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Vizito is a customizable visitor registration tool for businesses to register, track, and manage visitors with a front-end iPad/Android kiosk & back-end website Read more about Vizito
Impress your visitors and secure your front desk with a multilingual iPad-based visitor management solution used by Fortune500 and SMEs Read more about Proxyclick
visitor sign in, touchfree sign in, touchless sign in, QR code sign in, COVID app, COVID contact tracing app, staff sign in, staff check in, app log book, digital sign in, visitor management software, visitor management system, business safety app Read more about Villo
WorkforceID Visitor Manager is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses in healthcare, education, transportation, energy, government, finance, energy, and other sectors automate check-in processes. The software lets managers create custom screening questions to eliminate additional checks. Read more about HID Visitor Management Solutions
FareHarbor provides industry-leading online ticketing and booking solutions for tours, activities, attractions, and events. Through intuitive features and one centralized Dashboard, FareHarbor eases operations for 13,000+ businesses worldwide. Read more about FareHarbor
Check-in visitors, contractors, staff, deliveries and track assets. Monitor time and attendance and improve safety across your operations and facilities. Read more about Sine
Envoy Visitors creates a warm welcome for guests while safeguarding people, property, and ideas. Read more about Envoy
Simplest visitor management available, for the company and the visitor. The app seamlessly imports your contacts, and the user experience couldn't be easier for Read more about The Receptionist for iPad
Companies need to know who is entering their facilities worldwide. Traction Guest provides the leading enterprise visitor management system focused on strengthening on-site security. The customizable platform enables organizations to identify and track visitors and address compliance regulations. Read more about Traction Guest
iLobby is a global leader in Enterprise Visitor Management. The tablet-based solution streamlines the sign-in process for visitors, contractors and employees, while adding an extra layer of security. Read more about iLobby
The most fuss-free, all-in-one online scheduling solution available anywhere. The single app for handling bookings, payments, and marketing. Read more about Schedulicity
EVA Check-in is a secure, contactless check-in for your customers, visitors, contractors and staff. The platform enables supervisors to register guests, staff, contractors and display customizable flows for any type of visitor. Read more about EVA Check-in
Setster is an intuitive scheduling solution that empowers businesses to close loops and processes via a REST based API for appointments scheduling. Built for enterprise yet easy and friendly to use by smaller teams. Read more about Setster
Welcome your visitors in style with Teamgo's cloud based Visitor Management platform! Replace paper books with a modern front desk solution. Read more about Go Reception
TrackTik’s integrated security workforce management software offers security service companies complete control of every aspect of their business. Read more about TrackTik
Gate Sentry is a visitor check-in registration and management solution for guarded properties and security companies, using hybrid-cloud mobile technology to control visitor access in real time, with customizable permanent or temporary guest lists, historical visitor tracking, notifications and more Read more about Gate Sentry
MRI Software offers real estate owners and companies, property investors and operators a flexible cloud-based platform that spans residential and commercial property management, accounting and financial reporting, investment lifecycle, visitor management, FM, lease accounting, sales, lettings & more Read more about MRI Software
#1 Visitor Management Software. Connect visitors to your management team and system. Easy to access, enter and report data in real time. A platform with end-to-end functionality that works on any device. Out-of-the-box templates or build your own to match requirements. Try now. Read more about Donesafe
Greetly is the only fully customizable visitor management system in the world and the first organization in the marketplace to offer no-touch check-in. Greetly's digital receptionist app manages visiting customers, vendors, interview candidates, deliveries, exits and more saving time and money. Read more about Greetly
WhosOnLocation enables organizations to manage people coming in and out of work sites and offices to improve safety and security, and protect employees & assets Read more about WhosOnLocation
VisitUs Reception is a visitor management tool used to sign-in visitors and staff using an iPad, web or mobile. Greet visitors with a professional sign-in experience that is tailored to your business, send SMS & email notifications, record visitor information, get NDA Agreements signed, and more. Read more about VisitUs Reception
