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Open Plan is a cloud-based project planning solution, which helps businesses in construction, engineering, accounting, and other sectors manage resource planning, project analysis, data entry, scheduling, and more. The solution provides various features including bar chart view, project status updates, access control, reporting, and multi-project... Read more about Open Plan
Express Scheduler is a voice-enabled scheduling solution that helps businesses boost productivity by reducing calendar management effort for complex and simple scheduling conditions alike. Read more about Express Scheduler
Shiftlab is an employee scheduling and time and attendance platform designed specifically for multi-location retailers. Read more about Shiftlab
ER Express is a cloud-based virtual waiting system with digital intake tools and provides the ability to create virtual queues for human and animal healthcare facilities. Read more about ER Express
SameSystem is a workforce management software that helps businesses in the retail or food service sectors streamline, plan, and manage administrative tasks. Read more about SameSystem
ORCODA Logistics Management System is a transport logistics management solution that optimizes, integrates and digitally transforms transport operations. Streamline transport and supply chain logistics with full visibility. It enables teams to rapidly implement control over in-field operations in real-time. Read more about ORCODA Logistics Management System
MtnOS simplifies resort management by providing a complete solution to handle sales and service management across all departments. MtnOS integrates with multiple payment and access control systems, as well as third-party software, ensuring smooth operation for clients. Read more about accesso Paradox
Our AI-powered scheduler seamlessly manages team scheduling, finding available slots and reorganizing events to minimize workflow disruptions. It integrates with various apps, allowing for task management, and offers customizable events that can be moved based on priorities. Read more about Atomic
Andgo’s Intelligent Shift Fill Automation Suite streamlines manual scheduling tasks by automating shift filling and vacation planning with configurable workflows. Its cloud-based platform features a modular design and integrates with partners like UKG for seamless operation. Read more about Andgo
Cronos is a solution for the market that prepares school timetables for face-to-face or remote classes. In order to avoid conflicts in the teachers' schedules, the tool uses artificial intelligence technology that considers all existing constraints before it generates a complete schedule. Read more about Cronos
imedic is a Portuguese language process automation system for clinics and medical offices that makes it possible to register patients, adopt intelligent management of care, schedule appointments, use an electronic medical record, and issue prescriptions, among other activities. Read more about imedic
Belasis is a digital solution for beauty industry establishments that enables the fast and automated management of operational routines. It makes it possible to control inventory and staff, calculate commissions automatically, and access the system via a mobile application. Read more about Belasis
Butlerapp is a browser-based event management software. It offers customization for operational processes and further features such as easy online registration, automated customer management, marketing tools, invoice generation etc. The software is 100% DSGVO compliant. Read more about Butlerapp
Nextmv is a developer platform for automating and optimizing decisions that drive business operations — from vehicle routing to workforce scheduling and more. Read more about Nextmv
Actenum DSO is a cloud-based collaboration and scheduling software that lets users access reporting capabilities, such as GIS mapping and more, from a unified platform. Users can exchange data, collaborate with teams, and generate reports for their oil & gas business. Team members can also map exact activity locations and make informed decisions... Read more about Actenum DSO
Digicuro is an all in one space management for commercial real estate management Read more about Digicuro
Track automates inbound lead qualification, scheduling and routing to help sales and marketing teams convert leads faster. Read more about Track
BetterHQ is a web-based appointment scheduling and POS software designed for businesses in hair & beauty, trades & hire, hospitality, retail, and other industries. It serves as a comprehensive platform with features for online scheduling, marketing, invoicing, payment processing, plus more. Its customer database can be customized with personalized... Read more about BetterHQ
Stacklii is an all-in-one builder system to effortlessly create and grow high-converting websites, stores, funnels, campaigns, and more. Read more about Stacklii
inspace streamlines resource allocation with our intelligent scheduling solutions, effortlessly coordinating meetings, managing rooms, desks, common spaces, and parking bookings, and maximizing utilization for a productive and harmonious hybrid workplace. Read more about inspace
Personal trainers, gyms, and other businesses can use this all-in-one management application throughout Europe. Users can control members, the agenda, payments, and many other things. Read more about Trainin
aTurnos is a scheduling and time management software whose objective is focused on automating all processes related to time and shift management, empowering all managers within an organization. Read more about aTurnos
Our solution is designed to digitalize your workplace and optimize your occupancy rate. Book your desk office within seconds and improve your workspace’s efficiency. You will efficiently organize remote work and get complete and clear visibility of the occupation in your company. Read more about Hamilton Deskbooking
Armada is end-to-end software that streamlines scheduling, time-tracking, payroll, invoicing, reporting, training, and more for shift-based jobs and workforces. It is a workforce management platform built to simplify scheduling, billing, payroll, vendor management, reporting, and more. It helps companies maximize productivity by staffing more jobs... Read more about Armada
Hamilton Meeting is designed to help users optimize their workspace and enable them to book their meeting rooms at any location and time effortlessly. Users can manage their meetings and invite their coworkers, saving valuable time. You can view the availability of each meeting room and select a time that works best for everyone. Read more about Hamilton Meeting
Service CRM is field service software designed to streamline field service activities like quoting, dispatching, scheduling, invoicing, and much more. Service CRM India company offers the best field Service CRM Software Read more about Service CRM
With TimeSlate Pro, a free calendar app from Salesforce, you can add, edit, and view events that are connected to your Salesforce Org. The app operates through a web interface and displays all time-related events so that your team doesn't miss any meetings or events. Teams can manage their calend Read more about TimeSlate Pro

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