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Synap is an award-winning exam platform that empowers organisations to deliver secure, online exams with ease. Save time and reduce your workload for creating, marking and analysing exams. Customise your tests with a range of multiple-choice and written question types, timers, plus more! Read more about Synap
Dugga is the world leading AI powered assessment platform for all types of Tests, Exams and Assignment for K-12, Higher Education and Corporate Education. The platform is easy-to-use, gives maximum security that prevents students from cheating. Read more about Dugga
Constructor Proctor is an AI-enabled online proctoring solution designed for academic institutions, corporate trainers, recruiters, certification providers, and others needing to secure online exams. It is compatible with PCs and mobile devices and can integrate with LMS and testing platforms. Read more about Constructor Proctor
•» ExamOnline's Remote Proctor software ensures secure online exams. •» Utilizes AI proctoring and automation to prevent cheating. •» Key features include automated authorization, facial detection, and audio analytics. •» Provides a secure environment for conducting exams remotely. Read more about ExamOnline
Test Invite is an online examination software designed to help SMBs, enterprises, and public administrations conduct supervised and customizable tests. Test Invite enables users to lock down browser activity, monitor and record live video streams, and place access restrictions to ensure security. Read more about Test Invite
Brilliant Assessments is a business assessment platform that enables the generation of fully branded, personalized & detailed feedback reports. As a completely self-service tool, it lets domain experts customize assessments & define feedback reports, using Word merge to make them unique & engaging. Read more about Brilliant Assessments
Digiexam is the secure examination platform built to manage the entire exam workflow and drive adoption through its ease of use, on-campus and remote. Read more about Digiexam
FlexiQuiz is an online quiz and assessment maker which allows users to create custom tests for employees, customers, or students. The assessments can be published privately to be accessed only by select groups, or publicly to be taken by any registrant, and are graded automatically by the software. Read more about FlexiQuiz
TestGorilla is a pre-employment testing software designed to help businesses manage the entire hiring lifecycle, from creating assessments and inviting candidates to performing an in-depth review of results. Read more about TestGorilla
Cornerstone Learning software offers an all-in-one system of learning that brings together learning, growth, skills, and capabilities into a personalized, curated experience. Read more about Cornerstone LMS
eSkill helps organizations assess candidates’ skills and JobFit for all types of positions. HR managers can create customized pre-employment tests using questions in the eSkill Test Library, simulations that mimic job-related tasks, and video response questions to get a complete view of candidates. Read more about eSkill
Classtime is a solution for teachers that complements in-class teaching with immediate feedback on students’ level of understanding. Create great questions, engage everyone, improve understanding. The platform is available in multiple languages to both students and teachers. Read more about Classtime
With the exam tool you can create formal tests with invite only mode, certification, 8 different question types, feedback options, custom styling & integration. Read more about Easy LMS
We offer an online training software that is simple and intuitive. Developing and training your employees or clients will never get any easier or more affordable. Just upload existing content, create exams, and track employee progress with easy-to-use reporting tools. Don't let building courses intimidate you. Create online courses and tests with... Read more about SkyPrep
Online exams help businesses to get in-depth insights regarding individual employee performance, skills and their improvement areas. Read more about ProProfs Quiz Maker
USATestPrep is a test preparation tool designed to support teachers in the classroom by providing curriculum resources and personalized learning for K12 schools. Read more about USATestprep is a simple, yet powerful online exam platform for digital assessments and secure exam proctoring. has a rich set of built-in tools across math, science and language. We also offer multiple levels of security to meet the needs of different exam types. Read more about
ExamJet simplifies the process of evaluating students' knowledge for educators, making it easier than ever. It is a solution for educational institutions and universities seeking to enhance their assessment and knowledge management procedures. Read more about ExamJet
SurveyLab is professional online survey software for any size of business, non-government organizations and professionals. SurveyLab is an online survey tool that facilitates custom survey creation, automates the response collection process, and provides real-time reporting and analytics. Read more about SurveyLab
QuestBase is a web-based application that allows organizations to create and manage tests, assessments, exams, and certifications. It provides a complete platform for all student-centered testing needs from grade book integration to reporting and analytics. Read more about QuestBase
ExamSoft is an assessment solution that helps K-12 and higher education institutes as well as government organizations administer exams and assess student performance. It enables educators to automatically generate random question sequences and block internet access to prevent exam fraud. Read more about ExamSoft
Easy-to-use, scalable training & assessment platform delivering for skills-driven, high-performance organisations & higher education. Read more about Cloud Assess
Top Hat is an app designed to help college professors and lecturers engage students and build comprehension before, during & after class. The software offers solutions for delivering interactive courses, customizing digital textbooks, assigning homework, and securely administering tests. Read more about Top Hat
Talview offers an enterprise grade customizable exam software with remote proctoring to deter test-takers from cheating for high stake exams & best suited for high-stake exams. It supports various formats such as MCQs, essays, coding & aptitude tests & can be integrated seamlessly with leading LMSs. Read more about Talview
