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NameScan assist firms in complying with AML/CTF and sanctions regulations and reducing reputational risk by providing KYC and KYB screening solutions. Read more about NameScan
MemberCheck's Risk Management and reporting solution helps businesses conduct AML/CTF screening based on global standards. The solution specialises in PEP, Sanctions, Adverse Media and ID Verification. Read more about MemberCheck
Ondato is a cloud-based compliance management solution for financial institutions, which provides tools for identity verification, customer onboarding, data validation, authentication & more. The suite of tools includes photo and video identity verification, facial biometric authentication & more. Read more about Ondato
IDenfy is a cloud-based identity platform that offers secure and reliable identity verification services to businesses, individuals, and developers. It combines a full stack of onboarding, check-out, and authorization features to provide its clients with a robust end-to-end solution. Read more about iDenfy
Udentify proves someone is who they say they are or how old they are when opening an account and then, later on, authenticating to access or use their account; furthermore, answering the fundamental Questions; is the customer the actual live person? Read more about Udentify
A modern fraud prevention system with easy to integrate APIs, utilizing digital footprints to verify users & detect fraudsters. Read more about SEON. Fraud Fighters
Twilio Account Security offers digital identity verification and intelligence tools to build mutual trust between business and consumer. Read more about Account Security simplifies how individuals securely prove and share their identity online. Read more about
Elevate organizational security using NordPass Business — a secure and easy-to-use password manager packed with a variety of advanced security features such as ToTP authenticator, breach monitoring, multi-factor authentication, company-wide settings, single sign-on options, and more. Read more about NordPass Business
Onfido's Real Identity Platform is an end-to-end, AI powered identity verification solution that helps businesses seamlessly onboard customers while stopping fraud, and navigating regulatory requirements. Read more about Onfido is a cloud-based enterprise risk management suite designed to help businesses across retail banking, eCommerce, FinTech, eCommerce, government, hospitality, and other sectors detect and prevent identity frauds using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Read more about
IPQS, an unparalleled fraud prevention solution powered by fresh data. Detect fraud in real-time, score mobile traffic, identify high-risk users, and block abusive behavior. Ensure lead quality with data verification. Choose IPQS for proactive fraud prevention and a frictionless user experience. Read more about IPQualityScore
KYC PORTAL is a fully configurable Client Lifecycle Management solution that allows organizations of any size or type to collate all information relating to assessed entities and applicants rapidly. It provides a single, centralized, secure repository with fully customizable parameters, fields, rules, and user rights. Read more about KYC Portal
Token of Trust is a cloud-based anti-money laundering solution designed to help online merchants authenticate data and validate the identity of individuals. It collects information from multiple sources in a unified database, letting users associate behavior with real & identifiable people. Read more about Token of Trust
ComplyCube empowers businesses to onboard more customers and tackle fraud with cutting-edge Identity Verification, AML, and KYC solutions. The AI-powered verification platform checks customer identities in seconds through ID documents, selfies, videos, government databases, and much more. Read more about ComplyCube
Mati is a cloud-based anti-money laundering software designed to help businesses verify and authenticate the identity of customers through document analysis and biometric capabilities. Managers can identify fraud attempts and conduct additional verification checks via emails or mobile devices. Read more about MetaMap
GetID is a solution that helps you speed up the customer onboarding process, ensures full regulatory compliance, and reduces fraud. Read more about GetID
HyperVerge is a cloud-based identity verification solution specifically created for fraud prevention. It offers a proprietary AI that works in real time to verify and identify identities. Read more about HyperVerge
Upgrade to NextGen AML with H3M KROTON to detect more suspicious activity with one-third of alarm and HR cost. KROTON is designed from the ground up to uncover hidden links to detect and prevent crime, ensuring better compliance, enhanced regulatory relations, competitive advantage, and brand value. Read more about KROTON
Platform that helps in creating seamless customer journeys, performing Enhanced Due Diligence Checks, and doing Risk-Based Underwriting. Read more about
VaFirma is a cloud-based digital signature solution that helps businesses legally validate electronic signatures from start to finish. VaFirma allows users to upload and sign one or multiple documents from any location. Its cross-border digital signature aggregator lets members use digital certificates in a single platform. Read more about VaFirma
Persona helps businesses of all sizes easily and securely manage fully compliant KYC, AML, and identity verification programs. Read more about Persona
RapidVerify is a no-code identity verification platform that helps businesses streamline income and identity verification processes in real-time via accurate checks, a user-friendly dashboard, seamless integrations, and top-tier security. Read more about RapidVerify
SheerID provides verification for online retailers and services to ensure that special offers, discounts or promotions are accessible to eligible customers only Read more about SheerID
Authsignal is a fraud ops and authentication platform that enables the orchestration of customer journeys leveraging Passwordless Authentication flows. Drop in Authsignal to your existing Identity stack and leverage our no-code rules engine. Deploy passkeys, and secure customer journeys today! Read more about Authsignal
