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Creatio CRM for Loan Servicing enables companies to оrganize the lending process to ensure top-notch customer service, automate customer reminders, deliver loan self-service capabilities, and ensure consistent data updates at every stage. Read more about Creatio CRM
The Mortgage Office is a web based loan servicing software which helps to streamline, manage and automate current loan servicing tasks Read more about The Mortgage Office
Deal Pack is a comprehensive software designed specifically for used car dealerships and finance companies. With over 40 years of industry experience, Deal Pack offers a wide range of features and capabilities to streamline operations and simplify daily tasks. Read more about abcoa Deal Pack
Award-winning developer of mobile-first technology for modern mortgage lenders. As a leading homeownership platform, SimpleNexus unites the people, systems, and stages of the mortgage process into an end-to-end solution that spans engagement, origination, closing, and business intelligence. Read more about SimpleNexus
Automate the process of collecting loan information and documents from your clients with our simple and secure interface. Read more about FileInvite
The Nortridge Loan System is a flexible servicing platform that enables highly configurable loans, multiple product lines & expansion to additional markets Read more about The Nortridge Loan System
LoanPro Software was designed by lenders for lenders. Now you can create, manage, service, & collect with ease with LoanPro Software. Read more about LoanPro
Mortgage Automator is a loan origination and servicing software designed to help North American private/ hard money lending businesses automate their operations, increase efficiency, and focus their efforts on growth. Read more about Mortgage Automator
Ability to export into excel file for uploading to a servicing platform of your choice. Read more about LendingPad
Margill Loan Manager is an installed or cloud-based loan servicing solution, which assists lenders with servicing loans, lines of credit, receivables and leases. Key features include interest computation, custom fields, data export, multi-currency, customizable reporting and revenue tracking. Read more about Margill Loan Manager
Calyx Point is a cloud-based loan servicing software designed to help businesses streamline the entire loan origination process, from managing mortgage underwriting to preparing documentation. It allows professionals to create templates for standardizing loan programs, borrower files, closing costs, and more. Read more about Calyx Point
The Loan Office is a loan servicing system designed for small lenders, including mortgage lenders, consumer finance lenders, hard-money lenders & note servicers Read more about The Loan Office
TurnKey Lender`s intelligent automation of the entire loan management process allows for flexible loan disbursal & servicing. The system comes as part of an end-to-end tools suite that can be easily integrated with your core lending solution or be used within our lending automation platform. Read more about Turnkey Lender
Plaid is a technology platform which allows users to create connections between applications and bank accounts to authenticate accounts, check balances in real time, verify identities, validate income, pull transaction data, and verify borrower assets Read more about Plaid
Streamline construction building by using the Built Financial Tool. Built connects directly to popular construction finance software, customize your integration through open APIs. Read more about Built
LoanDisk is a cloud-based loan origination solution, which assists microfinance businesses with managing customer loans and repayments. Key features include fee management, loan processing, automated messaging, predefined templates, account management, and reporting. Read more about Loandisk
Finflux is a cloud-native lending solution trusted by 60+ global lending institutions to support 4 million+ borrowers with an active loan portfolio of $9 billion+. Read more about Finflux
Customisable no-code loan management system/ lending solution for lenders, fintech companies and banks. The system covers loan origination, collateral management, loan servicing, and debt collection. Custom feature development and system connections are available on top of the core system. Read more about FIS Loan Management System
Bryt Software streamlines your loan servicing process. From automated payment processing to seamless borrower communication, we simplify your operation, reduce errors, and improve efficiency. Bryt is intuitive and easy to use. Simple, but powerful. Competitively priced. Easy to implement. Read more about Bryt
BuKu is a super app that can take care of all your accounting and business management needs. It's an operating system for micro and small business's. BuKu is as much useful for new age gig workers, influencers as it is for retailers, traders, distributors, manufacturers, service providers. Read more about Buku
Ocrolus integrates mortgage solutions that accelerate mortgage decisions with validated data. Read more about Ocrolus
The premier savings and loan software for diocese to manage deposits/loans/pooled investment management software for over 22 years! Read more about DLS Financials
Help With My Loan (HWML) is software that automates the frontend underwriting and lender matching process for Commercial, Residential, Business and Personal loans. Read more about Help With My Loan
OmniConnect's API connectivity as a service is the quickest and most cost-effective way to securely connect a FinTech solution to any US-based financial institution. The platform support integration with various systems such as payments, point of sale (POS), lending, general ledger, deposits & more. Read more about OmniConnect
The most advanced Loan Servicing Software on the market! Designed from the ground up to increase loan origination and loan servicing efficiencies. We serve private money/hard money lenders, auto, consumer, credit unions, banks, and non profit/city/state governments. Read more about LOAN SERVICING SOFT
