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WPCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help businesses in distribution and manufacturing industries handle quotes, analytics, service issues, marketing automation processes, and more from within a unified platform. Its service design module allows professionals to manage service catalogs, availability, capacity,... Read more about WPCRM
CloudOffix is an all-in-one CRM platform with a 360-degree view of the customer while offering easy customization features, having access to all the natively integrated apps through one screen. Read more about CloudOffix
Responser is a powerful form analytics and optimization software that can increase conversions. It allows you to see the whole form funnel of how people are interacting with your forms, including information about what fields they are filling in or abandoning. Read more about Responser
Imprint software is a web-based Salesforce tracking and management solution. The platform helps automate and streamline sales operations for businesses. Key features include lead management, referral tracking, sales forecasting, performance metrics, document and contact storage database management. Read more about IMPRINT is an automated personal email followup software for warm & cold contacts. Used by sales reps, agencies & freelancers with high-touch sales pipelines. Read more about Bluetick
An application to receive, manage and respond to public contracts in France. Read more about Wanao
Flomill is an inbound sales automation platform connecting relevant leads with the sales team directly. It enables employees to generate, qualify, schedule, route, and manage leads in one place. Read more about Flomill
BeTyphon helps telecalling teams with call tracking and recording and lead management, which increases employee performances. Read more about BEtyphon
Blacksales automates and structures lead generation. With more appointments booked and less time spent on tedious tasks, salespeople can focus 100% on talking to hot and cold prospects to maximise their closing rate. More than 150 clients trust us with an average ROI of x17. Read more about Blacksales
Integrate your current CRM system and use JUNE workflows to manage your leads and follow-up requests. Read more about JUNE - Landing Pages
LeadHub merges data management system features with modern marketing attributes. It offers lead generation, validation, transactional processes, and sales automation capabilities with affiliate tracking technologies. Read more about Leadhub
eServe platform offers travel and expense management solutions that automate and simplify the process of creating travel requests. The ecosystem is suitable from startups to medium and large enterprises. Admin can configure company travel policies, design approval workflows, and audit transactions. Read more about eServe
Prepare your pre-sales to generate results. Sales teams armed with information meet goals. The sales flow is efficient and organized. Read more about isoCRM
Partner Insight is a partner management platform that allows companies to collaborate with their channel partners on a single shared platform. Automate partner engagement, reporting and data sharing to grow revenue faster. Read more about Partner Insight
The Drips AI-powered platform helps brands engage with prospects and customers through Conversational Texting and calling. Some features include SMS messages, geo/area code match records, and time zone overrides/routing. Read more about Drips
OutReachly by 500apps is a lead management solution that can capture, nurture, and qualify leads across social media channels. Read more about OutReachly
Leadz Core offers companies the tools for targeted and economical lead management, enabling them to generate digital leads quickly and effectively. Key attributes include contact storage and management, lead generation, automatic lead profiling, qualifying and routing, evaluation and reporting, etc. Read more about Leadz Core
Occupancy CRM+ helps businesses manage leads, waitlists, and other administrative tasks using built-in automation. Read more about Occupancy CRM+
LeadAngel provides cloud-based solutions for automated lead routing, distribution, and follow-up. Our technology allows companies to create real-time marketing campaigns that allow them to attract and engage customers through targeted messaging. Read more about LeadAngel
Conversion Tracking is a cloud-based lead management tool that helps small to large eCommerce businesses track their visitors, prospects, leads, and customers at every step of their journey, from advertising campaigns to websites. The software can track phone calls and emails as well as form submissions and webchat requests. Read more about Conversion Tracking
More than just a website builder, Vert is a complete platform for managing sales and marketing efforts. Vert saves time and money by including all the tools required to grow the business right out of the box. Read more about Vert
CoverStack is a B2B zero-code platform that was created to focus on empowering industry players with the right set of tools. Read more about CoverStack
Pega Sales Automation is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to manage customer engagement, opportunity insights, guided selling, and other operations across the entire sales pipeline. With Pega Sales Automation, companies can personalize and automate interactions with customers and prospects, while improving sales performance by... Read more about Pega Sales Automation
