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MyReport provides its users with an efficient solution to centralize, analyze and share all data and make better decisions. MyReport succeeds in meeting both the requirements of IT services and the expectations of business lines (management, finance, accounting, commerce, marketing) with a high-per Read more about MyReport Business Evolution
There's a whole world of user behavior out there. Discover it for yourself. It's time to step into your customers' shoes. Our technology empowers optimization. Read more about Decibel
Turn unknown in-store traffic into sales with the help of C2RO PERCEIVE™, a privacy-aware AI video analytics software solution. Read more about C2RO
Zing Data is a business intelligence solution designed to help users connect and analyze multiple data sources, collaborate with teams, and visualize results. Read more about Zing Data
Boostrs is an API-first skills mapping engine. We augment your HR solutions with curated data and award-winning AI algorithms, manage your jobs, skills and learning data, and shape your company’s future. Read more about Boostrs
Biuwer is a modern cloud data analytics platform that helps SMEs share data across an entire organization. It can analyze all your data and streamline the decision-making process. Read more about Biuwer
Mosaic is a strategic finance platform that powers agile planning, real-time reporting, deeper analysis, and better decision-making for fast-growing startups. Consolidating data from ERP, CRM, HRIS, and billing systems, the platform provides a single source of truth across the business. Read more about Mosaic
Magnitude Angles for SAP is add-on software for SAP systems and is aimed at simplifying SAP database reporting. SAP data is extracted, interpreted, and reported by displaying information on customizable dashboards with drill-down functionality. The software is also suitable for SAP HANA. Read more about Magnitude Angles
Octimine is a cloud-based machine learning and predictive analytics software solution. Read more about Octimine
Solidatus allows users to manage their data and unlock its true business value. Solidatus’ advanced lineage-first data management technology visually connects and maps data relationships across the enterprise – and across time – delivering a complete view of a user's data. Read more about Solidatus
LimeGear offers business intelligence and performance management tools exclusively for mortgage lenders. With real-time information, you can transform strategy into actionable insights that provide your employees with the information they need to be more productive. Read more about LimeGear
CB Insights is a market intelligence software designed to help businesses of all sizes analyze data points across venture capital, private equity, corporate development, investment banking, and other related enterprises. Read more about CB Insights
Knowledge Studio is a machine learning and predictive analytics solution designed generate actionable data insights. The AI-based software can help businesses manage fraud and credit risks, supply chains, marketing analytics, and product lifecycle designs. With Knowledge Studio's no-code platform, users can connect to multiple data sources to... Read more about Knowledge Studio
Ensure Mobile App allows Healthcare Organizations to manage membership, hospitalizations, referrals, claims and revenue from one central platform Read more about Ensure
Novable's mission is to connect companies with the most relevant startups for their innovation, growth, transformation or corporate development strategies. Read more about Novable
Termi is an AI-enabled chatbot solution for legal and professional services firms. It allows users to search for data and documents in any connected application by simply typing questions. Read more about Termi
Lumernore Analytics is a business Intelligence software with no-code analytics. The platform helps users get actionable intelligence that is connected to their data - from all types of sources. Read more about Lumenore
Maple manages mathematical needs and allows calculations to be treated like like the valuable assets they are. Read more about Maple
qashqade provides a cloud-based software for private markets, which helps businesses connect GPs, LPs and fund administrators on a centralized platform. Read more about qashqade
TaholaCloud lets you monitor and control your business on any device in any location, track your KPIs, and drill down through the detail. Use for menu reviews, basket analysis, price elasticity, store and product performance, staff management, loss prevention, and detailed transactional analysis. Read more about TaholaCloud
Maple Flow combines a simple, freeform interface and a math engine. Read more about Maple Flow
Rinalogy Search is an interactive search that finds what each user is looking for, quickly. Providing a robust intelligence layer that adds features to other search systems and platforms, Rinalogy Search bridges data silos by using a single query to find relevant information in multiple data sources Read more about Rinalogy Search
Software for estimating costs (or any other value) from sample data. Read more about CCOSTAT
