Employee Scheduling Software are enterprise software tools that help automate the creation of employees’ work schedules and in managing rotas. They enable HR managers, team leaders, and supervisors to create or edit daily schedules and work shifts while taking labour laws and certification requirements into account. Such tools also allow them to keep track of employee work hours, attendance, availability, and time off. Staff scheduling software are used by professionals in virtually every field of industry to carry out static and dynamic scheduling activities. Businesses that employ the static model, such as those in the hospitality industry, can use worker scheduling tools to rotate employees on several shifts throughout the day. Businesses that have a dynamic scheduling model, such as those in field servicing, childcare, home care, pet sitting, and maintenance industries, may also use this type of software to deploy their teams to various locations as needed with real-time availability and updates. Staff scheduling tools can help businesses save time during shift scheduling, fill their shifts by scheduling preferred employees, avoid overstaffing and understaffing, prevent double-bookings, improve schedule adherence, and reduce the risk of unplanned overtime hours. In doing so, such tools can help ensure compliance with labour laws and help managers forecast their labour needs. They can also benefit employees through self-service portals, shift reminders, certification expiry alerts, shift trading options, and mobile access. Typical features of workforce scheduling software include automated scheduling via calendar syncing, remotely accessible online time clocks, holidays and leave tracking functions, as well as employee database tools. Employee scheduling tools are similar to Calendaring Software and Scheduling Software but also incorporate the main capabilities of Time Tracking and Attendance Tracking Software, as well as the forecasting abilities of more complex Workforce Management Software.

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EXPERT provides entities with process automation solutions, contributing to operational efficiency, transparency, and commitment by staff members. Key features include time & leave tracking, overtime calculation, payroll & calendar management, employee scheduling & database, online time clock, etc. Read more about EXPERT
ViQZ is an online platform that allows managers to schedule employees, directly communicate with them, and organize work-based internal e-courses or training courses. Employees can contact the organization and their colleagues via an iOS or Android employee app. Read more about ViQZ
leavedays automates most of the management of work-times, leaves, and absence notifications. Employees can access the leavedays platform via a dedicated iOS or Android app. HR departments and management have 24/7 insights into workplace planning and staffing for their departments. Read more about leavedays
MEP24web is a web-based software solution for pharmacies, clinics, practices, and other sectors like agencies, call centers, public utilities, museums, restaurants, and retail. Its main functions include employee scheduling, employee communication, and time tracking. Read more about MEP24web
Smartplan supports small and midsized companies with optimizing and digitalizing their Workforce Management processes. We offer employee scheduling tools, precise time-tracking, overtime management, absence management, a communication platform, ESS and data exports for executing further analysis. Read more about Smartplan
Online software - Scheduling for employees - agile planning of field teams - invoicing and billing. Read more about Optillio
MAP.TIME from MAP.IT allows you to manage your resources using real-time project and billing information to deliver projects on time and on-budget. Read more about MAP.TIME
Rillsoft Cloud is an employee scheduling software that helps businesses plan projects, manage documents, track employee time, set up access control, record sick leaves, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to utilize the capacity planning module to determine resource requirements, identify bottlenecks, identify free... Read more about Rillsoft Cloud
HQ Platform is a cloud-based human resource (HR) management solution designed for small to medium sized businesses across construction, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other HVAC sectors. With the customizable dashboard and permissions-based access, users can easily view metrics related to financial data, attendance or events. Read more about HQ Platform
MX-SmartScheduler is a powerful scheduling solution that enables companies to optimize and simplify their workforce management processes. Read more about MX-SmartScheduler
NETPlanning is a web-based application that helps healthcare facilities easily manage their resources (i.e., personnel activities schedule, shifts, and absence). Read more about NETPlanning
Verint Forecasting and Scheduling is a workforce management and contact center quality assurance solution that helps businesses manage shift swapping, track employee performance, handle capacity planning, and more from within a unified platform. Read more about Verint Forecasting and Scheduling
Digital T cards is a visual management tool to optimize and streamline all processes and tasks. It allows users to keep track of their work digitally. Users can also access it anytime from anywhere. Faster data transmission, real-time information, and automated reports provide meaningful insights and helps increase efficiency. Read more about T-Card
StaffNet is made with deskless and remote teams in mind. Employees can take work wherever they go. Avoid any hiccups and mixups by clearly defining the job within the scheduled event and employees can do the rest and get to work! Read more about StaffNet
Online Rostering, Employee Time Clock & Timesheets that simplify time and attendance. Read more about Urhere Online Rostering
CARGOES Rostering system is a well-planned workforce deployment system in logistics and supply chain. The product engineered by CARGOES By DP World, the DP World subsidiary itself, provides efficient logistics and supply chain services in India and worldwide. Read more about CARGOES Rostering
Breik is Shift Planning Software, it does it in a simple and intuitive way. It incorporates legal regulations, it is flexible, it is integrated with assistance software, with demand systems to avoid over or under-staffing in each shift. Read more about Breik
TimO® helps teams get work done more efficiently. Manage projects, organize tasks, appointments, resources, invoices and record working times - all in one place. Read more about TimO
Get scheduling, time tracking, payroll prep, and sales all together. So you can spend less time managing your team and more time growing your business. Square Shifts works with your Square POS and Square Dashboard, helps you optimize labor costs, simplifies payday, and empowers your team. Read more about Square Shifts
Evidence is a mobile application for Android designed for work outside the office. It provides supervision measures such as real-time GPS location as work tools including digital forms, activities, S.O.S. button, the capture of photographic evidence, digital signatures and more. Read more about Evidence
Square Team Management is an all-in-one software that can be integrated with Square POS and Square Payroll to streamline team management processes. It provides features for employee scheduling, time tracking, tip pooling, time off requests, and more. Read more about Square Team Management
NextMinute is the leading residential construction job management software, helping you manage people, planning, pricing and profits to get ahead of the game. Read more about NextMinute
Simplify your payroll processes and provide a best-in-class employee experience with our automated payroll solutions. Reduce processing time, ensure compliance, create the perfect paycheck by managing time, tax, and pay in a single, unified solution which builds lasting trust and boosting efficiency. Read more about Harmony Roze, HCM
FolhaCerta is a Portuguese-language software program for managing labor routines and employees, which makes it possible to collect electronic time clocks via cell phone with geolocation, define work schedules in shifts, approve vacation requests, control time banks, and more. Read more about FolhaCerta
For manufacturing and logistics hubs, HelloHouston is an all-in-one maintenance management software. Read more about Hello Houston
SameSystem is a workforce management software that helps businesses in the retail or food service sectors streamline, plan, and manage administrative tasks. Read more about SameSystem
Hybrid working can be complex with multiple moving people, process and facilities components. WiggleDesk makes it easy to manage who is coming into the office, when and where. Employees can simply self serve and book the best spaces for productive work. Read more about WiggleDesk
GoodTime Meet is a digital meeting solution that adapts to today's hybrid or remote workforce, and eliminates the backhanded way meetings are usually scheduled. With this platform, meetings are scheduled freely, as the process should be intuitive, simple and transparent. GoodTime Meet allows any type of team to book additional slots in real-time.... Read more about GoodTime Meet
Use Camelo to schedule, track work hours and attendance, and communicate with hourly & shift workers. Drag and drop shifts while having all information about availability, time off, overtime, and more in one place to create optimized schedules. Keep costs in control. Keep team updated. Read more about Camelo

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