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Evidence is a mobile application for Android designed for work outside the office. It provides supervision measures such as real-time GPS location as work tools including digital forms, activities, S.O.S. button, the capture of photographic evidence, digital signatures and more. Read more about Evidence
Square Team Management is an all-in-one software that can be integrated with Square POS and Square Payroll to streamline team management processes. It provides features for employee scheduling, time tracking, tip pooling, time off requests, and more. Read more about Square Team Management
Simplify your payroll processes and provide a best-in-class employee experience with our automated payroll solutions. Reduce processing time, ensure compliance, create the perfect paycheck by managing time, tax, and pay in a single, unified solution which builds lasting trust and boosting efficiency. Read more about Harmony Roze, HCM
FolhaCerta is a Portuguese-language software program for managing labor routines and employees, which makes it possible to collect electronic time clocks via cell phone with geolocation, define work schedules in shifts, approve vacation requests, control time banks, and more. Read more about FolhaCerta
For manufacturing and logistics hubs, HelloHouston is an all-in-one maintenance management software. Read more about Hello Houston
SameSystem is a workforce management software that helps businesses in the retail or food service sectors streamline, plan, and manage administrative tasks. Read more about SameSystem
Andgo’s Intelligent Shift Fill Automation Suite streamlines manual scheduling tasks by automating shift filling and vacation planning with configurable workflows. Its cloud-based platform features a modular design and integrates with partners like UKG for seamless operation. Read more about Andgo
With hellofriday's new employee scheduling feature, you can streamline the process of creating and managing schedules for your entire workforce. Simplify shift management by easily assigning shifts to employees and enabling them to request shift swaps or time-off directly through the platform. Read more about helloFriday
Use Camelo to schedule, track work hours and attendance, and communicate with hourly & shift workers. Drag and drop shifts while having all information about availability, time off, overtime, and more in one place to create optimized schedules. Keep costs in control. Keep team updated. Read more about Camelo
The ADVANTUM Software is a modular suite of logistics, freight, warehouse, labour & resource management solutions. You can use the individual modules or any combination in one platform to improve operational efficiency. Read more about ADVANTUM
SimplyRota is a comprehensive solution for managing staff rotas, including time and attendance tracking, rota scheduling, and holiday planning. With everything in one app, SimplyRota streamlines the process of managing staff schedules, saving you time and reducing scheduling headaches. Read more about SimplyRota
HAUZ is cloud-based and data-driven time clock, workforce, and operations management solution that allows businesses to manage mobile workers as well as monitor and track real-time activities. The HAUZ platform aims to push small scale businesses towards complete automation. Read more about
Zoho Shifts is an employee scheduling and time management software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. A simple and intuitive interface allows you to create employee-friendly schedules in minutes. Draft work schedules, track team hours, and message employees from any device. Read more about Zoho Shifts
guSTAFF is a cloud-based complete solution for your business. Its use is infinitely scalable, from the use by professionals to medium-sized enterprises. The software complies with German legal requirements. Read more about guSTAFF
Timesquare is a cloud-based time-tracking software that helps users optimize activity modeling, resource planning, and time-tracking processes, all in a collaborative environment. It allows users to align HR and operations with the same objectives. Read more about Timesquare
Plan&Work is an AI-powered scheduling software for efficient shift planning and workforce management. It enables users to streamline scheduling, automate work hours, manage time off, and optimize their workforce with ease. Read more about Plan&Work
ArcHRM is a cloud-based human resource management solution offered by Mobile Route Software. It helps HR teams manage all employee-related records, such as reporting managers, benefits, and more. With ArcHRM, users can customize user access roles and define which users can view and edit employee information. This makes the alignment of organization... Read more about ArcHRM
ARCOS RosterApps is the solution that helps businesses manage airline ground crew scheduling. It monitors manual processes involving paper and spreadsheets. Users can set up shift bids and let employees access and select dashboards for workflow configuration. Read more about ARCOS RosterApps
STAVAU is a cloud-based employee scheduling software tailored for effective personnel management. Its digital duty scheduling system is a user-friendly and intelligent tool that helps businesses to efficiently craft, adapt, and oversee work schedules. Furthermore, employees can effortlessly access their work hours through the mobile application. Read more about STAVAU
Lessor's secure and efficient payroll and HR system is designed to streamline payroll processes and prioritize data protection. Read more about Lessor

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