Lobbipad is an iPad visitor registration and front desk management solution for customer facing businesses with tools for checking-in and logging visitors Read more about Lobbipad
Waitwhile is a waitlist app & queue management system, built to eliminate wait times. Trusted by 10k+ businesses incl. IKEA & Lululemon. Read more about Waitwhile
A SaaS solution that enables organizations to establish hybrid workplaces and employees’ safe return-to-office. WorkInSync is a 'One App' solution for all your hybrid workplace needs. Employees can book their desks at the office, meeting rooms and collaborate with their teams. Read more about WorkInSync
Cloud-based, open API visitor management system to streamline guest check in, reduce administrative burden and lower costs. Read more about iVisitor
iOFFICE's visitor management software gives you the tools you need to attract top job candidates and retain your best clients. You can streamline guest, employee, vendor & contractor registration, get alerts of unwanted guests, and access real-time insights of visitor history and lobby activity. Read more about iOFFICE
Teem is a cloud-based meeting room booking solution with at-a-glance availability, real-time scheduling, trouble ticketing, utilization reporting, and more Read more about Teem
iVisitor Management is a visitor tracking software designed to help schools screen, identify and review check-in or check-out activities for visitors, staff members, students, and volunteers. Administrators can configure custom alerts, send them to specific personnel, and log activities or hours from multiple locations. Read more about iVisitor Management
Jonas Fitness is a cloud-based club management software that enables fitness clubs to improve operations by monitoring customer data and automated billing Read more about Compete
Lobbytrack is a visitor management software that helps organizations register visitors, send confirmations, and conduct background checks, among other operations. Employees and hosts can pre-register visitors and add details, such as their name, email address, phone number, visit date, and location. Read more about Lobbytrack
Qminder is a cloud-based visitor management system that helps companies digitize their queuing experiences. Our system does not discriminate by industry: from retail to healthcare, to education — everybody could use our help. Read more about Qminder
TablesReady is a web-based waitlist management solution for businesses of all sizes with features including a digital waitlist, a notification system, POS integration, customer accounts, traffic analytics, and more. The system is mobile friendly and can be accessed through any web browser. Read more about TablesReady
DigiGreet is a visitor management software designed to help organizations request digital signatures from contractors and visitors. The application enables businesses to store visitors’ contact, health and safety, and other details in compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Read more about DigiGreet
Vizitor is a free visitor management solution with a self service check-in functionality for guests. The cloud-based platform can be deployed on tablet devices to facilitate the digital check-in of guests. It also offers features such as host notifications, email invitations, badge printing & more. Read more about Vizitor
Visitly is a cloud-based visitor management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage contractors, employees, visitors, customers and operations, allowing users to streamline front-desk operations, record guest/employee information, digitally sign documents, and capture photo IDs Read more about Visitly
HootBoard is a Kiosk as a Service (KaaS) digital concierge platform designed to help educational institutions, visitor centers, hotels, hospitals, workplaces, offices & other organizations share announcements, events, classifieds, jobs & other information internally via online bulletin board kiosks Read more about HootBoard
Virtual In/Out is a visitor management software that is designed for businesses across several industry verticals, including healthcare, logistics, and community centers. It helps business leaders set up and manage visitors across multiple organizational hierarchies, departments, and locations. Read more about Virtual In/Out
ParqEx is a parking management software designed to help property managers, builders, and other housing associations search, reserve, and manage parking spots. It enables users to check parking availability, view the cost of guest parking spaces, and rent a private parking space for a week or month. Read more about ParqEx
Eliminate uncertainty and know precisely who is in your schools with screening for sex offenders, alerts for custody issues, and health screening questions. Read more about Raptor Visitor Management
