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Clover is an all-in-one platform designed to help on and offline retailers, quick service restaurants, and other service businesses manage their point-of-sale operations, with secure payment solutions and reliable business management features Read more about Clover
Epos Now is a cloud-based point-of-sale and payment system that specialises in helping retail and hospitality businesses trade efficiently and effectively. Thanks to a selection of tools, and an extensive AppStore, users can create bespoke systems that make running a business simple and easy. Read more about Epos Now
Revel iPad point-of-sale system for restaurants, bars, retail, quick service restaurants, and enterprises. We help you achieve your dreams! Read more about Revel Systems
Jolt labeling & task management helps you digitize operations for your C-Store overnight. Jolt is the most affordable custom labeling on the market, and our software platform includes many other integrated products. Jolt gives managers & owners the insight needed to make their C-Store a success. Read more about Jolt
GOFRUGAL Convenience Store solution provides comprehensive POS systems that can be scaled to meet the needs of every type & size of store, whether you operate a single store or hundreds. The solution enables retailers to manage inventory, billing, eCommerce integration with cloud deployment. Read more about GoFrugal
From retail to food service, to pump management, our highly intuitive POS system and fully integrated business management software (which extends Microsoft Dynamics ERP) supports and addresses all the operational aspects of a convenience store and gas station. Ideal for stores with 50+ employees. Read more about LS Retail
POS Nation's retail point of sale supports retail businesses with a turnkey solution that includes software, hardware, support, and payment processing. Read more about POS Nation for Retail
Roll out better task management procedures across all of your convenience stores. Ensure SOPs are being followed properly (e.g. cleaning operations, food prep temperatures, consistent customer experience, etc.). Real-time audit reports and inspections ensure tasks are executed consistently. Read more about MeazureUp
KORONA cloud POS for c-stores comes with unlimited inventory, allowing convenience stores to keep accurate and organized inventory counts at no additional costs. It also features advanced product analysis to give c-stores actionable advice on each product in store. It's the business operational hub. Read more about KORONA POS
Restaurants, convenience stores, and other retail chains use Zenput to see inside and improve the operations of every store. By making it easy to roll-out, track and enforce compliance with operating procedures and key initiatives, Zenput helps improve performance and exceed customer expectations. Read more about Zenput
CStoreOffice is a cloud-based back-office operations management software designed to help single or multiple retail outlets, convenience stores and gas stations manage price books, fuel inventory, shelf labels, and more. Supervisors can track ticket sales, settlement reports, and loss of profit. Read more about CStoreOffice
CStore Essentials is a web-based retail operations management software designed to help convenience stores submit scan data reports, earn additional revenue, monitor daily operations, manage employee timesheets, streamline finances, and more. The Back Office & Operations module enables teams to gain access to their price book, inventory, services,... Read more about CStore Essentials
Companion Rep is a retail management solution that helps users manage orders, inventory, customers and sales. Companion Rep features an intuitive user interface that makes performing these tasks quick and easy. Read more about Companion Rep
Simpliza is a cloud-based and on-premise restaurant system created to automate and simplify the way of selling. It offers electronic command, PDV, digital menu, administrative, delivery with iFood integration, Omie + Simpliza integration, and integration with Goomer Go. Read more about Simpliza
PosBytz is a point of sale (POS) solution that helps restaurants, convenience stores and retail outlets manage orders, payments, deliveries and inventories on a cloud-based platform. Administrators can create individual accounts for staff members and provide permissions according to preferences. Read more about POSBytz
Bindy is a cloud-based audit management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes conduct intelligent inspections, configure multi-lingual checklists, and assign corrective action tasks to help brands execute their standards and programs. Read more about Bindy
PDI CStore Essentials is a convenience store system designed to help businesses streamline order management, item verification, and auditing operations via a unified platform. The application allows organizations to run customer loyalty programs, track inventories, configure administrative workflows, and enhance productivity. Read more about PDI CStore Essentials
A cloud-based solution with features including real-time loss prevention, back office, store analytics, inventory management, daily sales, the most accurate tobacco rebate and loyalty reporting and much more. ePB software solutions are compatible with over 25 different POS systems. Read more about ePB
6DX is a modern, flexible, and highly scalable cloud-based POS designed to deliver Next-Gen retail experiences for your new-age customers. What you get is a perfect harmony between the key elements - Fast Checkouts, Promotions, Payments, CRM, Coupons & Vouchers, and Loyalty Programmes. Read more about 6DX
SAFEcheck is an online software, available on mobile, computers, and tablets, to help Canadian organizations manage compliance. Read more about SAFEcheck
FTSRetail is a point-of-sale (POS) solution that helps retail businesses manage inventory, set up pricing, handle self-checkout, distribute store coupons, and configure loyalty programs on a centralized platform. Read more about FTSRetail
ACCEO Logivision is a flexible and secure retail system that provides all the tools required to manage your multi-site operations more efficiently while providing a superior customer experience. The ultra-reliable Windows-based solution includes a host of features you need to design entry screens, manage peripherals, interface with back-end... Read more about ACCEO Logivision
Rapid Bev POS is a versatile software solution designed to streamline operations and optimize performance for liquor stores, wineries, and beverage retail businesses. This user-friendly software integrates seamlessly with existing POS systems, offering a range of essential features to enhance efficiency and drive success. Read more about Rapid Bev POS
End-to-end ERP and CTRM solutions to simplify complex business processes through a single point of truth. Read more about iRely i21
Environmental compliance software, which helps convenience store operators reduce environmental fines and manage risk with confidence. Read more about Environmental Compliance
Invoay is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution designed to help standalone outlets and businesses of all sizes manage billing, memberships, inventory, appointments, packages, warehouses, customer loyalty, marketing activities, staff Attendance and performance, expenses, and more. Read more about Invoay
Preferred POS is a point of sale (POS) system that helps businesses in retail, wholesale and corporate sectors access reports, a built-in stock control manager, multi-store functionality, and more. It assists with credit card processing, multi-site management, and payment processing, among other operations. Read more about Preferred POS
CardFree provides digital order, pay, and loyalty solutions for restaurants, hospitality, and retail businesses seamlessly integrated with leading POS systems and processors. Our products, including Ordering for web and mobile, Order@Table + Pay@Table, Text-To-Pay, Pay@Drive-Thru, EMV Plus, self-service kiosks, loyalty programs, and hotel... Read more about CardFree

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