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An ideal tool to manage a hybrid work and permanent workstation that provides an all-in-one package for space management solutions. Read more about Seating Allocation Solution
A workplace that works for your people. Help people book meeting rooms, change desks, and find their teammates quicker. No wandering. No wondering. Read more about Robin
Simple Office is a booking and scheduling software for for hot desk, assigned desk and remote teams. It offers easy booking of working areas and other office spaces. It has a UX-friendly platform for connected workplace experiences. Read more about Simple Office
Tribeloo is the easy-to-use desk booking solution to collaborate in the hybrid workplace. Change management is hard. Therefore, Tribeloo makes it easy to bring employees back together and optimize your hybrid workplace.​ Read more about Tribeloo
POC System is a cloud-based facility management solution which helps medium to large businesses manage commercial real estate & seating allocation. The platform provides a real-time view of space inventory & work areas, enabling managers to design seating plans and optimize utilization. Read more about POC System
Hybrid working can be complex with multiple moving people, process and facilities components. WiggleDesk makes it easy to manage who is coming into the office, when and where. Employees can simply self serve and book the best spaces for productive work. Read more about WiggleDesk
Envoy Desks makes it easy for employees to book a desk for the day, by the hour or in advance, right from their phone. Give people the flexibility to choose where to sit and filter on amenities like standing desks, depending on what they need that day. Read more about Envoy
From visitors to employees to contractors and beyond, manage people flows your way – while staying secure and globally compliant. Includes health screening prior to the visit and 100% touchless check-in. Read more about Proxyclick
Transform your workplace with a simple, secure solution that manages your visitors, employees, resources and more. The most loved and best-value workplace management solution. Read more about SwipedOn
Give your people an easy tool to book their desks and rooms — next to the co-workers they miss most. Boost engagement & productivity. Read more about Skedda
WorkInSync is a SaaS solution that enables organizations to establish hybrid workplaces and employees' safe return-to-office. Read more about WorkInSync
Clearooms is a cloud based software that puts users in control of both hot desking and room booking all within one system. Users can instantly see availability across floor plans and get further information on desk facilities, meeting details, attendee's and more. Read more about Clearooms
Othership is a flexible working platform that gives the freedom to work how and where users want, whether remote, hybrid or in the office. Read more about Othership
Eden provides the all-in-one platform for HR, Workplace, and People Operations professionals to make workflows easier across their organization. Read more about Eden Workplace
iOFFICE is a cloud-based integrated office system which assists medium to large sized corporations with visitor and facility management. Its key features include scheduling, meeting room booking, ID scanning, registration, document management, space utilization and courier tracking. Read more about iOFFICE
Discover the world’s most flexible Desk Booking Solution. Specifically designed for hybrid working. Give your employees the ability to view who is in the office, check desk availability and book a desk prior to going to the office. Read more about Ronspot
hybo is a SaaS solution that facilitates the booking and management of office workspaces to create a hybrid work environment. Read more about hybo
Teem is a cloud-based meeting room booking solution with at-a-glance availability, real-time scheduling, trouble ticketing, utilization reporting, and more Read more about Teem
Condeco is a leader in innovative workspace management solutions for flexible work. Read more about Condeco
Everything you need from a hybrid workplace management platform, plus the ability to book desks and meeting rooms, not only within the office but also in hundreds of co-working spaces. Available as web, mobile and Slack app. Read more about Nibol
A hybrid workplace software suite consisting of room and desk booking, work planning, digital signage, and visitor management solutions. With focus on ease-of-use and efficiency, they are fitted to all business sizes and needs. From simple room reservation to hybrid work - just plug and play. Read more about YAROOMS
Live sensor data on digital floor plans. Assist employees to navigate the office & find a suitable space with the right amenities and comfort. Either by using the Workplace App on their smartphone or through a range of other intuitive touchpoints. Crowdedness indication. Remotely controlled device. Read more about Spacewell
UMA Provides Meeting Room, Desk Booking, Locker Booking, Space Management & Hardware Monitoring all from our UMA Vision SaaS Platform. We integrate with meeting room hardware & leverage data from these devices. Our latest additions Integrations are with Cisco and Jabra Cameras bring people count. Read more about UMA Vision
OfficeSpace Software is a cloud-based facility management solution designed to help users create and allocate workspaces for critical administrative tasks using a range of features, including desk booking, resource tracking, plus move, space and request management, and more Read more about OfficeSpace
