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Spark Hire is a video interviewing platform offering one-way video and live video interviews along with interview evaluation, collaboration and scheduling. Read more about Spark Hire
Timed, on-demand video assessments to your customized questions sent, managed, and evaluated in our app. Read more about Kira Talent
InterviewBuddy Pro is a cloud-based video interviewing software designed to help human resource (HR) professionals hire, retain, and nurture candidates using various assessment tools on a unified platform. It lets managers maintain digital records and secure videos using an end-to-end encryption. Read more about InterviewBuddy
TestGorilla is a pre-employment testing software designed to help businesses manage the entire hiring lifecycle, from creating assessments and inviting candidates to performing an in-depth review of results. Read more about TestGorilla is an online video interview platform that offers on-demand & live video interviews, skill assessment, and analytics to efficiently screen candidate Read more about EasyHire is the leading video conferencing platform for market research. Secure and compliant, and packed with integrated features to help you quickly and efficiently recruit globally, pay participants, schedule, interview, translate, transcribe, record sessions, and create highlight reels. Read more about
HRMatrix is a complete Human Resource Management software for any size business. It provides a tool set to manage employee data in better, easier , simpler and smarter way from onboarding to timeoff, timesheet, expense tracking, company files, e-sign, hiring, employee learning and many more. Read more about HRMatrix
Our light ATS automates 80% of the pre-screening process with AI-powered one-way video interviews. Let us identify your top candidates so you can make great hires more efficiently. Sign up for a free trial today (no credit card required)! Read more about Interviewer.AI
X0PA ROOM is a video interview platform designed to help government organizations, educational institutions, and businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to conduct assessments and screen candidates. Administrators can customize the interface by adding corporate logos or banners. Read more about X0PA ROOM
ZipRecruiter enables companies to post to multiple free job boards with a single submission and vet all applicants through simple-to-setup online interviews Read more about ZipRecruiter
Paycor is an all-in-one, cloud-based HR solution for managing recruiting, onboarding, benefits administration, payroll, time & attendance, and more Read more about Paycor
Need better quality candidates? Whether you're hiring remote employees or just wanting to dig a little deeper before a big on-site interview, video interviews are just the ticket. In Breezy, scheduling and recording a video interview is as easy as clicking `Yes'. Read more about Breezy
Streamlined, real-time and able to meet your most challenging recruitment needs, iCIMS applicant tracking software accelerates the hiring process while making it easier to reach and manage key candidates. Read more about iCIMS Talent Cloud
Jobvite is a recruiting software which helps emerging, mid-market, and enterprise companies hire top talent easily, efficiently, and effectively Read more about Jobvite
Seamlessly built into the ClearCompany Applicant Tracking System. No need to transfer files, worry about downloads, or manage multiple systems. Read more about ClearCompany
Recruitee is Europe's leading recruitment software platform for teams of all sizes. From employer branding, job promoting, and talent sourcing, to applicant tracking, Recruitee is designed to help you launch your hiring, scale your practices, and lead your hiring team. Read more about Recruitee
eSkill offers video interviewing tools that can be used alone or in conjunction with job tests and behavioral assessments. By including video interviewing in their recruiting and hiring process, clients can reduce costs and decrease time-to-hire. Read more about eSkill
Jobsoid is an online recruiting software solution, incorporating applicant tracking with talent acquisition, job advertizing and candidate management features Read more about Jobsoid
Vectera is a cloud-based online conferencing platform designed to assist sales, customer success, and financial advisory teams with meeting room scheduling and video conferencing. Key features include screen sharing, file transfer, custom branding, calendars, and data encryption. Read more about Vectera
Odro equips your recruiters with cutting-edge video interviewing, business development and marketing tools in one single solution. Our commitment to continuous innovation ensures our platform stays at the forefront of video software. Which means you stay ahead of the game. Read more about Odro
A video interview platform that enables you to customize everything on a per question basis. Allows you to structure your process and find the best candidates. Read more about VidCruiter
Build and share one-way video interviews in less than 5 minutes. Evaluate candidate video responses whenever convenient and save hundreds of hours in the process. Hireflix is the best one-way video interviewing software for small and medium businesses and institutions. Read more about Hireflix
HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests assess cognitive abilities, personality, skills, behavior, emotional intelligence and include simulations of job-related tasks. Make great hires with our employment testing, live and virtual video interviewing, remote test proctoring, and automated reference checks. Read more about HR Avatar
