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With Outfunnel you can easily unite your sales and marketing data and prioritize your leads. Works with Copper, Pipedrive, HubSpot CRMs. Read more about Outfunnel
ZigiOps is a powerful integrations platform, which connects your software in minutes. Read more about ZigiOps
Zapier unlocks the power of automation for SMBs by connecting all the software your team relies on—without writing any code. With 4,000+ supported web apps, Zapier integrates with more tools than anyone, making all your systems more efficient. Read more about Zapier
Anypoint Platform is a unified, flexible integration platform that solves the most challenging connectivity problems. It allows businesses to realize business transformation through API-led connectivity in a lightweight way. Read more about Anypoint Platform
Make is a visual automation platform that lets you send information between [App Name] and thousands of apps with just a few clicks. Read more about Make
Our cloud-native data experience platform goes beyond traditional business intelligence and analytics, making data visible and actionable with user-friendly dashboards and apps. Read more about Domo
Boomi is a 100% native cloud integration platform. Allowing organizations to automate business processes and build the connected business in a drag-and-drop interface with no coding required. Read more about Boomi
IFTTT is the leading connectivity platform powering the digital transformation of products into integrated services. Read more about IFTTT
Tenfold NextGen CTI enables companies to increase productivity, improve customer experience & make better business decisions with useful data. Read more about TenFold
TeamDynamix ITSM & PPM solutions are designed to provide organizations with the tools and methodology required to streamline IT and enterprise service management processes, procedures, and tasks. Read more about TeamDynamix
APPSeCONNECT is an intelligent integration platform (iPaaS) that connects applications and automates business processes in a jiffy! Read more about APPSeCONNECT
Cloud Workflow - iPaaS is a web-based and on-premise integration platform designed to help businesses automate various workflows by connecting multiple applications. It lets teams leverage a file transport channel to transfer files to external FTP servers with download and upload capabilities. Read more about Cloud Workflow - iPaaS
Skyvia provides data integration that requires no knowledge of coding. Skyvia offers secure cloud data backup, oneclick restore & online data management via SQL Read more about Skyvia
Enterprise-grade cloud integration platform that helps you automate your business. Easily create powerful workflows across apps without a need for IT. Read more about Workato
Celigo is an Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) software designed to help organizations integrate and connect with multiple third-party systems to automate various business processes across applications. Read more about Celigo
K3 is a data integration platform for use with cloud and on-premise applications, offering off-the-shelf adapters, legacy adapters, and custom adapter templates Read more about K3 by BroadPeak
TIBCO Cloud Integration empowers anyone to integrate anything. Different types of roles in the business can choose the capability that best suits their needs including traditional integration specialists, but also developers, API product owners, application owners, and citizen developers. Read more about TIBCO Cloud Integration
Jitterbit empowers business transformation by automating critical business processes to deliver the experiences and insights needed by enterprises of all sizes to accelerate their digital journey and futureproof their business. Read more about Jitterbit is a no-code data analytics and automation platform that helps users to collect, merge and share data on the desired schedule. It connects to 30+ apps natively and extracts data to GoogleSheets, Excel, or BigQuery. JSON & CSV integrations are available for accessing a wider range of apps. Read more about
Alumio is a cloud-based, low-code integration platform. It helps connect two or more systems, cloud apps, SaaS, and data sources, to digitalize and automate businesses processes. Centralizing integrations on one platform, it helps eliminate data silos and organize future-proof commerce ecosystems. Read more about Alumio
Our innovative universal data hub receives, converts and sends data from various sources to any target system in six simple steps, allowing fast, efficient and transparent communication within your company and with your business partners. Read more about Lobster_data
Cyclr is an embedded integration platform (embedded IPaaS) for SaaS applications, giving developers an API connectivity solution for their application's users. Read more about Cyclr
APIWorx is a cloud-based integration solution designed to help B2B eCommerce and manufacturing businesses streamline data flows across various third-party accounting, CRM, ERP, POS, or shipment systems. Read more about APIWorx Managed API Platform
Apache Kafka is an open-source software designed to help businesses across transportation, IT, banking, telecom, and several other industries handle event stream processing operations. It enables IT professionals to collect data from various sources such as databases, mobile devices, sensors, and online applications in the form of streams of... Read more about Apache Kafka
Locoia is a Germany-based all-in-one integration & automation platform (iPaaS) tailored-to-the European market with its special requirements in terms of data protection and GDPR compliance. Read more about Locoia
Cloud-based enterprise application integration company, intuitively snapping together any business application or Web service. The SnapStore enables users to build and sell reusable application-specific connectors that simplify application integration, data integration, and SaaS integration. Read more about SnapLogic
