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Cloud-based project management software for tracking time & expenses, managing projects and tasks, collaborating with your team and sending accurate invoices to clients. Read more about MINK Project Management
JOVACO Project offers 360° visibility into all business operations throughout the entire lifecycle of your projects. Developed with the needs of professional services firms in mind, this proven solution provides all the tools needed to better control projects and manage tasks and operations. Read more about Jovaco Project Suite
Qlorem provides the next generation Data-driven Project Portfolio & Solution Management Platform supported by instant insights, adaptive risk management and improvement suggestions to Save Costs, Deliver on time and Engage People. Read more about Qlorem
IntraWork is a project management solution based on Kanban boards and agile methodologies that allow businesses to create exactly the right number of board cards for each project. With IntraWork, users can share tasks with colleagues, get information about upcoming deadlines and use various automated and flexible workflows. Read more about IntraWork
Where project, task and time management come together to improve your productivity and insights. With a full focus on well-being and performance and work-life balance. Work when and how you want and achieve your goals. Read more about Sileram
Rillsoft’s Project Control works for projects that have many tasks and multiple teams involved. The project control system keeps teams organized and on track, with easy status reporting, task updating, and financial control. With Rillsoft Project Control it’s easy to import your existing team or client lists and start using the tools immediately. Read more about Rillsoft Project
Hello Ivy is an all-in-one project management solution that gives users complete control over their work. Never lose sight of the bigger picture and what needs to be done. Go from having your projects scattered all over the place and chaotic team communication to neatly organized projects and a team that's on top of things, less stressed and more... Read more about Hello Ivy
CADMATIC eShare enables the benefits of a digital twin without compromising data security. It links, visualizes, and shares data from engineering, procurement, and asset management systems. Real-time data integration allows for smarter decision-making, reducing costs and project lead times. Read more about CADMATIC eShare
ProjectFlow 365 is a project and portfolio management software designed to help businesses manage project overview, workflows, team tasks, progress tracking, and more. It integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online and supports mobile devices. Read more about ProjectFlow
The MMC is for everyone who loves marketing and values efficient management for working on important, attractive and successful projects. Read more about MMC
Amwork is an essential platform for every business tool, with a builder to create a unique workspace for a company. Our builder is powerful, it allows you to create a unique custom workspace with modules such as CRM, project management, HR and everything concerning your business workflow. Amwork str Read more about Amwork
Kanban is a SaaS solution that allows you to create personalized workflows for managing personal, group, and project tasks. Read more about Kanband
Naav is a project management tool that helps organizations and teams to manage their projects and tasks with the help of AI and a thone of essential features. Choose from various amount of features and boards and start to see the change in your team and organization. Read more about Naav
Dimensions RM is a cloud-based requirements management solution that enables modern systems and software development efficiency. Its capabilities provide visibility with wizard-driven reporting, a graphical workflow editor, and role-based dashboards. Dimensions RM helps organizations by providing a centralized repository for requirements to... Read more about Dimensions RM
NEXSYS-ONE is a cloud-based access governance solution that helps in network audits, turnkey projects, tower sharing, network operations, and others. It can suit customers with different sizes of operations. The admin tool in the core of all of its modules – ADMIN-ONE, empowers customers to self-manage their platform. The tool could be adjusted to... Read more about NEXSYS-ONE
Kwest is a project management solution that helps renewable energy companies automate manual tasks and manage installations with the same resources. The system connects people, data, and partners on a centralized platform to coordinate installations and streamline collaboration across teams. Read more about Kwest
Lanceme Up revolutionizes project management and collaboration, providing businesses with an all-in-one solution to handle client projects while seamlessly monitoring team progress efficiently. Read more about Lanceme Up
By providing AV integrators with exceptional designing and deal-breaking proposal tools, XTEN-AV aims to improve the experience. The most user-friendly tools in the AV business, X-DOC, and X-DRAW, were developed by specialists to assist integrators. Read more about XTEN-AV
Customer relationship management (CRM), human resource management (HRM), project management functionalities, and finance management are all combined into one simple-to-use platform by Chotevi, an all-in-one piece of software. Read more about Chotevi
