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Zonka Feedback is a multi-channel survey & feedback platform which allows users to build survey forms, generate real-time reports, and receive instant alerts Read more about Zonka Feedback
SurveyLegend enables you to create beautiful mobile-friendly surveys, forms, and polls with ease. Read more about SurveyLegend
Jotform Enterprise provides an all-in-one customer feedback collection, organization, and NPS software for businesses looking to provide an unparalleled customer experience. From calculating NPS, to designing autoresponder emails, Jotform Enterprise will help you skyrocket customer experience! Read more about Jotform
Make everyone feel like #1. Typeform is an online form builder that makes people feel heard. By making the forms interactive and well-designed, users are more likely to respond with complete, thoughtful answers, which means better data for you. Read more about Typeform
Startquestion is a web-based tool for creating surveys, quizzes, and forms to collect orders or registrations, study customers, evaluate employees, and more Read more about Startquestion
Trusted by 98% of the Fortune 500 and used in over 350,000 organizations, SurveyMonkey’s People Powered Data platform gives millions of people around the world a way to turn feedback into action that drives growth and innovation. Read more about SurveyMonkey
Vantage Circle is an award-winning employee engagement and recognition platform. We help HR professionals drive Holistic Employee Engagement through Rewards and Recognition, Feedback, Exclusive Perks, and Corporate Wellness platforms. Our platform has 2M+ employees from 700+ clients across the globe Read more about Vantage Circle
Trustpilot is a customer review management platform that helps online businesses to establish a trusted brand and connect with customers by collecting reviews and gathering feedback to improve customer experience, amplify their online presence, increase conversions and sales, and more Read more about Trustpilot
The Alchemer Platform is the ideal solution for teams, departments, or for an entire organization looking to close the feedback loop with their customers and employees. Read more about Alchemer
Don't miss out on opportunities to grow and improve by collecting immediate feedback. Use simple one-click CSAT, CES & NPS surveys from Nicereply to increase the volume of insights you receive. Set up once, collect forever. Read more about Nicereply
Measure and improve your NPS with intuitive, omnichannel surveys and the world's most advanced, AI-driven CX platform. Read more about Customer Frontlines
Cloud-based enterprise survey software solution. Users in more than 150 countries use CheckMarket to conduct beautiful surveys, get insights and act on the results. Read more about CheckMarket
SurveyMonkey Enterprise is a customer satisfaction solution designed to help businesses in IT, healthcare, education, and other sectors collect, assess, and share survey responses with teams. Administrators can secure confidential data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance... Read more about SurveyMonkey Enterprise
AskNicely enables you to coach, motivate, and empower your employees to make every customer experience awesome. Read more about AskNicely
SurveySparrow is a conversational survey tool which allows users to create custom surveys, distribute surveys through multiple channels, & evaluate responses Read more about SurveySparrow
Empuls is an all-in-one employee engagement and motivation platform that offers Rewards & Recognition, Pulse Surveys, eNPS surveys, 1-on-1 Feedback, Social Intranet and People Analytics in one powerful solution. Trusted by 1000+ brands across the globe, Empuls helps organizations to build high-perf Read more about Empuls
Qwary is a customer experience management software designed to help businesses in the hospitality, retail, healthcare, education, and other sectors gain insights into customer and employee feedback. Administrators can gain insights into net promoter score (NPS), customer effort score (CES), and customer satisfaction score (CSAT) on a unified... Read more about Qwary
Jabio is an AI-driven reviews platform that allows brands to manage their reputation by collecting, monitoring, and sharing business and product reviews – resulting in expanded visibility, more buyers, and business growth. Read more about Sitejabber
Simplesat is a cloud-based customer satisfaction survey solution that lets users set up one-click satisfaction surveys and distribute them to their customers. Users can embed CSAT and CES in email signatures or helpdesks, and send quarterly Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys automatically via email. Read more about Simplesat
SurveyLab is professional online survey software for any size of business, non-government organizations and professionals. SurveyLab is an online survey tool that facilitates custom survey creation, automates the response collection process, and provides real-time reporting and analytics. Read more about SurveyLab
Spark Chart is an Australian survey software solution with 24 x 7 expert support and advice. Data can be stored in Australia. Features include customizable surveys and branding, ready-made templates, comprehensive deployment options, conditional logic and powerful reporting analytics & sharing. Read more about Spark Chart
GetFeedback is easy-to-use online survey software designed to improve response rates. Read more about GetFeedback
Implement a flexible & automated 360-degree feedback review process with the Blue. Read more about Blue
Listen360 is a customer engagement platform that helps you shape your brand perception & customer experience by turning online reviews & customer sentiment into actionable data. Our net promoter-based platform is a tool to ensure your locations are consistently providing quality service. Read more about Listen360
Unifocus automates workforce management. Platform includes budgeting, forecasting, scheduling, operational tasks, tipping, and surveys. Read more about UniFocus
