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Prevent click fraud on your Google and Facebook Ad campaigns. Stop bots and competitors from clicking on your ads automatically. We Only Block Bad Bots Read more about CHEQ Essentials
ClickGUARD is a fully automated, powerful protection tool that enables businesses to run secure & effective pay-per-click campaigns. The software eliminates unwanted clicks on your PPC ads, cleans up your traffic, and saves your budget for your real audience. Read more about ClickGUARD
Automatically exclude bots and fake ad engagements across all your paid marketing channels including Google, Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more. Read more about Lunio
Protect your online ads from bots and other invalid clicks with Spider AF’s fully-automated platform. Block only malicious clicks in real-time and see your ROI improve. Eliminate fraud from your PPC campaign and reserve your marketing budget for genuine leads with a real interest in your business. Read more about Spider AF
Queue-it lets teams control traffic inflow to your website, acting as a security checkpoint for you to block bad bots and abuse. Read more about Queue-it Virtual Waiting Room
ESET Endpoint Security is a network monitoring solution, which helps businesses manage processes for detecting threats, blocking targeted attacks, preventing data breaches & providing protection against ransomware. It lets users monitor behavior of malicious processes and decloak memory segments. Read more about ESET Endpoint Security
TitanHQ's WebTitan web filter is a DNS based web content filtering tool that blocks malware, ransomware and phishing attempts, and provides advanced web content control. Read more about WebTitan
GeeTest CAPTCHA protects websites, mobile apps, and APIs against malicious bot attacks while ensuring a smooth user experience. Read more about GeeTest CAPTCHA
Bot detection and mitigation from AppTrana protects your web apps & APIs from malicious bot traffic with the dashboard that offers real. Read more about AppTrana
DataDome Anti-bot Protection software is a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses identify and prevent bot attacks in real-time using in-memory pattern databases along with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Read more about DataDome
CHEQ's Bot Mitigation Engine runs advanced techniques to prevent invalid bot activity, uncovering and blocking malicious botnets. With cleaner traffic, you'll avoid ad fraud, payment fraud, and bot traffic attacks such as DDoS Read more about Paradome
Bot management solution designed to protect your business from automated (bots) attacks. Read more about CloudFilt
Beacon provides Click Fraud Protection on Google Ads, Bing, Facebook & Instagram, empowering marketers to accurately measure campaign results, waste less budget & improve ROAS. Bots mean c.40% of ad spend is simply wasted. Beacon detects & blocks those bots. Waste less budget & reach more people! Read more about Beacon
Radware Bot Manager is an automated bot detection solution that is suitable for websites and mobile applications. It is suitable for businesses in various industries, including e-commerce, financial services, travel, media, and others. With this solution, users gain granular visibility and detailed insights related to malicious bot traffic.... Read more about Radware Bot Manager
Imperva Sonar is a unified cybersecurity platform that provides fully integrated protection for applications and databases against emerging, automated, and insider attacks. It can be used to protect critical databases, applications, websites, and, APIs. The Imperva Sonar platform includes behavioral analysis, threat prevention, data governance,... Read more about Imperva Sonar
FortiEDR is an endpoint detection and response security solution. It provides real-time threat intelligence, visibility, analysis, and other functionality to protect and manage endpoint security. With machine learning and post-infection protection, FortiEDR can streamline critical security workflows and reduce disruption for business operations.... Read more about FortiEDR
condignum is a cloud-based compliance management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes and industries handle security requirements and risks. It allows administrators to automatically evaluate complex issues using knowledge databases within the platform. Read more about condignum
Myra Security Deep Bot Management: Protect your web applications from unwanted requests and malicious bots. Read more about Myra Web Application Security
Quantum Network Security is a scalable suite of solutions that protect against Gen V cyber attacks across networks, endpoints, clouds, data centers, and more. The suite provides a unified management platform, SandBlast threat prevention, hyper-scale networking, plus VPN and IoT security. Quantum Network Security also offers security gateway... Read more about Quantum Network Security
Bot Manager by Akamai is an advanced bot detection solution designed to block malicious bots from disrupting business websites. This solution can mitigate bot activity that can negatively affect time and revenue. Using dashboards, snapshots, and analytics, businesses can access granular visibility into bot traffic. Bot Manager provides protection... Read more about Bot Manager
Haltdos is a DDoS mitigation solution for online businesses to defend against a wide range of DDoS attacks to minimize application downtime and latency. Read more about Haltdos
Netacea Bot Management is a cloud-based solution which protects mobile applications, websites & application programming interfaces (APIs) from various online threats such as scraping, credential stuffing, & more. An Intent Analytics engine uses machine learning to distinguish bots from humans. Read more about Netacea Bot Management
hCaptcha is a privacy-first bot mitigation platform. It provides bot and fraud management solutions for organizations that require rapid deployment and strict privacy compliance to defeat sophisticated attacks with minimal customer friction. The solution includes various features such as reporting, threat signatures, compliance management, machine... Read more about hCaptcha
Active Bot Protection by Variti is a security platform that helps enterprises detect fraud and protect websites and APIs from DDoS attacks. IT administrators can view the web traffic and block unwanted bots from reaching the site. Read more about Active Bot Protection
BitNinja is a cloud-based security suite designed to protect servers from botnets, scans, and other types of web attacks. Hosting providers can use the BitNinja defense network to detect and block botnet attacks. Features include real-time IP reputation, DoS detection, malware detection, and more. By analyzing all newly added rules, BitNinja aims... Read more about BitNinja
Reblaze is a complete web security solution that is deployed as a reverse proxy on a virtual private cloud. It’s designed to protect web applications and API servers. Reblaze routes, scrubs, and blocks malicious incoming traffic without the need for downtime that can affect business. With full bot mitigation capabilities, it blocks hostile traffic... Read more about Reblaze
InfiSecure is a bot mitigation solution that blocks automated attacks on websites and APIs. It uses advanced bot detection technology to protect from top automated threats, such as web and price scraping, content theft, account takeover, form spam, carding fraud, and more. InfiSecure offers customized API integration kits. It is suitable for... Read more about InfiSecure
PerimeterX offers a suite of products, Bot Defender, Code Defender, and Page Defender to protect businesses from online attacks. It uses behavioral fingerprinting, machine learning, and predictive analytics to recognize real users while blocking automated attacks. The suite can protect against web scraping, carding, browser extensions, digital... Read more about PerimeterX
ThreatX is a API and web application protection platform that can instantly protect business operations against cyber threats such as bot-based attacks, exploitations of vulnerabilities, zero-day attacks, and more. As a ThreatX managed service, this platform offers multi-layered detection capabilities and behavior analysis that can identify... Read more about ThreatX
Arkose Labs is a global online account security and bot management company that works with the largest companies in the world to stop credential stuffing, ATOs, fake new accounts, phishing, IRSF, etc. Read more about Arkose Labs

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