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Edgagement is a cloud-based eLearning platform designed to help businesses facilitate employee engagement using gamification and other communication tools. The centralized platform allows administrators to create quizzes, surveys, and assessments using a drag-and-drop authoring functionality. Read more about Edgagement
Performance Management platform built for High Performance Teams. 360 Performance Appraisals, 1on1 Feedback, Goal Management and Social Praise. Read more about Engagedly
Talon.One is a Promotion Engine that empowers businesses to deliver relevant, effective and personalized promotions driven by their data. With one integration you can create, manage and track coupon codes, discounts, bundles, referral rewards and loyalty programs all in one holistic platform. Read more about Talon.One
Agile CRM combines powerful automation, telephony, web, mobile, email, social and scheduling features to effectively manage the entire customer journey Read more about Agile CRM
Spinify uses proven Octalysis gamification techniques and psychological motivation principles to drive team performance excellence. After an easy setup, leaderboards automatically reflect scores and rankings in real time to create friendly competition that gives 100% visibility into performance. Read more about Spinify
EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing, sales and service automation software which automates marketing sales by combining lead generation, email marketing, marketing automation, CRM & social media engagement. EngageBay helps businesses acquire, engage, nurture, and close leads from a single platform. Read more about EngageBay
Connect workers globally, transfer knowledge, and impact performance. Meet TalentCards: the mobile microlearning tool for your deskless workforce. Read more about TalentCards
Kahoot! is a gamification software designed to help corporate trainers and teachers create interactive presentations, training material, and learning games. Individuals can prepare for tests using flashcards, games, quizzes, and peer challenges, ensuring optimal engagement. Read more about Kahoot!
Quizizz is a gamification platform intended for student and employee engagement. The system comes with quizing and polling features that be be viewed in real-time along with other interactive communication methods such as live video, live chat, and image sharing. Additionally, Quizizz comes with helpful learning tools such as flash cards,... Read more about Quizizz
Crewhu is a web-based recognition and gamification platform designed to help businesses across various industry verticals collect customer satisfaction feedback, gamify performance metrics, and recognize employees based on their performance. It lets organizations reward employees using automated badges for a variety of occasions including... Read more about Crewhu
Kangaroo’s powerful loyalty marketing solution can be completely customized to engage customers via personalized offers and rewards, automated marketing, digital gift cards, branded app, custom omnichannel experience & robust reporting. Kangaroo is available in English, French, Spanish & Portuguese. Read more about Kangaroo
Arcade is a cloud-based employee engagement solution which utilizes various gamification techniques and collaboration tools to motivate employees, including contests, activity tracking, social feeds, peer-to-peer recognition, rewards, 1-on-1 and group chats, knowledge quizzes, surveys, and more Read more about Arcade
Qualifio is a data collection and interactive marketing SaaS platform. It allows brands, media and agencies to easily create and publish quizzes, polls, contests, personality tests and 50+ other viral content formats on their websites, mobile apps, and social media. Read more about Qualifio
The Playbooks sales acceleration platform delivers: • Visibility: Know what your sales reps are doing and what is working. • Productivity: Increase key metrics with easy-to-use tools and motivation. • Effectiveness: Sell more by focusing reps on deals most likely to close. Read more about Playbooks
SalesScreen is a web-based sales performance management platform designed to improve employee focus, motivation & productivity through gamification, competitions, milestone tracking, recognition, and real-time data visualization. Native apps for Android & iOS keep employees connected from anywhere. Read more about SalesScreen
Hoopla is a web-based platform designed to improve sales team motivation and performance. Use gamification and competition theory to increase engagement. Read more about Hoopla
Wisetail's LMS is an award-winning eLearning platform. Our LMS gives companies the tools to build culture and drive community while training their workforce. Read more about Wisetail LMS
PlayerLync is a mobile workforce enablement platform that combines mobile learning, operational support and compliance, content management, and communications in one easy-to-use application. We help companies like Starbucks, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Southern Company Gas. Read more about PlayerLync