Vervoe's mission is to make hiring about merit, not background. We help employers make hiring decisions based on how well candidates can actually do the job instead of how good they look on paper. Read more about Vervoe
MeetFox is a cloud-based software that enables businesses to manage the entire online meeting lifecycle, from appointment scheduling and hosting to monetizing and payment processing. Consultants can add popups or booking buttons in email signatures, business websites, and social media accounts. Read more about MeetFox
Record video interview questions and invite candidates to submit video replies. See beyond the CV to make confident hiring decisions. Read more about RecRight
Talos is a UK-based applicant tracking system, designed for in-house recruiters in small to large organisations, to help them advertise jobs & manage candidates. Key features include: access to free job boards, fully branded careers page, 1-click apply, video interviewing, scorecards, & onboarding. Read more about Talos
CodeSignal is the most advanced video interviewing and assessment platform that test developers using collaborative pair programming and real-world questions. Read more about CodeSignal
Premier Virtual is the most innovative and easy-to-use virtual event platform. It specializes in virtual career fairs. Read more about Premier Virtual
HireVue is your end-to-end Hiring Experience Platform with video interview software, conversational AI, and assessments. Read more about HireVue
Getting a holistic view of candidates will allow you to decide better who you should move forward. Observe beforehand how the candidates present themselves. Read more about skeeled
interviewstream helps reduce time-to-hire for small & large recruitment teams via video, voice or written interviewing & automated interview scheduling. Read more about interviewstream
Delightfully simple video interviewing platform. Easily identify the right people without scheduling or face-to-face meetings. The trusted video solution for interviewing people in over 60 countries. Rated 86 NPS®. Read more about Willo
Fountain's mobile-first platform is trusted by organizations that rely on an hourly workforce to streamline and scale their recruiting operations across the globe. Fountain enables employers globally to make data-driven decisions and attract the best candidates. Read more about Fountain
myInterview is an industry-leading enterprise-grade Video Interviewing platform that just happens to be FREE. With over 2,000,000 interviews processed, it allows recruiters to quickly review candidates and determine if they're a good fit. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. Read more about myInterview
Modern Hire is a web-based recruiting solution designed to help hiring managers automate processes related to talent acquisition by using predictive analytics. The integrated platform lets recruiters manage the entire hiring lifecycle, from pre-employment assessment to candidate interviews. Read more about Modern Hire
Avature is an enterprise SaaS platform for talent acquisition and talent management, and a provider of candidate relationship management for recruiting. Avature offers solutions for managing campus recruiting, recruitment events, employee referrals, internal mobility, succession planning, and more. Read more about Avature
Jobma is a video interviewing platform designed to streamline the candidate assessment process. It offers employers more insight into each applicant with live and on-demand video interviews. Jobma provides pre recorded video interviews, 1-on-1 and panel style interviews and built-in analytics. Read more about Jobma
Wepow is a video interviewing & talent engagement software which helps organizations engage with & hire great talent through the power of video interviews Read more about WePow
Interview Mocha is an online pre-employment testing solution which enables the evaluation of multiple skills using pre-built or custom assessments Read more about iMocha
OutMatch is a single cloud-based recruitment platform for businesses, that assists with the hiring, retention and development of talented employees with candidate assessments, on-demand interview guidance, automated reference checking, onboarding, and the derivation of actionable workforce analytics Read more about Outmatch
Talentcube is a video recruiting software, which helps users streamline operations for identifying talent, inviting applicants, reviewing applications, and conducting interviews. Candidates can also create resumes, send video applications, and track their application status. Read more about Talentcube
Mercer | Mettl's Integrated Coding Assessment Platform, along with its suite of digital tools (categorized as Mercer | Mettl Hack) is used to hire and develop the best coders and build high performing coding teams. Mercer Mettl Hack empowers organizations to hire, skill and engage coding talent. Read more about Mercer Mettl Coding Assessments
Modern recruiting communication software with text messaging, automation, and live and on-demand video interviewing for faster hiring Read more about XOR
Talview's enterprise grade video interview software helps you transform the way you hire with asynchronous and live video interviews. Source, screen, shortlist, and interview candidates on a large scale on mobile devices, with automated video interviews from anywhere and anytime. Read more about Talview
Shine is a cloud-based video interviewing platform that enables businesses to streamline applicant screening, shortlisting, recruiting, and more. Recruiters can set up interview questions for job roles and utilize white-labeling capabilities to promote brand value across customers. Read more about Shine
