interface. Read more about TrustRadius
Reach out to companies showing high buying intent, but not converting. We are the only solution that accurately track website visitors when they work from home or while using personal devices. The system allows users to identify anonymous visitors, segment traffic, and connect with decision makers. Read more about Happierleads
Lead411 is the industry leading B2B data platform with the highest quality data around. Our verified emails are 96% accurate and re-verified on a strict schedule to ensure data integrity. We have the most verified cell phone numbers in the market, and our solutions start at an affordable price. Read more about Lead411
With Outfunnel you can easily prioritize your leads based on data in your various sales and marketing apps as well as website visitor data. Using website visitor tracking, you'll also be able to see what your leads are interested in. Works with Copper, Pipedrive, HubSpot CRMs. Read more about Outfunnel
Slintel, the leader in capturing technographics-powered buying intent, helps companies uncover the 3% of active buyers in their target market. Read more about Slintel
Empowering B2B business growth and revenue optimization through the enablement of meaningful conversations and enhanced insight. Read more about Lead Forensics
Buyer Discovery provides B2B intent data for software buyers that are actively researching products and categories on Gartner Digital Market sites. This solution is designed to enable sales pipeline and account prioritization by identifying companies with purchase intent. Read more about Buyer Discovery
DemandScience is a web-based demand generation software designed to help businesses manage B2B content syndication, display advertising, and outbound lead development using multi-source intent data and predictive analytics. Our solution lets marketers combine multiple layers of buyer intent. Read more about DemandScience
Want to convert more sales and/or leads from your existing website traffic? Leadoo is built for one purpose: results. Leadoo, the World's first and only Lead-Driven Marketing Platform, turns your passive website visitors into qualified leads, in interactive and friendly ways. Read more about Leadoo
Salesintel provides comprehensive account and contact data for business sales, marketing and recruitment. It is aimed at clients looking for direct contact information and market analysis for sales leads. Salesintel draws from human and automated sources and confirms data with human verification Read more about Salesintel
LeadIQ helps optimize your sales team's prospecting and qualification process by allowing sales reps to find, capture, and sync contact information directly to your favorite sales tools with one click. LeadIQ's AI-Driven Data Verification and Enrichment engine helps you automate your sales engagement through intelligent, real-time lead enrichment... Read more about LeadIQ
Klarity® - Save time with One-Click Prospecting™. Klarity is a B2B marketing and sales prospecting tool that allows you to build and view prospect lists with varying levels of features with real-time data enrichment and four layers of intent data. Read more about Klarity
Increase your revenue with sales intelligence. Predict is a complete and powerful lead generation solution for ETIs and large corporates Read more about Sparklane
Demandbase ABM Platform is a B2B marketing automation, advertising, website personalization and analytics solution with a specific focus on account-based marketing. Read more about Demandbase One
6sense is a B2B predictive intelligence platform for marketing and sales. Using its private network of billions of time-sensitive intent interactions, 6sense uncovers net-new prospects at every stage of the funnel and determines which existing prospects are in market to buy. 6sense predicts what products prospects will buy, how much they will buy,... Read more about 6sense
Pathmonk enables businesses to optimize website conversions with current website traffic. Read more about Pathmonk
Salespanel is a lead capture and marketing analytics software that helps businesses manage segmentation, lead scoring, customer journey data, personalized marketing, and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to create buyer personas by unifying data from multiple sources, such as warehouses, emails, and websites, facilitating... Read more about Salespanel
We Make B2B Sales Easier. We Answer: Who is Shopping? Who to Contact? Who is Interested? Who is Opening My Proposals? Shorten Your Sales Cycle Today! Read more about Visual Visitor
LeadSift is a sales intelligence solution that generates and prioritizes leads and accounts based on how they are engaging with competitors and relevant content Read more about LeadSift
With industrytics, you can automatically connect, analyse and visualise all metrics and data about your business and feedback from your stakeholders in an intelligent 360° business dashboard and receive data-driven and AI-powered improvement suggestions for your SME business. Read more about Industrytics
G2 Intent Data helps sales, marketing, and customer success teams identify high-intent prospects as well as customers that are actively researching competitor profiles on G2. This solution tracks category page views, product profile views, product comparisons, number of visitors, and more. Read more about G2 Buyer Intent
Give your sales team the unfair advantage of knowing which leads they should focus on based on real-time engagement. Read more about Leadcamp
ZoomInfo MarketingOS is an end-to-end marketing solution that helps marketers understand their customers, grow their business, and expand their reach. It offers an integrated platform for managing paid search campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook and as a plug-in for web analytics software like Google Analytics. Read more about ZoomInfo MarketingOS
Bombora's Company Surge® Analytics solution provides buyer intent data to inform B2B organizations. It can track customer journeys and predict buyer behavior in order to help sales and marketing teams prioritize accounts. The solution offers intent topic scoring, qualified lead generation, and more. Read more about Company Surge Analytics
Mindpath is software, supported by Artificial Intelligence, that allows B2B companies to identify and target potential clients, according to the analysis on their website and across the web. Read more about Mindpath
Wrench.AI is a personalization platform that distills complex data into painless human insights. We automate research and behavioral analytics for data-driven organizations that want to understand “Who” their audience is, “What” they care about, and “How” to serve them better. Read more about
Built for Enterprise sales, sales development, and marketing teams, Pidgi identifies past product users in your target accounts to generate qualified sales opportunities. Pidgi helps sales reps increase sales efficiency by prioritizing prospects based on their existing knowledge of your product. Read more about Pidgi
KickFire LIVE Leads is a cloud-based solution designed to help B2B organizations optimize pipeline initiatives by providing buyer intent data based on visitor activity and website engagement. It can be used to capture new leads, provide real-time alerts, and integrate with existing CRM tools. Read more about KickFire LIVE Leads
N.Rich is a cloud-base platform specifically designed to provide the right advertising tools to growth-oriented companies, ABM adopters and performance driven commercial teams. Read more about N.Rich
Intent Activation is an intent-focused technology designed for B2B marketing. Read more about Intent Activation
Retargeting platform that identifies formerly anonymous visitors to your websites. See who's actually hitting your website. Run campaigns back out to them (immediately if you want!). See the power of no longer waiting for your visitors to fill a form -- Get your brand in front of them! Read more about GO Show

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