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) software designed to assist businesses of all sizes with threat detection and protection, virtual machine hosting, file storage, data transfer, database management, and more. Read more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
VL OMNI is a cloud-based EU-GDPR compliant platform for agile and scalable iPaaS data integration. It enables managers to create strategic data integrations that maintain a central point of data truth. Read more about VL OMNI
360dialog is a messaging iPaaS solution and an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. 360dialog offers competitive flat-fee pricing for WhatsApp Business API accounts. Read more about 360dialog
Appmixer helps SaaS businesses acquire and retain sophisticated, high ticket users by providing an embedded iPaaS with a visual workflow automation system that allows the integration of an unlimited number of connectors. Read more about Appmixer
ActRecipe integrates data and strengthens internal controls for SaaS and FinTech services. Read more about ActRecipe is an enterprise-scale integration platform that enables business professionals to connect their whole cloud software stack & automate complex processes Read more about
A single platform for all business automations. You can connect any apps without coders. Read more about Albato
Informatica's Cloud Integration is a cloud-to-cloud & cloud-to-premise application integration platform. It offers pre-built connectors to on-premise/cloud-based apps, databases, flat files, file feeds and social networks. The templates and process automation guides help build desired connections. Read more about Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services
Automate your processes with the power of bots, APIs, RPA, and real human Wrkers in one easy-to-use platform. Read more about Wrk
Dovetail is a no-code and low-code integration solution that helps businesses connect internal and external applications to transfer and transform data from one or more endpoints to one or more other applications' endpoints. Read more about Dovetail | Integration Made Easy
Qorus Integration Engine is a digital process automation solution which helps medium to large organizations with workflow implementation and project management. Key features include process monitoring, interface error detection, metadata version loading/unloading, and alerts. Read more about Qorus Integration Engine
MindCloud is a full-service software solution that streamlines business operations by automating data entry and connecting different software platforms, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and QuickBooks, to simplify workflows and increase efficiency. Read more about MindCloud
Low-code development software for real developers. Jetveo is the best of both worlds, incorporating the positives and mitigating the negatives. Read more about jetveo
SafeDigit is an embeddable iPaaS platform specifically designed for logistics and e-commerce. Developers can quickly build native integrations with only a few minutes of configuration, and keep control over the data as if they built it in-house. Read more about SafeDigit
Pro Backup enables firms to back up their cloud apps and protect critical company data from loss or unauthorized access. Key features include data backup & restoration, Google Drive Sync, remote & offline access, data import/export, file encryption, access permissions, and more. Read more about Pro Backup
DigitMarket API Manager is designed to help businesses in telecommunications, automotive, retail, finance, and other sectors develop and deploy application program interfaces. It provides an API gateway, which enables organizations to implement publishers’ policies and validate subscriptions. Read more about DigitMarket API Manager
Interlok is an Integration platform as a Service (IPaaS) software designed to help businesses in the architectural, agriculture, defense, airlines, financial services and telecommunications industries connect and capture data from several finance, human resources, customer relationship management, enterprise relationship planning and other... Read more about Adaptris Interlok
Volterra is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses deploy, connect, secure, and operate applications across multiple clouds, hybrid, and edge environments. Features include network firewall, load balancing, single sign-on (SSO), bot management, team collaboration, and access control. Read more about Volterra
INDICA has developed a high performance data management platform. Find the right information fast and make better decisions Read more about INDICA
Attlaz is a cloud-based iPaas, automation and data management platform. It helps create fully customizable integrations. Centralizing all integrations and data on one platform, Attlaz helps eliminate data silos and accelerate process flows across systems for improved growth. Read more about Attlaz
Deltek Unionpoint is a platform-as-a-service (iPaas) solution that allows businesses to build, deploy and manage cloud-based integrations to and from Deltek solutions. It enables users to create their own product connectors or utilize existing ones via an intuitive interface. Deltek Unionpoint creates an environment for streamlined processes,... Read more about Deltek Unionpoint
SAP Integration Suite integrates your landscape to innovate, accelerates connectivity for faster time to value while connecting everyone with automated processes. Read more about SAP Integration Suite
Youredi is an integration platform that helps businesses in logistics, and supply chain sectors automate processes across API and EDI transactions. Read more about Youredi
The iPaaS e-commerce solution synQup serves as an interface solution & integration platform for data & processes. It connects different applications within IT system landscapes such as ERP, CRM, PIM, CMS, MAM & DAM. Read more about synQup

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