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Designed for nursing homes, disability centers and retirement homes, NETFactu is web-based software that helps streamline administrative processes, such as invoice processing, real-time billing, automatic regularization, file traceability, and more. Read more about NETFactu
Cloud-based platform that helps businesses create estimates and invoices. Read more about grofleX
Acume is an accounts payable and accounts receivable platform that brings together eInvoicing, PDF data extraction, coding, and approval workflows all in one place. It provides finance compliance visibility and exception reporting for all users. Read more about Acume eInvoicing
Dailybiz is a SaaS software that optimizes business management thanks to complete functional coverage: sales, purchases, CRM, accounting, business management and taxation. Flexible & customizable solutions according to the problems of each company. Read more about Dailybiz
Collection software solution, including risk prevention, collection and handling of disputes and litigation. Risk management upstream of the invoice to reduce the risk of non-payment. Read more about eloficash ONE
Heeros Small Business software helps sole proprietors and small businesses automate invoicing, quoting, approvals, billing hours and expenses in one unified work management platform. Start from free and pay for what you need throughout your business' growth journey. Read more about Heeros Small Business
Controlle is Portuguese-based software that integrates and organizes financial management solutions for businesses with features that can manage accounts payable and receivable, entries by bank accounts or cost center, among other categories, and invoices with automatic delivery to clients. Read more about Controlle
Kobana is a software solution in Portuguese that automates collections and financial flows using an API connection from the company's internal systems to over 30 banking institutions. Read more about Kobana
Move from pen & paper to a digital solution for estimates & invoicing. Track estimates, unpaid invoices, and maintenance agreements and accept payments. Read more about Invoicehood
SenegalFINANCE is a financial management software that helps you to manage cash flow and keep track of your finances. This software supports you in making better proposals, getting paid faster and tracking profitability of your business in a single platform. Read more about senegalFINANCE
Corenio is a cloud-based ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Create and edit products, and activate them on multiple marketplaces. Receive your orders in Corenio, and synchronize all your warehouse stocks to multiple marketplaces or any other third party. And much more! Read more about Corenio
SumUp Invoices is a professional invoice solution that businesses can use to create, send and track invoices right away. With SumUp Invoices, professionals can easily create an invoice in under 3 minutes and get paid faster without any hidden costs. Read more about SumUp Invoice
xPower ERP is a fully integrated software system designed to manage businesses. It allow companies to view, analyze and report on essential business information in real-time. Read more about xPower ERP
Soan is the benchmark financial management solution that helps VSE and SME managers, financial directors and accountants centralize customer and supplier exchanges, digitize processes, and manage them in complete security. Teams can edit, save, and send quotes and invoices online, then schedule automatic reminders. Read more about Soan
Altoviz is a cloud-based billing and invoicing solution, which helps small to large businesses manage online payments, expenses, accounting procedures, and more. The platform offers various features such as activity tracking, treasury, pre-made templates, document management, and quoting. Read more about Altoviz
Easybox is a flexible ERP service that allows companies to manage people, finances and their support chains. By simplifying and automating their processes, entrepreneurs can reduce costs and increase income. In addition, Easybox provides extensive training and unparalleled service. Read more about Easybox
PayDirt is a cloud-based billing and invoicing solution, which helps small to large businesses manage online quotes, payment reports, digital receipts, and more. The platform provides various features such as time tracking, pre-made templates, document management, email notifications, budget tracking, access control, timesheet approval, task... Read more about PayDirt
MYBREEX combines software, hardware, and service so businesses can digitize and automate incoming and outgoing invoicing, quotations, work orders, and more. Pair MYBREEX with other business apps, such as Mollie, Codabox Teamleader, and more. Read more about MYBREEX
Meribia Transporte is the definitive TMS to transform your transport company into an efficient organization. Read more about Meribia Transporte
Create professional construction estimates and invoices with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Get product prices and availability in real time from The Home Depot and send purchase orders. Read more about ContractorTools
Invoice Organizer Pro is an advanced invoicing and billing software that allows creatives and small business owners to easily create professional looking invoices and bills. Read more about Invoice Organizer Pro
Info-Tech Accounting Software grants business owners the ability to ease their accounting process by automating calculations for payrolls, creating invoices & bills and keeping track of business stocks. Read more about Info-tech Accounting
Customers of the Oracle Fusion Cloud & E-Business Suite that produce more than 30,000 invoices annually and need automated invoice processing for their accounts payable staff. Read more about Mi Invoices
-Convenient billing after completion of work orders. -Direct invoicing of material and quantity immediately after order completion. -Deposit of product prices for direct billing. Read more about ddSuite
LogiTax is backed by Microsoft Accelerator, a SAAS-based application with uptime commitment and data security. Customers can access accurate GST compliance, a reconciliation engine, and vendor management, which improves cash flows. It also includes an integrated ERP add-on that ensures data accuracy. Read more about LogiTax
Emburse Chromeriver is a spend management software that helps businesses automate the creation, submission, and approval of travel expenses. Administrators can create and modify organizational policies in accordance with compliance requirements. Read more about Emburse Chrome River
ELIT P2P Cloud enables full lifecycle of procure-to-pay process by reducing complexities and costs. Read more about ELIT
NFeMail is a Portuguese-language system that automates the issuing of electronic invoices. It performs automatic calculations based on the predefined percentages and standards adopted by the company and immediately forwards those documents to both the client and the accountant. Read more about NFeMail
eNotas is a digital tool available in the Portuguese language for issuing electronic invoices that can be integrated with different payment methods. It allows companies to detect canceled invoices and choose between automatic issuance after payment, during collection, or after warranty expiration. Read more about eNotas
NextGen Medical Billing enables medical practitioners the ability to provide uninterrupted, high quality care while maximizing reimbursement. This platform is your designed to be your medical billing partner through thick and thin. Improve your practice's cashflow and profitability by equipping your billing staff with this Medical Billing solution. Read more about NextGen Medical Billing
Finui is an automated invoice receipt solution that makes the process simple and efficient. With Finui, all incoming invoices can be digitized in one central location, while maintaining full control over approval. Read more about Finui

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