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ManageEngine PAM360 empowers enterprises looking to stay ahead of this growing risk with a robust privileged access management (PAM) program that ensures no privileged access pathway to mission-critical assets is left unmanaged, unknown, or unmonitored. Read more about ManageEngine PAM360
ManageEngine AD360 is an enterprise IAM software solution that helps businesses of all sizes manage identities securely and ensure compliance. Key functionalities include automated identity lifecycle management, secure single sign-on, adaptive multi-factor authentication, approval-based workflows. Read more about ManageEngine AD360
Okta is an enterprise grade identity management service, built from the ground up in the cloud and delivered with an unwavering focus on customer success. With Okta, IT can manage access across any application, person or device. Whether the people are employees, partners or customers or the applications are in the cloud, on-premises or on a mobile... Read more about Okta
Duo Security provides a Trusted Access platform offering multiple two-factor authentication methods, mobile apps, and an Access Gateway for Single Sign-On (SSO) Read more about Duo Security
JumpCloud is an open directory platform for secure, frictionless access from any device to any resource, anywhere. Read more about JumpCloud Directory Platform
Citrix Workspace is a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses streamline work for employees by offering collaboration across different systems & devices. Key features include endpoint management, session performance tracking, multi-factor authentication, microapp creation, & monitoring. Read more about Citrix Workspace
OneLogin’s cloud based identity management platform provides secure single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and directory integration with AD, LDAP. In addition to the above features, Gartner has recently named OneLogin a Leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Access Management. Read more about OneLogin
Auth0 takes a modern approach to identity, enabling organizations to provide secure access to any application. Safeguarding billions of login transactions each month, Auth0 delivers convenience, privacy, and security, so customers can focus on innovation. Read more about Auth0
Cloud-based email signatures platform that helps businesses of all sizes and industries that use Google Workspace. It includes several functions such as creating email signatures, editing absence messages, creating custom groups, and more. Avoid labor lawsuits and data breaches. Read more about Conecta Suite
B-Line is a flexible workplace management and security platform that helps asset managers and employers manage their hybrid workplace with digital access, flex management, and ongoing capacity monitoring and space utilization analytics. Read more about B-Line
Ping’s web/API access solution enables organizations to: ● Phase off their WAM solution at their own pace without a rip-and-replace approach ● Secure access across large, multi-generational hybrid IT environments ● Protect access to the ever-growing number of APIs Read more about Ping Identity
Modernize your digital workforce with Avatier Identity Anywhere integrated Identity Access Governance featuring push notification workflow across all your favorite platforms, and a modern cross-platform SSO solution to connect to all your SAML, oAuth, OpenID, and webform apps. Read more about Avatier Identity Anywhere
Orchestry is an IT management and access governance solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to application lifecycle management, Microsoft administration center management, compliance monitoring, Teams workspace templating, and more on a centralized platform. Read more about Orchestry Software
SAP Access Control is a hybrid and on-premise access management software designed to help businesses in the energy and natural resources, financial services, consumer, public services, and other industries automate processes related to detection and prevention of access risk violations to reduce unauthorized access to critical information and data. Read more about SAP Access Control
miniOrange is a identity and access management (IAM) provider for businesses to make any IAM feature applicable such as SSO, MFA, Provisioning, Brokering, etc. on any application across the internet. Read more about miniOrange
FusionAuth is the only authentication, authorization, and user management built for devs. It deploys on any application in minutes. Get every feature you need: registration & login, passwordless, SSO, MFA, SAML, OIDC, OAuth, JWT, social login and more. Comply with GDPR, HIPAA, COPPA, and PCI. Read more about FusionAuth
tenfold is the leading user and access management solution for mid-market organizations. The software ensures business users only have access to data they actually need and thereby reduces the risk of data breaches. By automating processes, tenfold helps to save valuable time. Read more about tenfold
Elevate organizational security using NordPass Business — a secure and easy-to-use password manager packed with a variety of advanced security features such as ToTP authenticator, breach monitoring, multi-factor authentication, company-wide settings, single sign-on options, and more. Read more about NordPass Business
Zluri is an enterprise SaaS Management Platform (SMP). It helps you discover, manage and optimize your SaaS stack from a single dashboard. In short, Zluri puts the IT teams back in control of their new SaaS landscape. Read more about Zluri
Password Manager Pro is a secure vault for storing and managing shared sensitive information such as passwords, documents and digital identities of enterprises. Read more about ManageEngine Password Manager Pro
Contentverse is your all-in-one content and business process management solution. Easily upload files and find them when you need them. Securely share documents with colleagues and external parties. And run processes to collaborate with your remote team. You're never far from everything you need. Read more about Contentverse
SailPoint helps businesses manage compliance, digital identities, employee permissions, security, and more. The platform includes AI and machine learning technology, which enables organizations to define and update user roles, implement organizational changes, and analyze risk across processes. Read more about SailPoint
Portnox’s cloud-native network & endpoint security essentials enable resource-constrained IT teams to address today’s most pressing security challenges. Read more about Portnox CLEAR
Florbs is an official Google Cloud Partner with a mission to streamline businesses' operations in Google Workspace. Our solutions include: Admin Automation for powerful user lifecycle workflows, Email Signature Management for brand consistency, and Security & Auditing to secure data in Google Drive. Read more about Florbs