LobbyGuard is a visitor management software designed to help businesses in the government, education, food and beverages, healthcare, manufacturing, and other sectors screen guests to facilitate contactless check-ins. The platform offers Android and iOS mobile applications, which enables administrators to scan QR codes at facilities for signing in. Read more about LobbyGuard
KeepnTrack offers secure solutions for school and facility visitor management, volunteer management, and student tracking via a single platform Read more about KeepnTrack
InstaCheckin is a visitor registration & management solution with native iPad app, arrival notifications, visitor information, visitor badges, NDAs, and more Read more about InstaCheckin
Club Sentry is an on-premises based member management software that enables clubs and membership based organizations to manage billing, sales and facilities Read more about Club Sentry
CoReceptionist is a cloud-based visitor management system designed for small to large businesses to help automate registration processes including check-ins, check-outs, onboarding and more. It provides a centralized platform to streamline front desk operations and enhance the visitor experience. Read more about CoReceptionist
Resource Central is a meeting room booking system that allows users to easily schedule meeting rooms, resources, people, equipment, and services directly within Microsoft Outlook®. Read more about Resource Central
Access Control by Genea is a physical access control platform that provides identity management for the security of buildings and tenants. The solution includes mobile-based access control, visitor management, access logs, customizable data sync, access control hardware support, and more. Read more about Genea Access Control
TAAP Visitor Book provides a contactless QR code sign in system for any size organisations. Other features and capabilities include GDPR compliance, Microsoft Integration, attended/unattended receptions, track & trace, visitor types, secure ID, no additional hardware and digital visitor badges. Read more about TAAP Visitor Book
TIKS is designed to help businesses monitor visitor and staff movement across multiple sites and ensure compliance with safety and other statutory guidelines. The application enables managers to streamline induction, pre-site registration, check-in, and navigation operations via a unified platform. Read more about TIKS
Appspace is a meeting room booking software designed to help businesses manage visitor access and space reservations across workplaces. The platform enables managers to capture images and digital signatures, monitor building access, and facilitate touchless check-ins to manage visitors. Read more about Appspace
Advanced workspace management software with features like Meeting Room Booking, Visitor Management, Member management, Desk Booking, etc Read more about Engage
WHS Monitor is a cloud-based health and safety compliance management software that provides a complete, interactive and fully scalable WHS solution, underpinned by an extensive database of 7 million records and unique asset management hardware. Read more about WHS Monitor
Building Intelligence provides innovative technology solutions for security practitioners and operators to manage visitors, vehicles and vendors Read more about SV3
PurelyTracking "vLobby—A Futuristic Visitor Management System" provides your guests the perfect welcome. vLobby is a customizable web and mobile-based visitor management system that manages visitors at office with seamless check-in & check-out face recognition feature. Book a Free Demo! Read more about PurelyTracking
Veris is a cloud-based visitor management solution designed to help small to large businesses manage their front desk, security, check-in, and access. The platform enables users to automate their visitor registration process with image capture, badge printing, notifications and a self-service kiosk. Read more about Veris
SAFE is a complete Document Management and Workflow software product. Most businesses find a way to work with their documents scattered across filing cabinets, shared drives and personal hard drives. At some point this ineffective strategy becomes too costly – due to compliance, physical space, labor or some combination of the three. Read more about SAFE
ADDA is a society management system for security, communication, accounting, billing, helpdesk, and more. It offers three modules: ADDA ERP, ADDA GateKeeper, and ADDA Clubhouse, designed to help communities with various operational processes. Read more about ADDA
The SchoolPass platform features visitor management, dismissal and carline automation, daily and emergency attendance, perimeter security cameras, bus boarding, and after school activity management. Read more about SchoolPass
Vgreet is an end to end visitor management solution that provides a speedy, secure and safe experience for all of your building occupants. Read more about Vgreet
Eden Workplace is an IWMS solution designed to help facilities managers and office administrators reserve desks, book conference rooms, and handle helpdesk requests. The software allows employees to manage guest registration processes, track service requests, and distribute wellness surveys. Read more about Eden Workplace
