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Heimdal XDR empowers security and IT teams to respond faster to threats and adversaries by supplying them with advanced threat intelligence, bi-lateral telemetry, advanced forensics details, ransomware process details, and more. End-to-end consolidated and unified security. Read more about Heimdal eXtended Detection and Response (XDR)
Intercept X Endpoint is an endpoint protection tool that helps IT administrators utilize detect and block malware attacks across networks. The software allows managers to identify and stop malicious encryption operations to protect the system against master boot record (MBR) ransomware. Read more about Intercept X Endpoint
DataSet is a next-generation, autonomous endpoint/server protection platform that protects organizations against attacks utilizing key features such as machine learning, behavioral attack detection, automated responses, and real-time forensics, with complete visibility into all activity Read more about SentinelOne
Microsoft 365 Defender is an automated, cross-domain security solution that leverages the power of the Microsoft 365 security portfolio to automatically analyze threat data across domains, building a complete picture of each attack in a single dashboard. Microsoft 365 Defender is part of Microsoft’s XDR (extend, defend, recover) strategy and aims... Read more about Microsoft 365 Defender
IBM QRadar SIEM is a security information & event management software for security teams to accurately detect and prioritize threats across the organizations, providing intelligent insights that enable security analysts to respond quickly and reduce the impact of incidents Read more about IBM Security QRadar
Falcon is a cloud-based endpoint protection platform designed to help enterprises detect, manage, and remediate threats in real-time to prevent data loss. Features include event recording, alerts, prioritization, credential management, and access control. Read more about Falcon
Cortex XDR (formerly Traps) is a threat intelligence software designed to help security teams integrate the system with network, endpoint, third-party, and cloud data to streamline investigations and prevent cyber attacks. The platform allows administrators to identify threats, isolate endpoints, and block malware across environments. Read more about Cortex XDR
Blumira is a cloud-based threat detection and response platform that helps businesses manage operations related to threat hunting, user security, and log monitoring. It allows staff members to automatically compare data across multiple systems and generate alerts based on perceived threat priority. Read more about Blumira
Protect your crown jewels, your development lifecycle, and your data with Uptycs, the unified CNAPP and XDR platform. Read more about Uptycs
Quadrant XDR is a cloud-based security analytics platform developed by Quadrant Managed Detection and Response. It is designed to provide businesses with around-the-clock threat detection and response, curated by the highest quality Security Analysts in the industry. Read more about Quadrant XDR
With cloud-native security, ExtraHop Reveal(x) detects all threats and intelligently responds using deep context and automated workflows. Businesses can streamline response workflows and proactively secure enterprise environments, whilst ensuring compliance. Read more about Reveal(x)
Cynet 360 is an all-in-one security platform that provides endpoint threat detection and response for networks that require advanced protection. It gives network administrators visibility over all networked devices, users, and events. Cyber security technology is viable for companies of all sizes. Read more about Cynet 360
Secureworks is a cybersecurity software designed to help businesses detect, investigate, and remediate threats and vulnerabilities. Key features of the platform include endpoint visibility, AI-based detections, context-based vulnerability prioritization, machine vulnerability scanning, and web application security testing. Read more about Secureworks
InsightIDR is a cloud-based cybersecurity solution, which helps businesses in food and beverage, cosmetics, media, and other sectors manage extended detection and response (XDR) across networks. The platform provides several functions such as endpoint detection and response (EDR), threat intelligence, traffic analysis, behavioral analytics,... Read more about InsightIDR
Netwitness is a suite of products (including Netwitness Platform, Network, Logs, Orchestrator, Endpoint and Detect AI) designed for cybersecurity teams to tackle threat, network, endpoint detection and response, as well as security orchestration and automation. Read more about NetWitness
Trend Micro Cloud One is cloud and cybersecurity software that helps businesses manage security policies, detect threats, receive malicious activity alerts, conduct root-cause analysis, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to set up runtime container protection, manage security policies across multi-cloud environments,... Read more about Trend Micro Cloud One
Detect threats and respond in under 20 minutes across clouds, on-premises, hybrid setups, and organizations of any size. Read more about UnderDefense MAXI
The Anomali Platform is a cloud-based and on-premise vulnerability management solution, which helps businesses in finance, aviation, banking, and other sectors handle cybersecurity via machine learning (ML). The platform offers various features including exposure management, threat intelligence, extended detection and response, risk protection,... Read more about The Anomali Platform
ThreatDefence XDR Platform is a cloud-based and on-premise cybersecurity solution, which helps businesses in legal services, education, finance, and other sectors manage threat detection and response across servers, cloud environments, endpoints, and more. The platform provides various features such as vulnerability management, dark web monitoring,... Read more about ThreatDefence XDR Platform
FYEO Domain Intelligence is FYEO's self-service threat intelligence platform that helps manage darknet mentions, leaked credential alerts, anti-phishing, and more. Read more about FYEO DI

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