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KnowledgeSync is a unified platform used to manage information throughout the supply chain and beyond. It enables companies to monitor real-time activity, leveraging live data to strengthen operational performance. Read more about KnowledgeSync
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution that provides businesses with a central system for accessing real-time business information. Read more about MAX
Rabbet for Real Estate Developers is like your budget spreadsheet on steroids. Centralize all project information, processes, and documentation for improved collaboration, more efficient processes, and stronger reporting to stakeholders. Read more about Rabbet for Real Estate Developers
Covalent helps improves workforce operations in complex manufacturing environments by leveraging the power of worker capability data to drive insights to frontline leaders. Read more about Covalent is a Business Analytics platform tailored to Professional Service Organizations. fast-tracks your digital transformation and unlocks instant access to operational and financial reports enabling day-to-day optimizations and proactive decision making. Read more about
Salessound is a cloud-based software for sales team management. It provides a six-step framework and software tools for effective management of sales performance; ideas; objectives; reporting; feedback; trends and insights. Read more about Salessound
Qotid is a financial data analysis tool. It allows, thanks to its functionalities, to follow and analyze the performance of its company. Read more about Qotid
wInsight Analytics is a cloud-based business intelligence solution, which helps businesses in aerospace, construction, consulting, and other sectors manage project performance tracking through data validation, Gantt charts, issue monitoring, and more. With wInsight Analytics, project managers can quickly assess project performance and produce... Read more about wInsight Analytics
As a business performance management tool, Serviceware Performance helps you in planning and forecasting, analysis, reporting, and more. Read more about Serviceware Performance
Location intelligence solution for site selection, location planning and expansion strategy. Symaps helps businesses and organizations make informed location related decisions since 2017. The platform operates globally and is currently used in 15 countries. Read more about Symaps
Auctm is a business intelligence platform that helps real estate teams drive conversions, and accountability, retain agents, coach and make informed decisions. Users can track agent performance, analyze choke points in your pipeline to prevent leads from falling through, and compare agent and lead source profitability according to requirements. Read more about Auctm
Omnistrat is an application that supports agile/open strategy and collaborative leadership. With Omnistrat you can support and guide complex collaborations to solve problems, effectively plan and deliver on goals, and overcome competitive threats. Omnistrat also provides a marketplace of ready-to-roll playbooks and the experts who created them to... Read more about Omnistrat
Every business has at least 10% hidden potential in their people, production and profit. Our customers find and unlock that potential. CAARMO decodes human and organizational behaviors through data. Read more about CAARMO
StarTree is a cloud-based software company that allows business customers to derive advanced insights on real-time and historical data. Read more about StarTree
Wavelet Board is a data visualization and analysis platform applied in the field of industrial big data.It not only integrating a variety of data sources but it also can achieve multi-dimensional self-service report analysis and a variety of fine chart data display by simple drag and drop. Read more about Wavelet Board
Cascade is a low-code development platform that helps businesses clean existing data, transform it into different formats, visualize the information in charts and publish the data back to the data warehouse or share it with others. Administrators can import data from sources such as Salesforce, spreadsheets, and CSV files or from databases... Read more about Cascade
BI Connector is a tool that connects Power BI and Tableau to Oracle OBIEE/OAC/OAS Subject Areas and Reports. This tool allows users to connect and visualize data from different sources all in one place. Using a secure connection, the tool supports live queries, imports, and scheduled refresh. BI Connector is compatible with desktop and server... Read more about BI Connector
Apollo is a SaaS business intelligence platform that helps businesses automates analytics implementations and improve ROI. The software assists organizations with analytics documentation management including data layer specification, solution design, and test cases. Read more about Apollo

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