Delighted is a cloud-based customer feedback collection system that uses single question surveys across multiple channels including email, SMS, web link and website integration to gather and analyse customer, employee, partner and vendor experience insights, while monitoring NPS scores in real time Read more about Delighted
Launch surveys in almost any channel you can imagine, let the feedback collect for you automatically, take action on your feedback instantly with the help of automation. Read more about Feedbackly
Medallia is the market leader in Experience Management - trusted by over a thousand of the world’s leading brands. According to the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact Study commissioned by Medallia, organizations using Medallia can achieve $35.6M in value and an ROI of 591% over 3 years. Read more about Medallia Experience Cloud
zenloop offers a Customer Experience Action Management Platform. The solution allows businesses to collect, analyze, and automatically translate customers’ insights into impactful initiatives. zenloop closes the gap between feedback and action that leads to a perfect customer journey. Read more about zenloop
Survey software for customer-centric businesses to collect continuous insights and improve NPS at scale. Survicate enables creating surveys in minutes, real-time analysis, and acting on feedback to enhance operations. Read more about Survicate
Retently is a tool for measuring and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty through Net Promoter Score surveys and feedback collection. With Retently businesses can collect customer feedback and analyze results through advanced analytics and reports in order to take corrective action. Read more about Retently
Netigate is a customer and employee feedback management software that helps businesses in construction, healthcare, and automotive conduct market research, employee exit interviews, NPS surveys, board evaluations, and more from within a unified platform. It enables staff members to utilize the built-in templates to create and preview multilingual... Read more about Netigate
Chattermill unifies customer feedback, customer support, and product feedback into a single platform and uses deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse customer data at scale and provide actionable insights. Read more about Chattermill
Unlimited surveys, free account, & easy-to-use to gather feedback for product development, UI/UX optimization, marketing, and more. 100+ million insights collected. Read more about Qualaroo
Trustmary measures and collects NPS for companies and converts feedback into text and video reviews. It displays the testimonials on company websites for campaigns and social media. It's a fully automated testimonial tool that aims to generate more leads and boost conversions for online businesses. Read more about Trustmary
youengage is a customer experience and engagement solution designed to help businesses interact with users at every step of the customer journey, generate leads, gain feedback, increase revenue, and capture data via a unified platform. It enables professionals to design quizzes using personality tests and knowledge quizzes and create and share... Read more about youengage
Keatext is a text analytics solution that delivers AI-based recommendations and ready-to-share reports leveraging GPT to improve customer experience. Read more about Keatext
Survey2Connect is a cloud-based CX platform that offers features for data collection, benchmarking, customer recovery, and data integration. Read more about Survey2Connnect
A mobile-first platform streamlining retail and facility management, enhancing collaboration, and automating checklists and issues. Read more about Pazo
Customer Thermometer is the 1-click CSAT measurement tool with award-winning support, seamless platform integration and powerful reporting. We drive real-time feedback for NPS, CSAT and other metrics that boost customer experience. Installation is easy and takes just minutes. Trial us for free! Read more about Customer Thermometer
The MedBridge Healthcare Net Promoter Score Index allows you to boost patient satisfaction by capturing patient feedback, identifying insights, and assigning targeted content to improve patient satisfaction. Read more about MedBridge
Lumoa is the feedback analytics solution that looks at any interaction with your customers and tells you what to do next to grow your business. Read more about Lumoa
Take the stress out of creating surveys. doopoll is an easy-to-use survey platform, that saves you time and effort by helping you to create brilliant surveys, with zero fuss. Create, share, present, and analyse your surveys in just a few clicks. We've made every feature a breeze to use. Read more about doopoll
Modern Customer Experience (CX) management software. NPS, CSAT & CES micro surveys help you improve your customer journey. Read more about Wootric
ProProfs Survey Maker is a powerful survey tool which is used by educators, instructors, online marketers, and organizations to gather valuable customer feedback, market data, and much more. Create surveys easily, customize it based on your requirements or choose free our in built templates. Read more about ProProfs Survey Maker
Business owners use AirVote QR smileys to monitor service levels through the eyes of their customers. This self-service platform is free forever for moderate use. Ideal customer: any brick-and-mortar business with a public restroom or a portable restroom operator Read more about AirVote
allwers allows businesses to collect information about clients, analyze all comments and activate actions to achieve organizational objectives. Teams can measure and manage the employees' and improve productivity using action plans based on intelligent surveys. Read more about allswers
Dito CRM is a tool that centralizes and manages the relationship between brands and their customers. Through the integration of all information from a company's consumers into its platform, this software performs data segmentation and establishes the best action strategies. Read more about Dito CRM

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