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Affise is a performance marketing software for networks, advertisers & agencies to manage their affiliate networks, track traffic, & optimize their results Read more about Affise
Salesforce Sales Cloud is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application from Salesforce. Sales Cloud helps sales teams win more deals and understand the health of their business on a platform that grows with them. Read more about Salesforce Sales Cloud
Zoho CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses of all sizes close deals smarter, better and faster. The solution lets businesses reach their customers through every channel, including telephone, email, social media, and live chat. Read more about Zoho CRM
PartnerStack is the only partnerships platform built for SaaS, designed to deliver predictable revenue and accelerate growth for software businesses and their partners. Read more about PartnerStack
GlassHive assists businesses in the IT industry such as MSPs, MSSPs, VARs, and more. It caters to businesses of all sizes. It enables teams to manage marketing and sales efforts using intuitive tools, pre-built content, and insightful data. Read more about GlassHive
Hifive enables businesses to embrace introductions and connections for a variety of purposes, including sales, recruitment, fundraising, partnerships, and networking processes. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with LinkedIn, enhancing the process of connecting with professionals. By sitting directly atop the LinkedIn platform, Hifive... Read more about Hifive
Mindmatrix is a partner and channel management software that helps businesses manage recruitment, opportunities, leads, social campaigns, business plans, personalized sales, and other operations from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to onboard partners, distribute incentives, monitor performance, route leads, register deals, and... Read more about Mindmatrix
Stacker is a cloud-based application builder that integrates with Google Sheets and Airtable to allow businesses to transform their spreadsheets into custom apps. The platform provides app customization tools to provide users with intuitive access to data. Read more about Stacker
Swaarm is a performance-based marketing platform and it provides an market tracking and campaign management solution. Read more about Swaarm
Zift Solutions delivers easy, integrated solutions and services to drive channel success. Visit to learn more. Read more about Zift Solutions
Magentrix specializes in partner portals (PRM) and customer success portals. Seamlessly integrating with your CRM to maintain a single corporate data source. Read more about Magentrix
Calibrated to meet the challenges of strategic partner enablement today, Rallyware delivers a platform that integrates companies & partners using the latest in digital transformation technology, showing your partners the just-right activity to complete at the right time to develop product awareness. Read more about Rallyware
Allbound is the leading PRM tool used to manage partners and resellers in one place. Store content, increase partner engagement, manage pipeline, get real-time reporting and integrate all of your favorite tools. Read more about Allbound
Impartner optimizes partner programs to elevate business ecosystems. It streamlines partner recruitment, cooperative marketing/selling, and performance management. Impartner PRM integrates with Salesforce and other CRMs to accelerate go-to-market strategy and drive revenue growth. Read more about Impartner PRM
Elioplus PRM is a cloud-based partner management software, that helps organizations register deals, distribute leads, manage content, and onboard and collaborate with partners on a unified platform. Read more about Elioplus PRM
Unifize is a cloud-based collaboration software that helps bring people, processes and data into one collaborative platform that looks and feels like a simple chat app. Infinitely configurable to processes using a drag-and-drop builder. Read more about Unifize
WorkSpan is the answer to your partner ecosystem management challenges. WorkSpan’s ecosystem Business Management (EBM) solution bridges the gap in the successful execution of a partner ecosystem. A Secure Cloud Solution to Discover, Manage, and Monetize Your Partnerships. Read more about WorkSpan
Kademi is a cloud-based lead management solution that helps businesses plan, organize, and launch leadership meetings and certification programs on a unified platform. Read more about Kademi
MaxBill facilitates service providers' business growth by giving the full control over the company's operations, allowing for easy introduction and control of new services, partner onboarding and customer experience management. Read more about MaxBill
Channeltivity is a cloud-based partner relationship management (PRM) software designed to help businesses streamline the entire partner management lifecycle, from recruiting and onboarding to performance tracking and lead management. Partners can use the built-in partner portal to access marketing or instructional content and customize the... Read more about Channeltivity
Kiflo is a cloud-based partner relationship management (PRM) software, which helps businesses identify and onboard new partners and run multiple programs to enhance sales opportunities. Features include asset management, mobile lead forms, deal registration, lead sharing, and co-selling activities. Read more about Kiflo
Crossbeam is a partner management system that helps businesses streamline account mapping, multi-partner reporting, data import and other administrative operations. Professionals can build lists of prospects, customers and opportunities using data from multiple sources such as Google Sheets and CSVs. Read more about Crossbeam
StructuredWeb is a channel automation platform that combines a flexible platform with proven go-to-market strategies and service. Read more about StructuredWeb
Channelyze is the only channel management solution to work fully over 2-tiers. it supports 1-tier and 2-tier models all the way from lead generation to renewal. It offers channel management and is fully automated. Read more about Channelyze
xAmplify is a partner management software that helps businesses with marketing automation, sales enablement, and omnichannel marketing campaign management. Managers can share content and send messages to engage and coordinate with partners across activities. Read more about xAmplify
Partner Portal is a partner management software that helps businesses manage commissions, monitor leads, track payments, create agent profiles, and more from within a unified platform. It enables team members to create a white-labeled portal with custom logos, colors, themes, domain names, fonts, navigation, and more, facilitating brand consistency... Read more about Partner Portal
Partner Insight is a partner management platform that allows companies to collaborate with their channel partners on a single shared platform. Automate partner engagement, reporting and data sharing to grow revenue faster. Read more about Partner Insight
PartnerActivate is built from the ground up to address common problems in channel management and deliver a clever, scalable, and connected solution to engage and activate Partners with maximum efficiency. Read more about PartnerActivate
PartnerAlign integrates into the Partner’s workflow, making it simple for them to recommend and sell your solution. A single login into a platform built to maximize revenue means multi-vendor sales are a breeze for Partners. Read more about Zomentum PartnerAlign
PartnerTap is a data-driven discovery platform for partner revenue. PartnerTap gives partner, channel, and sales teams a secure partner ecosystem platform to map data, co-sell, and identify new white space accounts with each partner. Read more about PartnerTap
AppReseller transforms partner relationship management into thriving partner ecosystems where partners not only resell/refer customers but also can bring their own complementary solutions into a marketplace, enabling next-generation PRM. Read more about AppReseller
Roundesk is your partner value generator who accompanies you in your projects of business telecommunications and customer relationship management (CRM), from the thought to the implementation and beyond. Read more about Roundesk
Designed for automotive, manufacturing, aviation, building materials, chemicals, and other industries, PartnerPortal is a cloud and web-based solution that helps channel partners access documents, upload invoices, generate reports, and more through a self-service portal. Read more about PartnerPortal
allianceboard provides a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to manage their strategic alliances and partnerships more effectively Read more about allianceboard

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