ExamBuilder is a cloud-based online testing platform that enables businesses to streamline processes related to student & employee management, exam creation, scheduling & more. Businesses of all types can use the platform to create an online training library and exams for teams & individuals. Read more about ExamBuilder
Exam management system from creatrix automates the entire exam process from planning & registering, question paper setup, proctoring, evaluating under a centralized platform and helps achieve examination at scale. It has tools for clash-free exam scheduling, instant alerts, on-screen evaluation, etc Read more about Creatrix Campus
DigiAssess is a cloud-based exam solution, which helps colleges and universities conduct assessments via student identity verification, question banks, analytical feedback, and test assigning. It makes your exams more innovative, secure, quality, valid, & reliable. Read more about DigiAssess
GoConqr is a free social learning network that enables learners and educators to create, share & discover courses, mind maps, flashcards, notes, slides & more Read more about GoConqr
Eklavvya is a cloud-based assessment solution designed to help organizations create, conduct and manage custom assessments for academic tests, hiring, coding assessment, certifications, and more. Eklavvya combines automated scoring with highly configurable reporting tools to improve the accuracy of your test scores and accelerate the turnaround... Read more about Eklavvya
Nexam® is specialized in the management and correction of digital exams. It is a bilingual web-based platform that assists with the administration and grading of secure evaluations. Read more about Nexam
iSpring QuizMaker is an easy-to-use tool for building interactive online assessments and surveys from 14 ready-made question templates. Read more about iSpring QuizMaker
Online language and professional assessment tests to identify candidates who have the right experience to do the job and internal training needs. Read more about Examinlab
YouTestMe GetCertified is an online examination, training courses & certification solution with automated test & answer generators, multi-level question pools, certificate designer & more. Read more about YouTestMe GetCertified
Mercer | Mettl's Integrated Coding Assessment Platform, along with its suite of digital tools (categorized as Mercer | Mettl Hack) is used to hire and develop the best coders and build high performing coding teams. Mercer Mettl Hack empowers organizations to hire, skill and engage coding talent. Read more about Mercer Mettl Coding Assessments
Drillster is a smart learning app that keeps critical competencies top of mind, so people can deliver top performance using the right skills at the right time. Effective and efficient, for both learning professionals and learners. Read more about Drillster
Online Exam Platform to conduct personality assessments, appraisals, tests, quizzes, practice tests, medical preparation, banking exams, safety training & certification, aptitude tests and educational assessments. Read more about SpeedExam
eXaminer is a professional cloud-based platform for online and offline exams. Create and manage questions and exams in one central place and share them with your colleagues. Various security settings prevent cheating during the online execution. Read more about eXaminer
Learnyst offers an end-to-end solution uniquely addressing online teaching business needs. By creating and managing your own branded web, iOS, and Android applications so that you can earn more revenue. Furthermore, it allows you to easily sell unlimited courses, distribute mock tests, and keep 100% of course sales with a payment gateway integrated... Read more about Learnyst
Qualified is a cloud-based skills assessment platform that helps organizations assess the competency levels of software engineers through skill-based tests. Key features include performance tracking, test-case scoring, notifications, code-pairing sessions, and reviews. Read more about Qualified
Talent management tool that helps users to make informed hiring decisions, and develops, manage and retain key staff. Read more about skillsarena
With state-of-the-art facial detection technology and a large variety of fully automated software, Proctorio is the only remote proctoring platform that ensures academic integrity for your course with your test-takers' privacy in mind. Read more about Proctorio
LockDown Browser is an exam software that helps K-12 schools integrate with LMS including Blackboard Learn and Canvas to secure online examinations. Administrators can utilize the platform to display the testing environment in full screen and prevent students from minimizing the tab. Read more about LockDown Browser
Testpress is an online exam software that is tailor-made for tutoring and training companies. Teams can create and share mock tests for ACT, SAT, IIT JEE, CAT, GRE, GMAT, and other exams. Read more about Testpress
Edbase is a cloud-based solution that helps human resource (HR) departments and educational institutions streamline operations for digital examination such as assessment designing, result generation, and more. The question editor allows users to create question papers that include images and videos. Read more about Edbase
Integrity Advocate is web-based software for online proctoring, identity verification, and participation monitoring. It works on all tablets, Chromebooks, laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. Read more about Integrity Advocate
Intellek LMS (formerly TutorPro) is a cloud-based, feature-rich, cutting-edge and customizable Learning Management System. The perfect hub to support all of your organization's Learning and Development needs. Read more about Intellek LMS
TestWe is an online exam and assessment platform for students, professors and administration to create & complete tests with exam creation, management, and grading tools, plus multimedia content, academic data tracking, data protection, collection, and monitoring, and more Read more about TestWe
EMS (Education Management Software) for the complete management of schools, universities or entities providing education or training. Read more about SOFTAULA
QuizCV is a flexible and scalable online examination platform that allows users to create any kind of online exams, invite people and collect results Read more about QuizCV
ClassMarker is a web-based testing solution which allows users to create custom online tests and quizzes for business, educational, and training assessments. The platform includes tools for test assignment, automatic grading and feedback, performance reporting, certificate creation, and more. Read more about ClassMarker

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