Obviously AI is the fastest and easiest tool to build AI models in minutes, no coding required. Read more about Obviously AI
Orbit Analytics offers a flexible operational reporting and analytics solution with comprehensive dashboards and self-service capability. Read more about Orbit
Insights to drive viewer engagement, increase revenue, and reduce subscriber churn. Read more about Verimatrix Analytics
For Indian SME manufacturers, TranZact is extremely simple-to-use Inventory Management and ERP software. It digitizes their entire business process right from sales inquiry to dispatch. It's as simple as excel but impactful as SAP. Also, integrated with Tally to streamline your accounting. Read more about TranZact
Catchr is the tool you need to extract your marketing data. Our connectors ( facebook ads, google ads, Linkedin ads, twitter ads, bing ads ... ) will allow you to make reports and visualize your efforts in a simple and fast way. Read more about Catchr
Revintel is a cloud-based business intelligence solution designed to help hotels, resorts and casinos, gain full visibility over all revenue data. The platform enables businesses to generate and analyze a variety of reports in different formats. Read more about Revintel
Reimagine data analytics with a google-like search bar. INSIA helps to analyze the real-time data through a Google-like search bar where the user just needs to type the question in plain English. INSIA proactively sends actionable insights to users on any performance deviations. Read more about INSIA
MediSked Connect Exchange is a data repository + business intelligence and population health management platform Read more about MediSked Connect Exchange
antares analyzer is a tool for data analysis, data evaluation, and the subsequent preparation of reports and visualizations. The program is aimed at the area of business intelligence. This software package can process and evaluate data automatically and at speed. Read more about antares analyzer
BlueOcean takes a fundamentally different, technology-led, approach to brand insight - reducing time, minimizing human bias, and maximizing value. We believe that through an outside-in thoughtful use of data we can inspire more creativity and unlock higher levels of business performance. Read more about Brand Navigator
Magnitude Angles for Oracle is a process analytics engine for Oracle Business Applications, designed to help enterprises evaluate and measure actionable insights and streamline reporting using pre-built content and multiple no-code business views. Read more about Magnitude Angles for Oracle
Fully integrated data visualization dashboard for law firms that use CLIO or Practice Panther. Read more about firmTRAK
EZMaxInsight is an intuitive Maximo mobile reporting app that lets managers and supervisors easily create reports on their desktop or mobile device. They can view real-time data on work orders, inspections, scheduling, inventory management, purchasing, cost analysis, or ROI. Read more about EZMaxInsight
Amazon Redshift uses SQL to analyze structured and semi-structured data across data warehouses, operational databases, and data lakes, using AWS-designed hardware and machine learning to deliver the best price performance at any scale. Read more about Amazon Redshift
Celonis is the global leader in, and pioneer of, process mining and execution management, empowering businesses worldwide to resolve corporate inefficiencies and uncover millions in trapped value. Read more about Celonis
Pocket Result is a CRM, as well as a decision support tool based on artificial intelligence. The central point of the application is data entry by its users. The recorded information is processed and analyzed to produce results. Read more about Pocket Result
Quaeris is a cloud-based search and business intelligence (BI) software for personalized insights serving the sales, insurance, finance, and supply chain industries. Key features include data connectors & extraction, API, ad hoc analysis, trend analysis, KPIs, visual analytics, and monitoring. Read more about Quaeris
Clockworks Analytics is a building intelligence platform that helps businesses gain insights into property operations for facility and energy managers. Through its technology, the company proactively identifies inefficiencies and root causes within building systems and prioritizes the most urgent tasks for building staff in real-time. Read more about Clockworks Analytics
Qokoon helps you get more out of your accounting data, by making it easy to analyze and report on business performance, trends, and opportunities, so that you can make informed decisions. Read more about Qokoon
With Datawalt, you will be able to access updated reports for each area, obtain a complete view of your company and better evaluate the performance of your operations for future decisions. Read more about Datawalt
BI Hub is a business intelligence software that provides a consolidated view of reports and dashboards from multiple BI platforms. Read more about BI Hub
Complete BI tool that provides data engineering to building dashboards to automation of the reports alongside the access to the BI tool as a SaaS user. Read more about Narrator

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