PlanetVerify is a cloud-based KYC platform to securely automate documents & data collection and management operations as well as ID Verification. Customer onboarding software is tailored for collecting applicant data in all sectors and for all types of businesses. Read more about PlanetVerify
Founded in 2020, Trustmatic has been on a mission to automate trust between organizations and their users. Trustmatic streamlines every verification process with great flexibility and a high level of data security. Read more about Trustmatic
Yoti Identity verification is a fast and simple way for businesses to verify the identity of their customers. It's also easy for customers to verify their own identities online through their smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Read more about Yoti Identity Verification
ValidEntry enables businesses creating in Web3.0 to transform their customer identification process with AI-driven automated identity solutions. Read more about ValidEntry
Empower your business with a comprehensive solution for real-time identity verification and digital identity and credentials management. Boost customer conversion rates with real-time document verification and provide enhanced security, transparency, and trust with every feature you need. Read more about omniVerify
Digital Identity Verification on a custom-made platform that provides our clients with the tools and the advantage of being able to adapt the technology to their every particular need. A consumer driven platform that provides both, the client and the user, with the safest verification processes. Read more about Facephi Identity Platform
Veriff is an online identity verification company that protects businesses and their customers from online identity fraud. With the help of artificial intelligence, Veriff analyses thousands of technological and behavioural variables in seconds, verifying people from 190+ countries in 34 languages. Read more about Veriff
Gataca Studio streamlines identity credentials issuance, verification, and management from one simple dashboard. Gataca Wallet securely stores tamper-proof identity credentials, allowing passwordless and privacy-preserving access to online services. Read more about Gataca
Conduct real-time or self-service agent-customer sessions through REACH Business Cloud®. Collect digital signatures, documents, payments and verify identities. REACH allows agents to guide customers through transactions in real-time or self-service mode. Read more about REACH
Signhost is a user-friendly and secure digital signing and identification solution. Its portal is designed to deliver the best digital signing experiences for businesses of all sizes, streamlining document signing processes with ease and efficiency. Read more about Signhost
TruNarrative is a cloud-based fraud detection solution designed to help businesses in banking, finance, and eCommerce industries maintain compliance during transactions. Key features include identity verification, risk assessment, account monitoring, eKYC, audit trails, and case management. Read more about TruNarrative
GlobalGateway is an anti money laundering (AML) and identity verification platform for businesses across industries including financial services, eCommerce, retail, healthcare, and government. It helps businesses to manage compliance, reduce fraud, and build trust with potential customers. Read more about GlobalGateway
Verify the identities of people and organisations using trusted sources with Signicat's Identity Proofing solution. Open the floodgates for the right customers by doing an identity check automatically in real-time as part of your digital onboarding and comply with the stringent EU Regulations. Read more about Signicat
Socure ID+ is a identity verification platform for the largest enterprises and is trusted by 4 of the 5 largest banks, 7 of the 10 largest credit card issuers, top Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) providers, top crypto exchanges, and the largest online gaming operators. Read more about Socure
Berbix is a document identity verification software that helps businesses accurately validating photo IDs, passports and driver licenses. Read more about Berbix
Argyle is the powerful payroll connectivity platform businesses rely on to automate income, employment, and identity verification for less. Automate income, employment, and identity verification. Argyle covers 85% of the US workforce and delivers 2-5x higher hit rates. Read more about Argyle
Jumio gives businesses the ability to quickly and securely verify consumers’ identities when they engage with a business. Read more about Jumio
Incode presents a highly usable, secure and privacy-centric identity solution for the world’s largest banks, financial institutions, governments, retailers and other industries that helps them increase revenue and reduce fraud while providing convenience to all their customers. Read more about Incode Omni
IDWise is a cloud-based Identity Document Verification tool that helps with E-KYC & AML Compliance Solutions, the fully automated and AI-enabled end-to-end e-KYC and AML solution enables users to fight financial crime and comply with local and international regulations, all within seconds. Read more about IDWise
Identity verification platform that uses AI to analyze any audio and detect crime including voice-to-voice and voice-to-face matching. Can identify gender and age as well as synthetic speech. Fast, Accurate, and language agnostic. Read more about VIASA
Simple, slick and smart AML software designed to simplify custom due diligence. Read more about Credas
Every voiceprint is unique. LumenVox Voice Biometrics verifies users through great customer service that doesn’t sacrifice security. A caller’s voice is compared to stored voiceprints. Enjoy flexible deployment options, enhanced user experience, reduced costs, and anti-fraud measures. Read more about Voice Biometrics
The top supplier of identity management and age verification technologies is FTx Identity. Our solutions offer a smooth user experience and are simple to integrate. Read more about FTx Identity
A platform for professionals in Credit Risk, Compliance, Sales and Marketing as well as those looking for the integration of data. This is an all-encompassing platform that provides data as a solution to all your business's needs. Read more about Red Flag Alert
Workwolf is a hiring software that finds, screens & validates quality candidates, better than humans can. Read more about Workwolf

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