Angles Enterprise for SAP

Angles Enterprise for SAP

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About Angles Enterprise for SAP

Your SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has a wealth of data. But its complex nature
makes it difficult for your teams to access, understand, and use the data efficiently and productively.
Without data insights, you lack a clear understanding of your organization’s operations. And ad hoc
or custom report requests to the IT team only slow down your employees and the reporting process.
Transform the critical data in your SAP ERP tools into actionable insights with Angles for SAP from
insightsoftware. Give the power of operational analytics and business intelligence (BI) to the people
who need it most—your business users.

Angles for SAP works ‘’plug-and-play” on any SAP ERP, including both ECC and S/4HANA, to collect and prepare data so it is suitable to analyze. It understands context, connections, and integrations, and it simplifies data for business users. It then creates insights into what is happening at an operational level right now and in the foreseeable future by enriching the data with pre-built supply chain and finance calculations, on a transaction level (execution status, order bottlenecks) and in the form of operational KPIs (delivery reliability, stock level). These insights create answers to business questions. Insights can then be published directly or distributed by being pushed to or pulled by third-party BI tools.

Regardless of SAP experience or role, users can:

•Quickly find information with a simple search.

•Identify pain points and bottlenecks early and act on them before they impact the bottom line.

•Create detailed action lists that highlight operational issues, exceptions, and bottlenecks.

•Easily export enhanced data to third-party BI tools.

•Understand the root cause of issues.

•Enrich views with information from other process areas.

Increase your confidence in your SAP ERP and its data quality to create trustworthy reports and reduce time spent on reconciling results.

Key benefits of Angles Enterprise for SAP

•Identify shortages and delays – and their root causes – before they are picked and shipped.

•Understand current lead times of each stage of the supply chain process; highlight consistent delays and bottlenecks.

•Remove wasted effort, inventory, and cash. Eliminate the need to keep creating reports and downloading and manipulating data in tools such as Excel.

•Identify unnecessary purchases and production, slow-moving items, obsolete inventory, stock claimed by polluted orders, dead stock, etc.

•Control risks and process compliance issues such as Segregation of Duty.

•Remove inventory you don’t need, highlight purchases that can be delayed, and reduce part shipments, late payments, expedites and overtime, and more.

•Increase acceptance and trust of SAP and its data quality, facilitating greater trust in reports, and less time reconciling results.

•Gain flexibility in compiling dashboards and reports in BI tools.

•Refresh Angles data in your third-party tool, even Excel, quickly and easily.

•Available as full-service Angles Cloud solution for scale, resilience, and turnkey ownership.


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Angles Enterprise for SAP video
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Angles for SAP - Great tool for reporting daily activities

Reviewed on 03/04/2024

Great reporting tooling, easy to use, providing to the users easy way to create your own reports

Great reporting tooling, easy to use, providing to the users easy way to create your own reports


User friendly tool, possible to get great insights after some clicks and creating your own report


Using the version 2018, is not possible to load data from other sources.

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  • Free Trial: Not Available

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201–500, 501–1,000, 1,001–5,000

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Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish

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Qlik Sense, Tableau

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Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Phone Support

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