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vReport is a data visualization software that helps businesses gain insights into organizational data from various departments using a customizable dashboard. The platform allows administrators to track key productivity indicators (KPIs) to predict and target business metrics. Read more about vReport
Klart AI is an advanced AI assistant for enhanced collaboration. It integrates with leading platforms and databases, ensuring GDPR compliance, seamless communication, and adaptable scalability. Read more about Klart AI
CompassBI gathers, visualizes, stores, and secures data from multiple sources into customized dashboards your organization can actually use. Read more about CompassBI
Viewgol, a healthcare data, advisory, software, and services company, offers Viewgol Analytics, a powerful tool for healthcare RCM solutions that uncover RCM issues and delivers customized data analysis, empowering healthcare organizations to execute strategies based on unique data insights. Read more about Viewgol
Yardi Senior IQ is a web-based solution for achieving quicker decisions that drive success across the entire senior living portfolio. Designed exclusively for senior living operators, Senior IQ harnesses the potential of business intelligence to empower users with actionable insights that revolutionize the way they lead and grow their communities. Read more about Yardi Senior IQ
RocketBI enables users to create automated and customizable dashboards with billions of rows of data from multiple sources without technical assistance. Use SQL and Python to explore, process, and analyze data. Maintain up-to-date, in-depth level data analysis with ease through automation, customization, and intuitive design. Read more about RocketBI
ASHLIN is a suite of business intelligence and eLearning solutions that helps businesses discover insights from existing data and provide custom training products for learning purposes. Its CompassBI platform collects, stores, visualizes, and secures data from multiple sources into customized dashboards. Read more about ASHLIN
Call P.O.P (Performance Optimization Partner) is a cloud-based all-in-one solution for call tracking software and VoIP softphone services. The software offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to connect calls, texts, chats, and forms to both your online and offline campaigns. Read more about Call P.O.P
Salesforce Data Cloud is a powerful platform for transforming your customer data into action with Salesforce's leading technologies. Read more about Salesforce Data Cloud
LOOP guides strategic improvements based on monitoring over 1,000,000 data points. They encompass operations and also those of competitors. This extensive data is meticulously analyzed to extract tailored insights aimed at focusing on lead retention. Read more about LOOP
FinanSys Apps is a complete business platform with unlimited potential across finance and all connected departments. With limitless use cases, innovative features, and the ability for end users to create bespoke apps without coding knowledge, FinanSys Apps is the one system that does it all. Read more about FinanSys Apps

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