MyLobby is a visitor management solution designed for use on tablet devices. It helps automate the visitor sign-in process, stores visitor records in the cloud, mitigates security threats, and provides hosts with instant notifications of arrivals to ultimately improve visitor management. Read more about MyLobby
PRSONAS-VMS is an artificially intelligent digital solution for any industry. Allowing companies to remove the repetitive tasks of your office managers, assistants, receptionists and incorporate a digital workforce. PRSONAS-VMS is a touch-free human-like experience that leaves a lasting impression. Read more about PRSONAS-VMS
NOVIDIC is a QR code enabled visitor management software designed to help businesses and public places including hospitals, libraries, hotels, airport terminals, or schools manage visitor registrations and entries. It allows supervisors to maintain visitor records with up-to-date data. Read more about NOVIDIC
FeverIQ is a HIPAA-compliant solution that monitors for COVID-19 health risks. It is designed to help businesses and schools protect employees, visitors, students, and parents. FeverIQ maintains access lists for contact tracing purposes and provides automated alerts for yellow/red health results. Read more about FeverIQ
Find hidden opportunities by implementing a visitor check-in system with the Autonix visitor dashboard. Dive into data to find new trends, ensure compliance, reward loyalty and more. Read more about Autonix
Virtual Front Desk is a unique visitor management system built around human interaction. The app allows you to easily turn a tablet or touch screen PC into a video reception to greet & service your customers remotely. Read more about Virtual Front Desk
Monitio looks after your entire workplace screening program to ensure an easy, efficient, and cost-effective transition to building pandemic resilience. Read more about Monitio
Free web reservation booking engine for bed and breakfasts, hotels, hostel, cabin, condo, vacation rental, etc. Take reservations directly from your website. Read more about Moonicorn
Protoco is a cloud-based visitor management software designed to help businesses manage front office operations across multiple locations. Administrators can store visitors’ information in a centralized database and automate the entire registration process, from visitor login to checkout. Read more about Protoco
Coda quick is a mobile queue management system that allows businesses, including doctors surgeries, retail shops, restaurants, and other public places, to manage queues using QR codes. The tool is available via native iOS and Android mobile apps. Read more about Coda quick
Raptool Visitor Management is a web and mobile-based software that helps businesses capture guest data to facilitate check-in processes. Administrators can receive real-time notifications via email and text messages regarding arrival of guests. Read more about Raptool Visitor Management
Q Waits Business is a cloud-based waitlisting software that helps businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to manage virtual queues. Supervisors can embed check-in URLs across business websites or enable customers to receive check-in prompts through SMS. Read more about Q Waits Business
Visitor Management enables users to track visitors coming in and out of your building allowing you to know WhosOnLocation at any time. It also helps track employees, contractors, and couriers, assets like keys, access cards, manage car park spaces and more. Read more about VISITOR
Vizmo is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses manage visitors entering office premises by automating the process of verifying phone numbers, capturing IDs, & printing badges. Enterprises can customize their kiosks with brand logo/colors & modify questions according to visitor type. Read more about Vizmo
Gate Key is a cloud-based visitor management system designed to assist apartment complexes & gated communities with managing guests, pets & registered vehicles. Key features include a contact database, guest registration, activity tracking, incident reporting, data export & third-party integrations. Read more about Gate Key
An enterprise-grade Visitor Management System / Lobby Management System helps Visitor Registration, Visitor Pass Issue and Visitor Movement Tracking. Visitors will be screened, registered, signed in quickly, and allowed to visit only permissible areas via integration with access control devices. Read more about eFACiLiTY
Lobbyfix es una herramienta simple y moderna que te ayuda a proteger a tu personal y visitantes contra contagios de COVID19, al proporcionar un mecanismo de registro completamente Touchless ( Sin contacto). Read more about Lobbyfix
Timecloud is the ultimate replacement for manual logbooks, improving the way you manage visitors, contractors, and staff with contactless mobile/kiosk QR code sign-in and contact tracing. Read more about TimeCloud Visitor Management