LemonadeLXP is a cloud-based learning experience platform designed to help organizations train employees through microlearning & game-based training methods. Key features include course authoring, customizable branding, auto-recommendations, ratings, course impact analysis & performance metrics. Read more about Lemonade
Plecto is a gamification dashboard designed to motivate your team into performing better. We do that by allowing teams to engage with their real-time performance data in a fun and motivating way. We have taken the addicting elements known from games and applied them to gamification in business. Read more about Plecto
Classcraft helps manage students, learning, assessments, curriculum, and more, using interactive learning, gamification, and analytics. Quests, the online learning platform, lets teachers use interactive maps as lesson plans with multiple points representing learning goals, activities and resources. Read more about Classcraft
Axonify is the frontline enterprise learning solution that's designed to fit with the way they actually work. So behaviors change in all the right ways to drive the business results you care about. Read more about Axonify
Snowfly is an employee engagement and gamification software designed to help businesses measure the performance of employees and engage them through incentives and rewards. It enables organizations to create, implement, and manage recognition programs to improve employee experience (EX) and satisfaction. Read more about Snowfly is a leading Social commerce platform designed for automatically importing web stores onto Facebook, having them fully customized to fit both the Facebook arena and the original brand's look & feel. Read more about StoreYa
ovos play is a learning management solution that helps organizations manage training for onboarding, sales support, online education, and more. The platform comes with a centralized dashboard, which enables businesses to create, as well as update, learning content across multiple topics. Read more about ovos play
The Buyapowa platform powers innovative advocacy and refer-a-friend programs for some of the world's leading brands, including GAP, Sprint, Expedia, boohoo, and many more. We allow brands and retailers to identify their biggest advocates, and motivate and reward them for bringing in new customers. Read more about Buyapowa
The Training Arcade is a DIY game authoring tool that allows businesses to create employee training games and simulations in minutes. Read more about The Training Arcade
Apparound is a cloud based mobile app that digitises sales content and sales processes. It is developed to help companies improve sales productivity. Read more about Apparound CPQ
A proven gamification engine that engages learners 4x more than other platforms, Spoke rewards learners by letting them redeem coins for real-world prizes. Read more about Spoke
With Trivie, companies can train remotely with confidence. Based on cognitive science, adaptive learning, and gamification, Trivie ensures employees remember training information through science-based automation. Trivie is 100% self-service and can be deployed in minutes. Read more about Trivie
Presence is a campus engagement platform designed to help universities in the education sector track, assess, improve, and manage students' involvements across campus events. Administrators can create brand-specific event applications, digitally operate clubs, societies, departments, and teams, design forms on a drag and drop builder, and automate... Read more about Presence
Queue is a marketing platform for digital agencies & growth marketers to create, track, & manage advocacy campaigns with gamification & social media integration Read more about Queue
StaffCircle is web and mobile, employee relationship and management platform helping organisations Communicate and perform Appraisals and One2One check-ins with both non-desk & office-based employees. Users are provided with a web app branded to the business which can be accessed by any device. Read more about StaffCircle
SellPro is a microlearning software that helps businesses in the retail industry create learning courses, train sales representatives, and set up training goals. It enables retailers to capture customers’ feedback for brand partners and inform employees about changes in protocols and procedures. Read more about Sellpro
EventTitans is a complete event engagement & management platform designed for in-person and virtual events including conferences, fundraisers, auctions and social events. The software includes tools for registration, ticketing, communications, gamification, networking, feedback collection, and more. Read more about EventTitans
Affordable sales leaderboard publishing tool for managers to motivate sales reps with a daily, weekly or monthly score on any metrics. Read more about
Cooladata is a data warehouse built specifically for gaming. Link, steam, query and visualize your player activity data within a single platform. Read more about CoolaData
mLevel is a cloud-based eLearning solution which utilizes game-based microlearning to increase learner engagement, knowledge retention, & learning effectiveness Read more about mLevel
