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A platform for professionals in Credit Risk, Compliance, Sales and Marketing as well as those looking for the integration of data. This is an all-encompassing platform that provides data as a solution to all your business's needs. Read more about Red Flag Alert
UpKeep Edge is an IoT software that leverages secure gateways, sensors, and advanced analytics to gather asset intelligence for smooth business operations. The platform enables managers to perform condition-based monitoring and analyze AC current, humidity levels, or temperature on a unified interface. Read more about UpKeep Edge
RealSage automates your business reporting and assists your teams in finding meaningful insights within your data for better decision-making. Read more about RealSage
Minitab Connect is a cloud-based data access, automation, and dashboarding software that helps businesses with monitoring and sharing KPIs. The platform allows organizations to create custom dashboards that highlight key metrics and KPIs, share them with other teams or colleagues, or monitor their status in real-time. Read more about Minitab Connect
Commport business analytics solution helps decision makers make better strategic decisions by providing real-time insights using supply chain data with intelligence. Read more about Commport Business Analytics
BI/AI analysts are responsible for helping businesses leverage data and identify opportunities for improvement, spot trends, as well as recognize potential issues and offer solutions. Their work is aimed at improving efficiency, increasing productivity, and driving profits for the business. Read more about BigBI
For Microsoft Power BI, Innofalls is a flexible waterfall visualization tool. You may add a number of companion charts and easily make waterfall charts with it to give your audience numerous viewpoints on their data. Read more about Innofalls
PowerOLAP is a business intelligence software that includes forecasting, budgeting, reporting and other capabilities for various industries, including retail, manufacturing, and insurance. Read more about PowerOLAP
Datasembly provides instant access to retail product data from every store across retailers. The proprietary technology platform allows users to obtain and share pricing, promotions, and assortment insights with store-level detail. Read more about Datasembly
MUSO helps protect movies, TV shows, music and books from piracy. The data-driven content protection solution tracks unlicensed demand to help protect and grow businesses. Read more about MUSO
Ignimission Platform is designed to streamline your business processes for collecting, capturing, exchanging, and reporting your data. Read more about Ignimission Platform
IDOL is an enterprise search and analytics platform that allows organizations to quickly and easily access and analyze large amounts of unstructured data. It uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to provide users with relevant and actionable insights from their data. IDOL can be used for a variety of applications, including customer... Read more about IDOL
No-code data replication from favorite sources into the data cloud, plus analytic dashboards with data visualizations. Read more about DataLakeHouse
CommercialEdge is a commercial real estate platform that provides comprehensive data and analytics to help users make informed decisions. It is a web-based software that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. The platform offers a wide range of features, including property search, market analysis, and portfolio management. It... Read more about CommercialEdge
Tableau Connector for ServiceNow is an Enterprise solution for ServiceNow Tableau integration that provides seamless and customized data export. Read more about Tableau Connector for ServiceNow
Our reports encompass Financial, Inventory, Warehouse, Manufacturing and Sales Metrics geared to make your planning and forecasting a breeze. Ideal for a small to medium size business looking to increase market share and manage costs. Read more about AusVantage Business Intelligence
Routy is a ready-to-use business intelligence platform for iGaming affiliates. Routy will not only save you time, but increase your revenue through actionable insights into your traffic and conversions. Read more about Routy

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