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Parting Pro is a cloud-based business management solution, which helps enterprises in the cremation industry manage online payments, reviews, electronic signatures, forms, and more. It lets users generate proposals and automatically send follow-up emails to improve customer loyalty. Read more about Parting Pro
Osiris is a cloud-based solution designed to help funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematoriums manage procedures and organize meetings. Key features include resource scheduling, credit card payment processing, work order management, custom form generation, and case notes creation. Read more about Osiris
PlotBox is a death care software solution for cemetery site operators, crematoriums and funeral directors that centralizes burial plot, deeds, contracts and records management within the cloud, linking the data to geographical maps and integrating modules including a public portal, CRM and reporting Read more about Plotbox
With Gather's cloud-based funeral home software, you can simplify your case management, collaborate with families, work from anywhere, live stream your services, and boost your business's reputation within your community. Read more about Gather
Cemify is a cloud-based cemetery records management software designed to digitize cemetery mapping, work orders, plot owner & burial records, and more. The solution also provides a public gravesite lookup, with cemetery owners given full control over which information is made available publicly. Read more about Cemify
TerraPro is an on-premise and cloud-based software designed to help funeral homes handle various administrative operations, such as case management, event scheduling, and more. Administrators can create new case files with details such as location, date of death, and informants’ contact details. Read more about TerraPro
The Professional Programs is a funeral management suite designed to help streamline accounting, bookkeeping, preneed arrangement, and service workflows across funeral homes and mortuaries. It includes several modules including LedgerPRO, A/R PRO, P/N PRO, and PrintPRO which are available as stand-alone applications or as a part of the suite. Read more about The Professional Programs
Passare is a cloud-based funeral home software, which helps funeral service providers collaborate with families and plan arrangements even from remote locations. The application enables directors to create, automatically populate, and print memorial items, government forms, contracts, receipts, and statements. Read more about Passare
Obit is the complete funeral management web application designed in partnership with funeral directors to cover your every need. Read more about Obit
Nexus helps companies manage the necessary administrative and financial tasks of running a death care facility. Read more about Nexus
Tribute Management Software is designed to help funeral businesses manage paperwork, schedules, calendar accounting, reporting, and other operations via a unified portal. The platform allows users to update case information and automatically generate documents for reference. Read more about Tribute Management Software
Unypax is a cemetery software designed to help businesses manage funeral plans, benefit cards, receiver and collector applications, equipment, and customer relationships on a unified interface. The platform offers various tools for managing finances, cash flows, portfolios, fleet, access controls and more. Read more about Unypax
eFD from Seker is the natural choice for independent funeral directors seeking to streamline their funeral home management. Read more about eFD
Cemetery Workstation by All Funeral Services offers an all-in-one solution to optimize cemetery and crematorium operations, providing inventory and sales management, aftercare and work order management, and reporting and analytics capabilities, to enhance customer service and increase revenue. Read more about Cemetery Workstation
Beloved Pet Software is a pet cremation tracking solution that allows funeral homes and crematories the chance to connect directly and more deeply with pet parents, providing an option for eCommerce which is a new revenue stream directly to the crematory. Read more about Beloved Pet Software
Tribute Center, funeral personalization software that create Tribute videos, personalized printing, and live or delayed webcasts. Frazer Consultants is a leading personalization and technology company within the funeral industry. Read more about Tribute Center
Alamida’s software package for undertakers facilitates the recording of death information, which is then stored on a PC hard disk. The program also handles the migration of data from third-party software. It is designed for both single users and multi-user management. Read more about ALAMIDA
RUHE SANFT is a funeral management software designed for funeral directors to handle the necessary tasks and phases associated with funerals. It includes a complete word processing program that makes it possible to create letters for correspondence with public authorities directly from the program. Read more about RUHE SANFT
PowerOrdo offers a complete solution for funeral directors and undertakers. It is designed for both small and large companies and allows data to be collected from and shared with third-party providers such as factoring services. Read more about PowerOrdo
Pacemo is a web-based undertaker software designed to help organizations manage industry-relevant tasks. A digital counseling folder, a memorial card editor, and a death management system are available for this purpose. The application also helps with billing. Read more about Pacemo
Funeral Office is a funeral service management software package. It has an integrated cashbook and more than 700 ready-made layouts for memorial printing. There are also functions to help create invoices and forms and to support scheduling. Read more about Funeral Office
byondcloud is an online marketplace providing death care businesses with the tools to build their their digital presence. Read more about byondcloud
AsisFun is a software that simplifies and optimizes administrative and operational procedures of funeral companies, achieving greater efficiency and control of information through systematic processes that allow obtaining consolidated data in a clear and precise way. Read more about AsisFun
Memcare is a cloud-based funeral management software that helps funeral homes offer a user-friendly solution to the bereaved. Read more about Memcare
Cadence serves funeral homes, lawyers, estate experts, accountants, and more by simplifying estate settlement. Key features include government alerts & benefits, subscription & account closures, insurance & pension claims, identity theft protection, probate & tax guidance, digital signatures, etc. Read more about Cadence
Specialized Software in the Funeral Homes sector to control and manage the provision of posthumous service protocols. Read more about Karing Funeraria
MorTrack is a funeral home software designed to help businesses manage case information, dispatch and tracking, client communications, document sharing, custody tracking, and more. With Mortrack's real-time location tracking, dispatchers can efficiently assign cases to suitable technicians and vehicles, optimizing routes and minimizing mileage,... Read more about MorTrack
Designed for mortuaries, crematories, and funeral homes, Pyre is a cloud-based software that helps generate labels, organize cremation workflow, and more. Read more about Pyre
Last Rites Funeral Home software streamlines operations, simplifies compliance, and enhances customer service, empowering funeral professionals. Say goodbye to paperwork, errors, and stress. Read more about Last Rites

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