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This affordable software combines email marketing, workflow automation, and a variety of digital tools for the everyday marketer. Read more about Mirabel's Marketing Manager
Tymber is an innovative e-commerce software provider for cannabis businesses. With Tymber's native e-commerce platform, your business gets found on search engines and integrates with Google analytics and modern marketing platforms - enabling automated email and SMS marketing. Read more about Tymber
Zuuvi is a danish design platform build for digital marketing teams and designers, that enables them to produce best-in-class ads in few minutes. The idea to Zuuvi started when the founding team headed this problem “These HTML5-banners, coding, and launching them is a long and costly process.” Read more about Zuuvi
Influence marketing SAAS software with fake influencer detection, access to 100 M profiles and easy campaign management. Read more about Influence4You
N.Rich is a cloud-base platform specifically designed to provide the right advertising tools to growth-oriented companies, ABM adopters and performance driven commercial teams. Read more about N.Rich
Optimize your digital marketing strategy with the power of the CampaignHero technology and support team. Read more about CampaignHero
EchoApp, brings all channel analytics to one place, allowing marketers to research and analyze the effectiveness of marketing efforts which helps in delivering effective and ?????????????? ??????????????. Read more about EchoApp
Campaign Influence Analyzer is a cloud-based tool that helps businesses monitor and analyze the performance of marketing campaigns through various sources. Supervisors can track marketing influence during specific dates and calculate sales performance based on the number of account responses or contact roles created. Read more about MagicAttribution
THE SIMPLE WAY TO MAKE YOUR CAMPAIGNS SING Intuitive tools integrated with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Viva Connections allow you to create stunning, branded content to connect and engage. Read more about Ripple
Odore is a customer engagement platform that helps brands build personalised experiences and journeys for their customers across multiple channels. Read more about Odore
Move fast and stay aligned as a marketing team with TrueNorth, the first marketing management platform built for remote teams. TrueNorth centralizes where you’re aiming (simulation), how you’ll get there (experiments), what you plan to do (timeline) and your results in place, not all over the place. Read more about TrueNorth
Email marketing and messaging software that connects directly to databases like PostgreSQL, Redshift, Airtable, Google Sheets + more. Once connected, users can query their user data *in place* (no syncing!) and message their customers with their query results. Read more about Vero Connect
Improve your ROI with an AFFORDABLE click fraud prevention tool. Starts at just $49 with a 14-day Free TRIAL. Don't overspend on a fraud solution. Try ours today. Read more about Fraud Blocker
Aroscop provides brands like you the brand advertising technology platform to identify, understand, and target your consumers in the most cost-effective way. Read more about Aroscop
FORTVISION is a one-stop-shop marketing automation and website personalization software designed to improve all your sales and marketing conversions using internal & external data sources, including external CRM software. Read more about FORTVISION is an online application for setting up PR networks and sending PR campaigns. It provides access to up-to-date databases of news items and journalists/publicists, which are added to a contact list. Campaigns are sent via the app and the effects are measured. Read more about
Nexfar is a B2B sales, operations, marketing, and business performance management platform aimed at pharmaceutical distributors and pharmacies. The tool can be accessed on a computer or via a mobile application for Android and iOS systems. Read more about Nexfar
Steer Health's Plug & Play Suite of Digital Healthcare Tools to Grow Your Practice, Reduce Costs and Improve Outcomes. Read more about Steer Health
An intelligent data-driven platform providing extensive automation, AI-based optimization, and deep insights and trends for easier and more profitable management and scaling of your Apple Search Ads account. Read more about SplitMetrics Acquire
If you are a brand leader who appreciates high ROAS and conversion rates and is tired of sales pitches, this platform is for you. With Mayple you only work with vetted growth marketers, who have already cracked the challenges you have today. Read more about Mayple Platform
Set up, edit and manage automated email campaigns and start addressing the desired target group. Read more about JUNE - Email Marketing
Cloud based app designed for Door 2 Door / Field based canvassing. Digital knock sheets, location, commissions, KPI reporting & more Read more about Open Door by Digital Wave Solutions
Colateral empowers retailers and brands to deliver targeted localized in-store marketing on a global scale. We enable you to automate campaign planning and execution, customize messages to each store based on insights, and ensure your marketing is 100% right every time. Read more about Colateral
At Accutics we help enterprises with standardizing, governing and connecting campaign metadata across every team and channel from a single platform. Read more about Accutics
