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OptiSigns can turn any TV into Digital Signs, and manage anywhere from our web portal. Bring your own content, images, video, office documents, pdf or use our 100+ apps: Weather, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google Slides and more or select from  500+ templates in our library to create your signs. Read more about OptiSigns
Single and multi-app Kiosks- Lock devices to a single app or a few selected applications. Set apps to automatically relaunch when the Kiosk is idle. Read more about Hexnode UEM
KioWare is a cloud-based kiosk solution designed to help small to large businesses manage device security and convert Android or Windows-based devices into self-service kiosks. KioWare enables users to define and control server-console access, and internet, or application restrictions. Read more about Kioware
Esper lets you deploy, lockdown, update, and remotely control your Android kiosks on a single platform. Built for single-app, multi-app, and custom configuration, Esper ensures your kiosks are ready for customers at any time. Worry less if your devices are functioning and spend more time innovating. Read more about Esper
Ombori Grid is a SaaS platform built on Azure IoT that includes a selection of ready-made customizable IoT, Digital Signage and Mobile apps. Also includes developer tools to create your own IoT apps or Screen apps using React, Node.js, Python, C#, or other web-based technologies. Read more about Ombori Grid
ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is easy to deploy and secures thousands of mobile devices within your organization. Read more about ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus
Perfect for selling in-store or on-the-go, our iPad Kiosk offers unrivaled flexibility and control. Complete with multi-award-winning EPOS software, it allows business owners to manage their inventory, sales, staff, and customer relationships all from the convenience of a portable tablet. Read more about Epos Now
Don’t have enough company smartphones to go around? Trust Connecteam’s kiosk app to accurately track every employee’s work time. Read more about Connecteam
VantageMDM is a unified mobile device management platform for all devices including Android, iOS, Windows PC, and Chromebooks which meets the dynamic needs of schools and businesses in an effective and efficient way. Read more about VantageMDM
Miradore's Mobile Device Management platform provides a smarter way to securely manage Android, iOS, macOS & Windows devices. With Miradore you can stay up to date with your device fleet, automate device management across operating systems, distribute business-critical apps, and secure company data. Read more about Miradore
Scalefusion MDM allows organizations to secure and manage endpoints including smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, mPOS, and digital signages, along with apps and content. It supports the management of Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Linux devices. Read more about Scalefusion
NoviSign Digital Signage is a cloud-based solution which helps businesses in education, communication & restaurant sectors manage content on kiosk devices to promote digital campaigns. It lets users design social walls & slide shows via multiple social media platforms to attract customers. Read more about NoviSign
All-in-one, cloud-based software solution for attractions, entertainment & leisure venues to help businesses operate more efficiently and deliver superior guest experiences. Read more about ROLLER
A Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution, Arreya revolutionizes digital signage with integrations from any source, channel pricing for scalability without per device fees, and the most intuitive content creation software in the industry. Trusted, secure and reliable for government and business use. Read more about Arreya
eShow is a web-based event management software that helps businesses to manage hybrid, live, or virtual events such as tradeshows, conferences, training, and more. Features include badge creation, ticketing, reporting, chat, certification management, event analytics, and committee management. Read more about eShow
Codeproof is an enterprise mobile management solution designed to help businesses across various industry verticals such as aerospace, defense, construction, education, government, healthcare, IT, nonprofit, retail, and other industries manage corporate data across mobile devices. Read more about Codeproof
Clearwave is a cloud-based patient check-in system for medical practices, physicians, hospitals, and healthcare systems. It also offers a patient registration and check-in kiosk tool to help practices manage and track patient visits and capture patient data in a self service manner. Read more about Clearwave
Moki Total Control is a cloud-based mobile device management system designed to help businesses in education, automotive, retail, hospitality, and other sectors remotely handle, secure, and monitor Android and iOS devices. Supervisors can create and configure role-based access permissions for end-users and whitelist or blacklist specific applicatio... Read more about Moki Total Control
MediaTile's digital signage CMS is an Enterprise cloud-based network for content management. Read more about MediaTile
HootBoard is a Kiosk as a Service (KaaS) digital concierge platform designed to help educational institutions, visitor centers, hotels, hospitals, workplaces, offices & other organizations share announcements, events, classifieds, jobs & other information internally via online bulletin board kiosks Read more about HootBoard
Want real estate property marketing that makes you look good? Curb Hero provides agents free tools that's proven to save time and capture more leads. Read more about Curb Hero
Visionbox is not just a software, it is a zero compromise Digital Signage system. Deliver your content thru your displays network with a flexibility never seen before. Read more about VisionboxPro
Human Services Feedback Management Platform to efficiently ask for, accept, analyze, and act on feedback from vulnerable individuals. Read more about Pulse For Good
UCView is a cloud-based digital signage solution for designing and deploying content to digital displays within various markets and industries. Read more about Uniguest
Get everything you need for managing Android devices from a centralized platform through remote access and control, device provisioning, policy application and management, kiosk mode, and geofencing. Read more about AirDroid Business
Tribute Kiosk provides photo booth kiosks and associated services for event photography. The hardware and software service provider offer open-air booths, high-resolution imagery, memory capsule galleries, unlimited prints, and photo-quality DNP printers. Subscriptions are on a pay-as-you-go basis. Read more about Photo Booth
Mobi2Go is a food delivery solution designed to help restaurants manage orders, payments, billing, marketing, online stores, and more. The platform comes with a white-label tool, which enables organizations to personalize online stores using custom logos, domain names, colors, themes, and fonts. Read more about Mobi2Go