Qwaiting is a queue management system for physical lines and walk-ins at SMEs. We help service teams provide the highest level of customer service, manage workflows, plan follow-ups and real-time data insights. Qwaiting is an all-in-one system. Hassle-free installation and sustenance. Read more about Qwaiting
We provide software solutions for managing meetings, desks and visitors. It's all integrated in one, simplified flow. Read more about Pronestor
Small Business, great for companies with 1-200 employees. Made and Supported in the USA. SMS/Text and E-mail Notifications. Read more about Visitor Pro
SmartLobby is a visitor management software designed to assist businesses with badge printing, QR code scanning, NDA signing, roll call management, and more. It provides a dashboard, which enables organizations to access visitors' information from the database and collect their experience using surveys. Read more about SmartLobby
1UP VMS is a cloud-based visitor management system that can help businesses replace the need for manual visitor entries. It includes a web dashboard and a user-friendly interface for both visitors and management. Read more about 1UP VMS
BreezN is a visitor management solution for hospitals & healthcare facilities, designed to enhance the patient / visitor experience and improve site security Read more about BreezN
Navigo Visitor Management is an on-premise and cloud-based solution designed to help small to large businesses streamline and manage badging and check-in processes for visitors. It allows users to inform, manage and direct visitors to programs and public facilities. Read more about Navigo Visitor Management
DORBUK is a cloud-based visitor management system designed to help businesses of all sizes manage visitors' information, invitations, arrivals, departures, and more. It comes with a self-service kiosk, which runs on iOS and Android devices and allows guests to check in and out without assistance. Read more about DORBUK
GreetLog is a cloud-based visitor management solution designed to help businesses identify visitors and provide security within residential or commercial premises using facial recognition. Visitors can submit personal details into the system and store them in a unified database for future reference. Read more about GreetLog
Monitor the movements of every visitor, contractor and employee across every site within your entire organisation, and use the live check in dashboards to track their attendance, security and safety. Read more about SitePass
uScann is an AI-driven, automated, contact free, IoT enabled temperature screening system that helps businesses and educational institutions to monitor incoming visitors’ body temperatures. Additional features include touch less attendance, visitor management system with facial recognition Read more about uScann
Bisner Visitor Management is designed to help businesses streamline check-in processes for visitors and ensure workplace safety across multiple locations. It enables organisations to capture and store visitors’ contact details, identity proofs, and other information in one centralised hub. Read more about Bisner Visitor Management
welcome-soft is designed to help businesses manage greetings, visitors, and staff information. It lets users bundle information, plan rooms, schedule appointments, greet visitors, and provide the latest information on events and training courses. The app displays the data on a single screen. Read more about welcome-soft
Allpass is a safety management software that helps medium to large businesses, schools, and event organizers conduct health screening checks to secure workplaces. The platform lets teams check-in, certify health status, and receive a pass to enter premises. Read more about Allpass
LocalVisits is a booking and schedule management tool that lets you book new customers and keep track of appointments. Read more about LocalVisits
Safe Site Check In is an environment, health, and safety (EHS) management tool designed to help businesses streamline workplace safety using a paperless online screening tool. The application helps construction site supervisors handle job tasks, visitor management, and reporting in real-time. Read more about Safe Site Check In
SafePass is a secure cloud-based visitor management and identity management software that allows administrators to know visitor location at all times and provides a historical record and playback option. Employees can set up geofences to automatically generate alerts when visitors wander into restricted areas. Read more about SafePass
CloudApper Visitors is a paperless visitor management software solution that can be operated on cloud-based platforms and mobile devices. Read more about CloudApper Visitors
Safe and efficient arrival, several options for self-check-in, and physical queues that transform into virtual ones. Cloud Customer Journey Management makes queuing safer, faster and more pleasant than ever. Read more about Qmatic

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