A project knowledge management application for employees to learn about each other’s, and vendor's work. Project profiles link people, data, and work content so that a comprehensive understanding of any project can happen in minutes for any employee, contractor, consultant and vendor. Read more about AEC Profiles
OFFOLIO is a cloud-based project planning software. It provides algorithmic automation to calculate in real-time the optimum between multiple constraints (from teams’ capacities to the industrial site’s occupation). Artificial Intelligence, to include best practices in your project plans. Read more about OFFOLIO
Robaws is a cloud-based ERP construction software that helps users calculate, plan, and manage their workforce on a unified platform. Read more about Robaws
Tech Debate is a cloud-based knowledge management tool that enables teams to collaborate on complex ideas and concepts. Read more about Tech Debate
WfhGO is a time tracking software that helps service-based businesses log time, generate team reports, create and manage tasks, and more. Read more about WfhGO is a product management software inspired by the Scrum framework. It is designed for rapid implementation and easy adoption by Scrum teams. It is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). Read more about Optera
Project Burndown is a cloud-based project management tool that enables businesses to create a flexible and accurate project schedule. This platform enables managers to quickly adapt to changes, gain clarity, and streamline project operations. Read more about Burndown
MarketingOne is a digital asset management software designed to handle marketing campaigns, gain insights into customer behavior, and manage workflows. Read more about MarketingOne
Web-based business and project management solution designed specifically for system integrators. Its robust features and seamless office-to-field connectivity empowers integrators to streamline their operations, boost productivity, and enhance collaboration across teams. Read more about D-Tools Cloud
ProjectHQ is a cloud-based project management solution that helps contractors track daily logs, approve change orders, handle online documents, and more. The platform enables construction contractors to monitor their projects and coordinate workflows on a centralized interface. ProjectHQ provides a variety of features such as budget management,... Read more about ProjectHQ
Connex Construction Cloud is a construction management platform that helps small to large businesses streamline workflow configuration, project tracking, building information management (BIM), and more. The solution allows construction businesses to connect data, workflows, and teams from the initial stages of a project until it is complete. Read more about Connex Construction Cloud
Worksite is a user-friendly and intuitive management solution for craftsmen and SMEs in the building and construction sector. Read more about Worksite
Designed for businesses in consulting, managed services, manufacturing, and other industries, STEPS is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that helps manage contracts, finances, customer data, and more. The platform provides an intelligent solution for routine proposals and streamlines the creation of service offerings. It also helps... Read more about STEPS
Klart AI is an advanced AI assistant for enhanced collaboration. It integrates with leading platforms and databases, ensuring GDPR compliance, seamless communication, and adaptable scalability. Read more about Klart AI
We equip companies of all sizes with processes and systems that help them mature so they can run their GovCon businesses with greater success. Manage your personnel, finances, payroll, and more with integrated document management and policy-based workflow while meeting DCAA compliance. Read more about OneLynk
The Cloudogu EcoSystem is a DevOps and project management software with an easy setup. It assists users with simplifying the deployment, operation, and monitoring of connected software tools through automation, standardization, and generalization. Read more about EcoSystem
yüMIvü is a cloud-based collaboration software that helps project teams connect and share ideas on a unified platform. It offers various modules, such as friction finder, project chemistry, workflow detector, and more. Read more about yüMIvü
Primavera Unifier Essentials provides a wide range of key benefits to enhance your project management capabilities. Its fast system startup ensures a quick return on investment, while offering 50+ proven, best-practice processes and workflows to streamline your operations. The software is built and hosted on secure Oracle infrastructure, ensuring... Read more about Primavera Unifier Essentials
Cyanic Task Lens is a task management tool that automates work assignments, handoffs, and progress updates in projects. It is designed for field service companies that need to schedule and coordinate project tasks across teams in the field and the office. Read more about Cyanic Task Lens
Easy Projects allows project managers to plan every aspect of their projects with ease, while providing full visibility, and using a clearly defined timeline. From time tracking to budgeting, everything you need for the successful completion of your projects is available in our easy-to-use solution. Read more about Easy Projects

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