ELIA assists with the desk booking process by allowing employees to book a workspace according to their specific needs through a set of filters. It comes with an interactive map that shows real-time occupancy and lets employees find their colleagues whenever they need to. Read more about elia
Schedule meetings and events, maximizing the utilization of rooms and other resources, across any distance Read more about EMS
Deskfound is a cloud-based space management software that helps employees book available desks and view floor plans from within the Slack application. It lets supervisors assign desk owners, view seating arrangements, and manage workspace for designated days or weeks. Read more about Deskfound
The hybrid working platform that coordinates your people, projects, and spaces. Read more about Kadence
Nspace's desk booking, room booking, and visitor management software improves operations and enhances the overall employee and guest experience. Nspace proudly powers the hybrid offices of BDO, United Way, and Staples. Read more about Nspace
Gaia Workspace is a comprehensive space management solution that offers room and desk booking, resource management, and analytical capabilities. Gaia Workspace is designed to enhance your workspace efficiency and elevate your hybrid working approach with its reliable features. Read more about Gaia Workspace
An all-in-one platform trusted by Fortune 500s to deliver a fully customized solution to desk bookings, complete with real-time floorplan views, mobile apps and Buddy syncs. End users require no special training. It just works! Read more about Zynq Workspace
Yoffix is a cloud-based desk booking tool for hybrid teams that helps to optimize office use but also to bring teams together and enhance productivity. Read more about yoffix
All-in-one hybrid work platform. Includes desks and meeting rooms booking system, work scheduling, office analytics, navigation and interactive maps. Read more about UnSpot
Wisp is the #1 Space Management Solution. You'll easily manage hybrid, hoteling, and assigned seating. Features include: Desk Reservations, Wayfinding, Move Management, Analytics, Drag-and-Drop Icons, Space Planning, and more. Read more about Wisp
Cloud-based desk reservation tool that helps businesses handle space booking, access control, digital floor plans, and more. Read more about Okku
Employees choose where they sit to get the most out of the day, also available via QR code check-in. Employees can reserve a desk multiple days or weeks in advance and save desks & rooms as favourites. Empower employees to filter and book the perfect desk with what they need for the day. Read more about Witco
Effortlessly manage workspaces with our desk booking solution. Reserve desks, view real-time availability, see colleagues' work locations, and optimize space utilization via app or desktop, fostering a flexible, efficient, and connected hybrid work environment. Read more about inspace
Always know who will be in the office Officely shows you and your team who will be in and what’s happening in the office. All in Slack. Read more about Officely
Kalena is a software application that allows you to manage the use and booking of desks and workspaces in the office, optimizing the use of space and ensuring the safety of employees. As simple as picking up your mobile phone and making a comprehensive booking for everything you need. Read more about KALENA
OfficeRnD Hybrid helps companies simplify the return to the office and implement and manage a hybrid work model. Read more about OfficeRnD Hybrid
Smarten Spaces is a hybrid workplace solution to connect businesses with workspaces for hybrid or digital employees. Companies can book desks or meeting rooms for employees and teams. It also supports visitor access management, consulting floor plans, dashboards, and space allocation reports. Read more about Smarten Spaces Hybrid Workplace Software
Smartway2 is an intelligent workplace scheduling tool that makes hybrid working effortless. Book desks, meeting rooms, parking spots and more in 3 clicks or less. Read more about Smartway2
Instantly search and book workspaces with the ResourceXpress Mobile App for iOS and Android devices. Read more about ResourceXpress
Use Acall to design your workday and connect to your distributed hybrid workforce at the right time and place. Easily visualize where and when your team members are working. Conveniently reserve your spot via web portal, mobile app or a kiosk. Request a free demo or take up a free trial! Read more about Acall
Sequoia brings your traditionally siloed demographic data, benchmarking, and financial modeling tools together in one place. It delivers the proactive decision-making power HR leaders need to get more value from their people investment and higher level of employee satisfaction. Read more about Sequoia
FLYDESK is a meeting room booking system that enables hybrid work for flexible teams and shared offices via mobile applications. FLYDESK also integrates one of the largest networks of coworking spaces to book a desk or meeting room on-demand and globally. Read more about FLYDESK
Tactic is a hybrid management platform that empowers employees to choose when they want to work in-office with desk, meeting room, and parking spot reservations. Read more about Tactic
Shiawa offers a desk booking software enabling employees to book a desk for the coming day or week. Plan your week(s) in one, simple flow and select the time that fits your calendar and the desk attributes supporting you in carrying out your tasks. Read more about Shiawa
The flexible solution for internal and external bookings. Share resources and coordinate appointments efficiently. Get a personal consultation now and start for free! Read more about anny

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