CleverConnect is a recruitment software suite designed to assist businesses and staffing firms with resume sourcing and qualification of job applications. Features include video interviewing, resume parsing and matching, evaluations and more, in a collaborative SaaS solution tailored for your needs. Read more about CleverConnect
The Honeit interview platform turns natural phone and video interview conversations into insights. Honeit was designed for recruiting and hiring teams to schedule, screen and assess candidates faster using real-time conversational insights. Read more about Honeit
The most comprehensive video/audio/SMS interviewing platform on the market. Engage candidates and hire top talent faster. Read more about HarQen
Fidio is a web-based video interview software designed to help recruiters and employers hire candidates for open job roles through video interviews. It lets applicants receive invitations to record answers to questions set by the employer. Read more about Fidio
JobPixel is using the power of video to change the way companies hire, forever. Our web-based, video-first hiring experience streamlines the process of identifying, evaluating and hiring the best-fit candidates. Stop relying on the traditional resume and upgrade your recruiting today with video! Read more about JobPixel
Tazio is a recruiting platform which combines aptitude tests, video interviewing, situational judgement tests, realistic job previews, and hybrid assessments in order to help businesses find the best candidates for the job. Tazio can be used to schedule interviews, score candidates, and more. Read more about Tazio
Schedule and conduct online video interviews through the Enlizt platform with your candidates. Seamlessly invite hiring managers or external users to your meetings and keep track of all scheduled meetings with an internal calendar view. Index your meeting invite to your Outlook or Google calendar. Read more about Enlizt
RecruitLab is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses manage and streamline the entire recruitment lifecycle, from job posting to applicant tracking. Read more about RecruitLab
Alcami Interactive is a video interview management software that helps businesses evaluate and monitor candidate performance and skills to optimize hiring processes from within a centralized platform. It allows HR professionals to create one-way virtual interviews with information, such as job details, introduction video, interview questions, and... Read more about Alcami Interactive
FaceCruit is a video interview & recruitment platform which enables SMBs & enterprises to pre-screen prospective employees using online video interviews Read more about FaceCruit
Yello is a cloud-based talent acquisition & applicant tracking platform designed to help businesses of all sizes source, attract, engage, manage & hire candidates as per requirements. The centralized platform allows recruiters to source candidates from employees' networks via referral programs. Read more about Yello
Video Technology for Recruitment allows agencies to grow their business by making the best experience for the candidate, recruiter, and hiring managers, leveraging video interviews. Read more about
Instantly capture video from customers, users and fans - right over the web. Read more about GetBravo
TAQE is a recruitment management software that helps businesses screen candidates, assess skills, and schedule interviews. Recruiters can configure applicant requirements based on multiple assessments, such as personality, skills, language proficiency, logic, and general knowledge. Read more about TAQE
InterviewApp is a cloud-based recruiting solution designed to help businesses of all sizes conduct one-way video interviews by inviting candidates to a unified platform. Administrators can track the status of interviews as completed, opened, pending, expired, bounced or declined on a centralized dashboard as graphs and export statistics into XLS... Read more about InterviewApp
Showcaser is a video interviewing software designed to help job seekers create video responses to interview questions and share them with recruiters and employers. It lets users organize video clips into cases created for specific job roles. Read more about Showcaser
Venterview is a web-based recruitment automation solution designed to help HR professionals and recruiters streamline their recruitment process with video interviews, personalized questions, interview playback, personalized candidate reports, and more. Read more about Venterview
Sonru is an interview management software, which helps businesses streamline the candidate screening process using video interviews. The white-label capabilities enable organizations to personalize the interview platform with custom logos and themes to establish brand identity with candidates. Read more about Sonru
Cangrade is a video interview and pre-employment assessment software that helps businesses handle processes related to talent acquisition, onboarding, skill testing, and more. Recruiters can conduct soft skill testing and automatically generate feedback to analyze candidates’ core strengths. Read more about Cangrade
InterviewOpps is a web conferencing software designed to help HR professionals screen, assess, and interview candidates on a centralized platform. The white-label solution enables managers to automatically filter and shortlist qualified job seekers based on answers to multiple-choice questionnaires. Read more about InterviewOpps
Reworking is a video interview software designed to provide recruiters & hiring managers with insight on the personality & communication style of candidates before speaking to them. Hiring managers can set questions for candidates to respond to via video before moving them forward to interview. Read more about Reworking