LoanAssistant is a loan servicing add-on for QuickBooks designed to help businesses across various segments of lending industries including education, vehicle, construction loans, and residential or commercial mortgages manage multiple loans and credit lines. . Read more about LoanAssistant
Musoni is the specialist digitalization partner for financial institutions. The multi award winning cloud banking system has been proven to help MFIs to efficiently manage & grow their portfolio. Read more about Musoni
Construction Loan Manager by Land Gorilla is a cloud-based loan servicing solution designed to help construction and renovation businesses of all sizes manage their lending processes. The platform enables users to handle the entire loan procedure and streamline pipelines. Read more about Construction Loan Manager
Loan SaaS helps small to large lenders launch their lending business and reach millions of customers at scale, and at the lowest cost. Chockfull of advanced features configured and ready to use out of the box. With Lendsqr, a lender can set up and start lending within 5 minutes. Read more about Lendsqr
FPS GOLD Core Processing is a core banking solution designed for community banks with tools for CRM, deposit management, loan planning, accounting & more Read more about FPS GOLD Core Banking
LoanCirrus is a loan management platform that helps lenders manage loan operations from anywhere, offering a range of configurable features for any business Read more about LoanCirrus
OneCore Loans App, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, is a loan servicing solution that is designed for credit institutions, loan brokers and financial lessors. Read more about OneCore Loans App
HES LoanBox is a ready-made lending platform with customization options. It offers full loan management process automation. GTM: 2-4 weeks. Read more about HES LoanBox
PerfectLO is a mobile mortgage and loan platform for mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers and banks to help accelerate the digital loan application process Read more about PerfectLO
Mortgage+Care is a cloud-based solution, which assists credit unions, banks, and alternative lenders with loan origination and loan servicing. Key features include application management, data import, payment processing, document storage, and cash reporting. Read more about Mortgage+Care
Centrex is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software for the finance sector, which enables organizations to manage contacts, deals, team productivity, loan portfolio and email/text marketing campaigns on a centralized platform. Read more about Centrex
Loan servicing software with built-in direct sms or email messaging to customer option. Lendstream offers batch sms preparation, automated payment schedule recalculation and customer notification, watch-on loans management. Integrations with bank and non-bank payment service providers available. Read more about Lendstream
Blend is a cloud-based digital lending platform that allows banks, credit unions & mortgage companies manage leads and streamline lending services. Customers can upload documents to the system and managers can access submitted applications from the built-in storage portal. Read more about Blend
Oracle FLEXCUBE is a financial services and banking management software that helps organizations create multiple product portfolios for deposits, microfinance, lending, Islamic banking, financial inclusion, and more based on specific customers and markets. It enables staff members to manage loan disbursements, monitor repayments, gain insights... Read more about Oracle FLEXCUBE
PACTA is The ai-driven Contract Lifecycle Management made in Germany. Bring your documents to life with our artificial intelligence and your virtual legal assistance. "Themis" helps you review external contracts as well as organise and monitor contracts, clauses, metadata and deadlines. Read more about PACTA
Fintech Market's Loan Management System streamlines loan management and risk scoring operations. It includes CRM, crowdfunding, and debt management functionalities for financial services. Read more about Fintech Market Core System
nCino is the Worldwide Leader in Cloud Banking for Financial Institutions. An end-to-end, single, secure, Bank Operating System® that seamlessly integrates and supports current core systems. Read more about nCino
Bankruptcy, loan modification and hard money loan tracking software combined with a lightweight CRM, phone system, and an eSign module. Manage documents, tasks, calendars, and more. Read more about Captafi
Budget Insight brings Open Banking and Open Finance technologies to 230 companies, from major banking institutions to fintech startups. Its API and products enable its clients and their end-users to aggregate financial data and documents and to perform payment initiations. Read more about Powens
Financial Services Cloud allows financial services teams to access actionable client insights & deliver personalized advice across any channel or device Read more about Financial Services Cloud
GOLDPoint Systems is a cloud-based loan servicing solution designed to help medium to large financial institutions manage payments & provide a streamlined process to borrowers. The platform enables organizations to send notifications, create queues for collections/remarketing & track applications. Read more about GOLDPoint Systems
AutoCloud is a cloud-based loan management solution, which assists banks and lending companies with managing processes for loan disbursement and customer on-boarding. Key features include document uploads, reminders, accounting, activity dashboard, data collection, and reporting. Read more about AutoCloud
Crowdsofts is a cloud-based crowdfunding platform that helps businesses to manage and track crowdfunding efforts. The solution offers features including investment analytics, crowdfunding performance tracking, portfolio management, transaction monitoring, payout management, and more. Read more about Crowdsofts
timveroOS offers a complete loan servicing platform, streamlining lending at scale, managing disbursements, calculations, alerts, payments, delinquent loans, and collections. Flexible with SDK and featuring analytics, with our platform, banks can increase profits by 20%. Read more about timveroOS

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