SecurEnds Identity Governance and Access Control solution allows organizations to detect, monitor, and manage access to sensitive data by employees and third parties. The solution helps organizations meet the need to identify individuals across all systems, applications, and channels, and ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines. Read more about SecurEnds Identity Governance and Access Control
Authfy improves the experience of customers and employees, unifying the entire onboard journey (KYC), transactions and fraud prevention, in a safe, simple and intuitive way Read more about Authfy
Zilla Security provides on-premises users remote access to their enterprise resources. Employees can access files, messages, and emails from any device while adhering to compliance policies. Read more about Zilla Security
NetIQ Identity Manager is a comprehensive identity and access management solution offered by Micro Focus. It is designed to help organizations manage user identities and access permissions across the enterprise, ensuring that only authorized users have access to sensitive data and applications. Read more about NetIQ Identity Manager
Entrust IDaaS is a cloud-based IAM solution designed to help organizations of all sizes deploy multi-factor authentication for accessing networks, devices, and applications. Key features include single sign-on, IAM, virtual smart cards, workflow automation, user group and identity management. Read more about Entrust Identity as a Service
NOLA AUTOMATION is an auto dialer solution that helps call centers communicate with customers via various methods including outbound or inbound calls, SMS, emails, live chat, and more. It allows sales teams to analyze customer journey by targeting leads or customers and creating strategic plans. Read more about NOLA
Amazon Cognito is an authentication management software designed to help businesses manage user sign-up, sign-in, and access to mobile and web applications via a unified portal. The platform enables users to sign in using enterprise identity providers like OpenID Connect, and SAML 2.0 and various social identity providers such as Amazon, Apple,... Read more about Amazon Cognito
AppViewX CERT+ is a ready-to-consume, scalable, and efficient certificate lifecycle management (CLM) solution to effectively automate and manage machine and application identities as an integral part of your cybersecurity strategy. Read more about AppviewX CERT+
SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (ARM) is an access governance solution that manages and audit access rights across any IT infrastructure to mitigate insider threats and data loss. Read more about Access Rights Manager
Heimdal Application Control is a novel approach to application control that makes app whitelisting and blacklisting simple with rule-based frameworks and auto-approval flows. Designed to integrate seamlessly with a PAM solution, it is the ideal enhancement to your company's security. Read more about Heimdal Application Control
AWS Organizations is a managed service that helps users provision and manages new AWS accounts and apply policies to those accounts to achieve fine-grained governance. Read more about AWS Organizations
The OptimalCloud helps organizations manage and provide secure access to various applications using single sign-on (SSO) capability. Users can submit registration requests, reset passwords, delegate administrative tasks to members across teams, and approve workflows via a unified portal. Read more about The OptimalCloud
ZertID provides companies across different industries the tools to manage employee access and stay compliant on Identity Governance and Administration (IGA). Key features include incident, policy, password, audit & access management, access controls, user provisioning, and real-time monitoring. Read more about ZertID
Carbon Black App Control is a endpoint protection software that helps businesses track compliance, set up device control, ensure malware protection, and manage other operations. It allows staff members to combine file integrity monitoring, device control, memory protection, application control, and tamper protection on a centralized platform. Read more about Carbon Black App Control
Teleport lets you manage your infrastructure from your laptop, tablet or phone. It provides secure SSH and SFTP access to any server from your browser or the command line. You can use Teleport to securely manage any server, anywhere in the world. Read more about Teleport
Soffid IAM is a Converged IAM Platform that brings Access Management (AM), Identity Governance (IGA) and Privileged Account Management (PAM) in one comprehensive platform. Soffid enables fast and accurate user provisioning, role-based access management, reporting and analytics. Read more about Soffid IAM continuously and automatically detects and documents changes in businesses and IT landscapes. Data from third-party applications that companies use to run business processes, monitor the IT landscape and control IT service management can be seamlessly integrated. Read more about
Satori enables secure self-service access to data, accelerating value from data. This is done while meeting data security and compliance requirements in a simple way. Read more about Satori
Venafi is a cloud-based cybersecurity platform that helps in identity management and securing machine-to-machine connections and communications. Read more about Venafi Trust Protection Platform
Provide your customers with the fastest and most secure access and transaction signing with passwordless strong customer authentication (SCA). Deploy in a snap and turn your app into a secure doorway to digital finance. PowerAuth can be a standalone mobile token app or a plugin for mobile banking. Read more about PowerAuth
Veza is a cloud-based platform specifically designed to address the primary concern in identity security today, which is authorization. Veza simplifies the process for organizations to navigate the disorder and actively visualize, handle, and regulate data permissions. Read more about Veza
strongDM’s infrastructure access platform gives businesses confidence in their access and audit controls at scale. It combines authentication, authorization, networking, and observability in simplifying workflows and making it easier for technical staff to access the tools they need. Read more about strongDM
Built on ServiceNow, Clear Skye IGA is an identity governance and administration solution that streamlines access requests and reviews across the enterprise with flexible workflow automation. Read more about Clear Skye IGA
Appsian Security Platform helps organizations manage user authentication, data access, network security, and other security processes for SAP and PeopleSoft applications. The software enables enterprises to detect, prevent, and respond to network threats, risks, and vulnerabilities. Read more about Appsian Security Platform
NetIQ Identity and Access Management secures organizations through identity and access services for workforce and customer identities. Read more about NetIQ

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