Picnic is a gamification platform to help businesses drive customer loyalty and engagement through points, leaderboards, goal tracking, and more Read more about Picnic
Centrical is a SaaS-based platform for driving employee performance, learning and engagement. It combines advanced gamification, personalized microlearning and real-time performance management to ensure employees know their goals, know how to achieve them and are sustainably motivated to excel. Read more about GamEffective
Rewarderrr is a cloud-based employee incentives platform which aims to help businesses to motivate and engage their employees, while increasing productivity, by setting up targets, assigning deadlines, tracking performance, suggesting improvements, and rewarding successful team members Read more about Rewarderrr
Playoff is a web-based gamification platform designed for use in HR, sales, marketing, and e-learning. The solution allows users to create and manage their own custom games to motivate and engage employees, with avatars, levels, progress bars, points, badges, leaderboards, and more. Read more about Playoff
uxpertise is a cloud-based learning management solution which helps academies, training centers and institutes manage training activities and products. Some key features include blended learning, course management, a learner portal, course publishing, data encryption and SCORM compliance. Read more about uxpertise LMS
SailPlay is a customizable customer loyalty solution that utilizes a gamification engine to help increase and incentivize engagement for customer bases Read more about SailPlay Loyalty
Raptivity is an online learning experience platform designed to help instructional designers, trainers, and subject matter experts create eLearning courses using customizable templates. It helps organizations with implementing learning through games, simulations, and presentation aids. Read more about Raptivity
Our modular, customizable platform highlights and features tools based on each employee's specific situation eliminating clutter, increasing utilization, and providing a better experience. Combining comms tools (scrolling news feeds/text/push/email) with scheduling, eLearning, challenges and more. Read more about Refresh
The aim of PepTalk is to make work exponentially better for the organization and everyone in it, by creating shared experiences that cement teams, change behaviors and leads ultimately to 'Pleasant Productivity'. Read more about PepTalk
Zurmo is an open source CRM platform that encompasses sales, marketing automation, and project management software into one solution. Through the use of gamification, Zurmo engages, motivates, and recognizes users. This helps increase user adoption which results in a successful CRM implementation Read more about Zurmo
#1 Gamification software to accelerate sales. Publish live scorecards, earning opportunities, leaderboards, nudges, and more. Explore Read more about Xoxoday Compass
ByteKast LXP (formerly Falkor) is a digital learning platform designed to help businesses of all sizes author, publish, distribute & track content across white-labeled Android, iOS and progressive web applications (PWA). It helps administrators filter analytics based on groups, country or location. Read more about ByteKast LXP
Recognition software that drives performance appraisal while agents are enjoying an encouraging environment. Pure gamification. Read more about Motivarnos
Trivia is a team communication add-on designed to help businesses or professionals using Microsoft Teams, Slack and Google Chat improve collaboration among teammates through social games such as quizzes, custom polls and more. Read more about Trivia
Include gamification challenges in your face-to-face event, hybrid or virtual with Meetmaps event management software. With mobile app or virtual event platform, you will increase attendees' interaction and engagement with quizzes or QR gamification and generate a ranking thanks to score system. Read more about Meetmaps
Closr is a real-time analytics, coaching, and gamification software which enables SMB sales teams to organize customer interactions & visualize sales activity Read more about Closr
Cluetivity is a web-based gamification platform that allows businesses in the leisure, events, and tourism industries use augmented reality technology and live escape games to increase customer & employee engagement. It lets teams view and track each other’s score and position during the game. Read more about Cluetivity
SPARTED is the only game-based and campaign-based learning app that boosts frontline employees' performance so Sales, Operations and Marketing C-Levels achieve their business goals at scale. Massively reach thousands of geographically spread employees with the right knowledge at the right time. Read more about SPARTED
Located on the Leaderboard tab in your Salesforce CRM, RepTivity displays your Sales Rep's KPI's via live leaderboard. Here your sales team can engage in a fun, competitive and social environment. With features such as automatic KPI updates, individual status updates and badge awards (a.k.a spiffs), your sales reps are sure to be motivated to... Read more about RepTivity