TeleReference is a cloud-based platform for automating reference checks, with support for video, phone, and written references, record storage, archiving & more Read more about TeleReference
EZHire Digital Interview Platform is a video interview platform for recruiting that offers tools to help manage the entire interview process. The platform allows businesses to assign questions or assessments to applicants & facilitates self-recording of answers using video recording tools. Read more about EZHire
Acrew is a video screening solution designed for recruiters & hiring managers with candidate profiles, applicant management, ATS integrations, and more Read more about Acrew
EASYRECRUE is a video screening & interview software designed to streamline candidate assessment processes by providing video interviews and online language tests. Applicants have the flexibility to answer questions whenever they are available, by video, through their desktop, tablet or smartphone. Read more about EASYRECRUE
GotHire is a web-based solution for business recruiters and hirers wanting to publish and promote job postings across multiple job boards to source candidates, while conducting one-way recorded video interviews using custom questioning rounds, bulk resume import, automatic candidate ranking and more Read more about GotHire
Intervue is a video interview software with which recruiters can schedule and conduct remote, technical interviews with programmers alongside a live coding environment. The platform supports 25+ languages including Javascript, Ruby, PHP, and Elixir, and is suitable for companies of all sizes. Read more about Intervue
Admit Video is an interview management software, which helps educational institutions streamline admission, screening, and assessment processes using videos. The white-label capabilities let users establish custom application procedures, utilize existing rating rubrics, and personalize the platform. Read more about Admit Video
TalentHarness is an easy to use yet powerful talent recruitment management application. Advertise your job openings t of job seekers and collect applications and assessments through your branded job page. See your applicants in action as they record short video along with their resume or assessment. Read more about TalentHarness
CodeInterview is a recruitment management solution, which helps organizations create, conduct & manage technical interviews through a real-time coding environment. The built-in online compiler lets candidates solve, edit & submit problems for multiple coding languages. Read more about CodeInterview
Cammio is a cloud-based video recruiting platform that enables businesses to streamline candidate interviewing, scheduling, and screening processes. Hiring managers can utilize the platform to create video assessments and structure interview questions based on various job roles. Read more about Cammio
VCV is a cloud-based hiring solution, which helps businesses identify potential candidates and conduct video interviews using face or voice recognition capabilities. Features include resume screening, interview scheduling, email invitations, and predictive analytics. Read more about VCV
TalkingCV is a cloud-based video interviewing solution designed to help businesses screen applicants and create a talent pool with multiple profiles and recorded interviews. Features include email invitations, candidate scoring, video recording, real-time monitoring, reporting, and analytics. Read more about talkingCV
VidAssess is a video interview management software that helps businesses conduct remote interviews based on pre-designed question sets. The platform comes with a built-in repository of interview questions based on multiple job roles and responsibilities. Read more about vidAssess
Snaphunt is an AI-driven hiring platform that enables employers to conduct unlimited one-way video interviewing in a few clicks, to screen at scale and save hours of scheduling time. Hiring collaborators can view the recordings at their convenience, share feedback and shortlist effectively. Read more about Snaphunt
PsicoSmart is a pre-employment testing and performance evaluation software designed to help businesses monitor employees’ performance and streamline recruiting processes. Supervisors can import applicants’ information on the platform and assess candidates’ skills using psychotechnical evaluations. Read more about PsicoSmart
Jobecam is a digital recruitment solution that helps conduct recorded interviews with candidates using a video-based blind interview method, contributing to greater diversity in companies and directing the focus to candidate skills. Read more about Jobecam
GSE Hiring is a cloud-based recruitment solution that uses A.I. technologies to help hiring managers to simplify processes related to talent acquisition. Recruiters can use the streamlined tool to handle the entire recruiting process, from pre-employment screening to candidate interviews. Read more about GSE Hiring
vidREACH is a cloud-based video messaging software designed to help create and send custom video emails to engage with the target audience and improve marketing outreach. The platform enables organizations to personalize and automate customer success interactions, sales communications, and employee training via a unified portal. Read more about vidREACH
Mereos is a cloud-based proctoring and assessment software for exams. Read more about Mereos
ShareTheBoard is a cloud-based, remote visual collaboration tool that allows users to share any traditional surface (e.g., whiteboard, blackboard) online, using only a laptop. The app digitizes handwritten content in real time while making obstacles (e.g., people) appear transparent. Read more about ShareTheBoard

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