Volunteer Check In Kiosk is a web-based check-in kiosk designed to help museums manage volunteer attendance, log work hours, and track user activity via Track It Forward reports. It lets volunteers check in & out using various devices such as laptops, tablets, or desktop across multiple locations. Read more about Volunteer Check In Kiosk
World's first B2B App Platform for Interactive Digital Signage Touchscreen Software: Create your own interactive software solutions for all touchscreens, tables, kiosk terminals and videowall with our easy-to-use AppSuite Touchscreen CMS, no programming invoved! Read more about eyefactive AppSuite
SiteKiosk is a Windows and Android based kiosk software designed for businesses in several industry segments, including automotive, healthcare, finance, and more. It allows organizations to customize the user interface, filter content, detect errors, manage passwords, and maintain activity logs. Read more about SiteKiosk
OrderUp helps restaurants set up self-service portals at counters or tables to manage sales, revenue, marketing, and other operations. The application enables businesses to accept orders, process payments, track orders, and display products on a unified portal. Read more about OrderUp
Advanced Entry Fully contactless sign-in Kiosk for visitor/staff management, to ease the sign-in process and reduce front-desk labor costs for Healthcare facilities Read more about Advanced Entry
POS by Salesvu is a cloud-based point-of-sale system for small to medium businesses such as retailers, food trucks, restaurants, salons, and more, which helps manage operations related to various types of transactions, including cash, credit cards, checks, and gift cards. Read more about SalesVu
VISO is an MDM solution consolidating all devices, processes and stakeholders into one easy-to-use platform. VISO makes your devices mission-oriented, optimally configured and locked down to a secured kiosk mode, preventing all unwanted operations except predefined tasks. Read more about VISO MDM
Netkiosk Kiosk Software is a Windows-based kiosk software that helps businesses manage user accounts, create content filters, configure browser layouts, and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to set up a custom bookmarks menu with multiple website URLs and names. Read more about Netkiosk Kiosk Software
textLIVING was founded in 2010 in Nashville, TN. We have helped over 10,000 merchants, processed over 750 million customer interactions, & produced over $192 million in additional revenue for businesses. We believe in our product so much, we decided to white label it for others to use as well. Read more about White Label Platform
ServiceGuru Kiosk is a cloud-based solution which helps businesses collect feedback from customers via automated kiosk devices across multiple locations, improving online reviews and customer service. It lets users rate employees based on their performance, ensuring workforce productivity. Read more about ServiceGuru Kiosk
Chimpa UEM helps manage, monitor, and secure various Android and iOS-based devices like digital signage, interactive displays, service kiosks, single-purpose devices, and more. Users can protect devices from unauthorized access, data theft, and intrusion using role-based permissions. Read more about Chimpa
FrontFace is a kiosk software. Easily setup flexible and reliable Self Service Kiosk Terminals, Touchscreen User Interfaces and other Digital Signage Appplications. No programming skills are required. Read more about FrontFace
Peripass is designed to help businesses streamline yard management operations. Peripass is a cloud-based platform, that makes it possible to map out processes and digitize and optimize them, thanks to the logistical expertise we have acquired in various sectors. Read more about Peripass
Simpliza is a cloud-based and on-premise restaurant system created to automate and simplify the way of selling. It offers electronic command, PDV, digital menu, administrative, delivery with iFood integration, Omie + Simpliza integration, and integration with Goomer Go. Read more about Simpliza
Interactive digital signage helps solve a variety of challenges related to wayfinding and on-demand information. ConnectedSign’s kiosk solutions allow you to create customized interactive content, integrate with external data sources, and maintain control over end-user and device management. Read more about ConnectedSign
TRAY is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) platform for amusement parks, family entertainment centers, and restaurants. Features include self-order kiosks, online ordering, mobile app ordering, third-party delivery integration, electronic waivers, party booking, and handheld device ordering systems. Read more about Tray
Creative Realities offers end-to-end digital solutions for enterprise-level companies searching for a partner with expertise across all aspects of digital signage from software to content creation to hardware and installation and day 2 support. Read more about ReflectView
Friendlyway’s complete kiosk solutions invite your visitors to interact at the point of sale, service or work, offering apps and devices for self-check-in, wayfinding, dynamic ads, payments, employee self-service and more. Read more about friendlyway NEXT
WebFrame Kiosk is a kiosk solution designed to help businesses utilize iPad and iOS devices to display web applications, documents, multimedia, websites, and more. It offers a built-in security module, which lets administrators erase user data between sessions, allow access to specific websites and protect applications through custom restrictions. Read more about WebFrame Kiosk
Interactive Wayfinding allows users to create interactive maps with augmented reality functions, which utilize target location models and stored maps. It displays the layout of an area and offers directions in real-time via mobile device video players. Users can also view schedules or opening times. Read more about Publisher Pro
Self Ordering Kiosk is a cloud-based online ordering software that helps businesses improve customer experience, release recommendations, personalize menus, and modify website content. Read more about Self Ordering Kiosk
Moki Kiosk is a digital signage and kiosk software that helps businesses in healthcare, hospitality, retail, transportation, finance, education, and other industries monitor usage, manage content, clear cache data, and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to customize the application layout with brand logos, colors, themes,... Read more about Moki Kiosk
eVisitor software is a visitor registration and badge printing solution that supports visitor analytics and reporting. The application provides a simple, paperless way to register visitors with employee badges at indoor or outdoor events, trade shows, conferences, and meetings. Read more about eVisitor Software

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