SuMo is a sales gamification platform which helps sales teams monitor & motivate positive sales behavior with sales benchmarking, intelligent coaching, and more Read more about Sustainability Engagement
Owiwi is a game based talent assessment tool for the candidate recruitment & selection process using interactive gameplay and advanced scientific methodology Read more about Owiwi
Reverso is an on-premise and cloud-based grammar checking tool that provides businesses with contextual translations in multiple languages including Russian, Polish, Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, German, Dutch and more. The application uses Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology to provide accurate translations in native... Read more about Reverso Context
ThinkSmartOne for is a sales performance app designed to motivate your team using incentives and gamification Read more about ThinkSmartOne
Datagame is a gamification tool for online surveys, for any survey platform. It turns online surveys & polls into games, increasing engagement & response rates Read more about Datagame
nGAGEMENT is a gamification & employee engagement solution for call centers which uses social media, game mechanics & recognition concepts to motivate employees Read more about nGAGEMENT
Bravon is a cloud-based gamification tool designed to help businesses of all sizes set up challenges & goals to enhance team performance. Key features include task management, performance tracking, customizable branding, coaching, employee recognition, and referral programs. Read more about Bravon Engage is a cloud-based customer engagement software that helps businesses manage leads and identify sales opportunities. It enables teams to collect data by inviting customers to share about their lifestyle through engaging activities, interactive sessions, custom quizzes, and more. Read more about Engage
Fire Tiger is a cloud-based employee engagement software designed to help businesses manage employee goals and track performance across various projects, departments, and teams. The platform enables organizations to motivate employees, track productivity, and offer rewards via a unified portal. Read more about Fire Tiger
Atrivity is a gamification solution for enterprise knowledge. Leaders can develop high-performing teams with a gamified app. Convert training into micro-content and questions, set up a game, invite players to engage, compete, learn and see immediate results. Read more about Atrivity
Bunchball Nitro is a cloud based gamification platform that provides high-value online engagement to marketers, employers and media sellers Read more about Bunchball Nitro
Bite-size gamified training that employees can access from their mobile devices. Read more about OttoLearn
Construa a comunidade online da sua marca 100% gamificada. Cada ação realizada em prol da sua marca gera uma pontuação específica, onde os usuários trocam por uma série de recompensas. Read more about Peepi
When combined with microlearning and mobile learning, gamification is taken to another level: short, topical training lessons feel like smartphone games, not work. EdApp’s gamification tools allow you to effectively gamify training by simply adding your learning material to our gamified templates. Read more about EdApp
Using the Ludos Pro digital solution, companies can implement customizable and innovative training sessions through the integration of new employees and commercial training initiatives. It can monitor participants' performance and identify their strongest skills and greatest difficulties. Read more about Ludos Pro
Gamefic is gamification software that stimulates interaction and engagement among employees, focusing on improving company productivity and results. Users can receive points and participate in healthy competition with performance rankings via the game's mechanics. Read more about Gamefic
Atium helps improve team performance for companies via planning and managing engagement activities and games for remote teams. Organizations can use a wide range of games and activities from the library to improve communications and job satisfaction. Read more about Atium
SalesCompete is a sales competition, purpose-built for Salesloft and Outreach users, allowing them to connect and engage through gamification tactics. It enables administrators to drive team engagement and motivation, increase sales activity and revenue possibilities, and provide on-demand sales coaching on a single dashboard. Read more about SalesCompete
Noble WEM is a cloud-based workforce engagement platform, designed to help businesses across finance, non-profits, retail, healthcare, media, education, and various other sectors forecast workloads and allocate resources suitably. Features include quality management, root cause analysis, automated leave approvals, rostering, built-in simulator,... Read more about Noble WEM
Count on me! is a game-embedded teaching app for iPad that helps 6-9 year old children to learn maths. Read more about Count on me!

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