Successeve is a customer lifecycle management software offering a series of products that help companies increase customer conversion, retention, and expansion. Read more about Retain & Expand
Sales Bacon provides you all the tools you need to supercharge your marketing efforts from SMS marketing to ringless voicemail and much more. Read more about Sales Bacon
Our lead management tool offers you numerous insights into your sales process and the decision-making processes of potential customers: thanks to the Sales Funnel Report, Campaign Milestones and the World Activity Globe, you are assured of the greatest possible transparency in lead management Read more about EVALANCHE
Heeros Small Business software helps sole proprietors and small businesses automate invoicing, quoting, approvals, billing hours and expenses in one unified work management platform. Start from free and pay for what you need throughout your business' growth journey. Read more about Heeros Small Business
Digitaler Assistent is a web-based software that offers each customer a personal digital assistant and enables them to present their financing project independently and comprehensively. The software streamlines booking appointments and getting an immediate quote, so the finance broker can get a feel for the customer's profile and needs, give... Read more about Digitaler Assistent
Corenio is a cloud-based ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Create and edit products, and activate them on multiple marketplaces. Receive your orders in Corenio, and synchronize all your warehouse stocks to multiple marketplaces or any other third party. And much more! Read more about Corenio
All-in-one lead management software to help you capture leads automatically, centralize leads communication over email and WhatsApp, send quotations, track salesman-wise performance, manage pipelines, and more. Read more about Refrens ABC
Vantage Deal Suite is a central database for your firm’s investments, which includes contact information, deal documents, and meeting details. You can set up organizational hierarchies to prioritize tasks across teams, track the progress of the deal process, automatically generate reports and distribute critical deal documents with the push of a... Read more about Vantage Deal Suite
Lead Force CRM enables businesses to centralize customer data and interactions to gain insights and make informed decisions. Users can track leads, opportunities, and deals, and collaborate with team members through the sales funnel. Read more about Lead Force CRM
Track automates inbound lead qualification, scheduling and routing to help sales and marketing teams convert leads faster. Read more about Track
EVERLEAD is comprehensive sales enablement software tailored for businesses of all sizes. With easy-to-use features like lead management tools, email marketing, and sales automation workflows, EVERLEAD helps grow your business. Read more about EVERLEAD
Bizzy helps sales professionals, marketers, and investors to get an instant view on companies, find targets, and enrich their records. And because we use the latest technologies in AI and machine learning to automate our data collection and analysis, all insights are much smarter and more up-to-date. Read more about Bizzy
SuperSales is a field sales CRM platform that helps businesses track on-field activities and measure all inputs put by the salesperson in the sales process by effective use of GPS and mobile cameras. Read more about SuperSales
Customer relationship management (CRM), human resource management (HRM), project management functionalities, and finance management are all combined into one simple-to-use platform by Chotevi, an all-in-one piece of software. Read more about Chotevi
Cirqll is a cloud-based CRM solution that helps businesses manage customer contacts, leads, appointment tasks, and more. Read more about Cirqll
Videobot is a cloud-based lead generation tool that helps businesses create personalized video funnels, manage sales conversion rates, navigate users to find content, and more on a unified platform. Read more about Videobot
Optimize lead management with AskFlow! Uncover customer preferences through our user-friendly interface and engaging quizzes, empowered by AI-driven personalized recommendations. Seamlessly integrate interactive quizzes into your Shopify store, unlocking valuable insights to elevate your store! Read more about Askflow
Toplyne is a behavioral lead-scoring platform built on first-party product usage, CRM, billing, and third-party enrichment data used by businesses of all sizes to generate a sales pipeline from their self-serve funnel. Read more about Toplyne
SalesFuel is a cloud-based lead capture software that provides direct phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles of companies and their employees. Add an extension to your Chrome browser to access data. Read more about Sales Fuel
Welcome to the forefront of business evolution with CallDigit AI! Our tailor-made AI Assistants are orchestrating a paradigm shift in customer engagement. By harnessing the power of AI, we not only streamline interactions but also ensure lead authenticity through seamless verification. Read more about CallDigit AI
HEIapply: Elevate admissions with Sales & Marketing, CRM, Automation, Real-time Reports, AI, and more. Simplify, streamline, succeed. Read more about HEIApply-lite

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