Birdsenger is a cloud-based marketing platform designed to help users personalize and automate their emails with features such as lead importation, list creation and more. Read more about Birdsenger
Elevate marketing management with Infor MRM—an acclaimed, user-centric solution. Streamline omni-channel campaigns, budgets, resources, and creative processes on a unified platform. Gain insights through robust analytics for enhanced efficiency and success. Read more about Infor Marketing Resource Management
AI-driven intelligent digital experiences personalized for each customer in real-time, maximizing profitability across their entire journey and all channels. Read more about Evolv
BeMob is a cloud-based campaign management solution, which helps small to large businesses streamline online advertising processes through audience targeting, traffic distribution, landing page management, up-selling and cross-selling, custom reporting, and more. The platform offers various features such as collaboration tools, domain tracking,... Read more about BeMob
With PostMonster, users can unleash digital advertising, search optimization, and social media publishing from a one-stop platform for local ad campaign management that scales for multi-location brands by artificial intelligence and marketing automation. Read more about PostMonster
PlugCMO is a feature-rich tool designed for marketing professionals. By leveraging AI, ML & NLP capabilities it provides action-based campaign recommendations. Read more about PlugCMO
Successeve is a customer lifecycle management software offering a series of products that help companies increase customer conversion, retention, and expansion. Read more about Retain & Expand
iQ.Suite aaS is a cloud-based enterprise email management and security solution for companies using Microsoft 365. It offers a comprehensive set of features including content-driven encryption, insider threat detection, wrong recipient protection, and more. iQ.Suite aaS offers malware and spam detection to minimize risk and secure emails from... Read more about iQ.Suite aaS
Quoality is an easy-to-use GX platform helping hoteliers digitize guest-facing processes to offer an elevated guest experience and increase profitability. Our suite includes automated guest Journeys, Messaging, Dynamic Upsell, Contactless web check-in, Payments and Boost online reviews. Read more about Quoality
relevanC’s technologies enable retailers to manage the conception, creation and distribution of their digital promotions in one easy-to-use platform. Read more about relevanC
LocaliQ is a digital marketing platform that helps businesses find, convert, and keep customers with a suite of marketing automation, channel campaign management, lead dashboard and insight tools, plus expert-led services. Read more about LocaliQ lets users present projects to clients, receive feedback, get approvals,& publish to ad platforms—all in one place! Read more about Approved Social
Campaign Management and Reporting Platform for all of the biggest Social and Search platforms. With Adcredo, users can access advanced features and tools that help optimize campaign performance, without the need for technical expertise. Read more about Adcredo
By providing revenue teams with an automated lead-generation process for their specialized and unique target markets, enablemint enables them to acquire a competitive edge. Enabling revenue teams to create automated lead gen workflows customized to their specific mandates, niches & ICPs. Read more about enablemint
A white-labeled marketing and advertising solution, simplifies operations and boosts revenue for businesses around the globe. The platform helps streamline campaign management via keyword targeting, multiple ad formats, gamified advertising, and more. Our AI and ML-led tech stack offers clients a lot of flexibility, simplicity, and... Read more about
The MMC is for everyone who loves marketing and values efficient management for working on important, attractive and successful projects. Read more about MMC
Track automates inbound lead qualification, scheduling and routing to help sales and marketing teams convert leads faster. Read more about Track
EVERLEAD is comprehensive sales enablement software tailored for businesses of all sizes. With easy-to-use features like lead management tools, email marketing, and sales automation workflows, EVERLEAD helps grow your business. Read more about EVERLEAD
AnotherZero is the ultimate all-in-one marketing platform. Streamline campaigns, build stunning websites, automate marketing tasks, manage reviews, and excel in social media. Simplify your marketing efforts and achieve remarkable results with AnotherZero. Read more about AnotherZero
Designed for businesses of all sizes, ad:personam is a cloud-based DSP solution that helps users manage marketing campaigns, budgets, performance, customers, and more on a unified platform. Read more about ad:personam
MarketingOne is a digital asset management software designed to handle marketing campaigns, gain insights into customer behavior, and manage workflows. Read more about MarketingOne
Call P.O.P (Performance Optimization Partner) is a cloud-based all-in-one solution for call tracking software and VoIP softphone services. The software offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to connect calls, texts, chats, and forms to both your online and offline campaigns. Read more about Call P.O.P

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