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Since its inception in 2006, Zoho Projects has left no stone unturned in catering to every project management need that there is - be it streamlining workflows, assigning tasks, recording time logs, receiving project updates, communicating with teams, sharing detailed reports, automating tasks, and tracking bugs.

Teeming with numerous dynamic features like industry-specific project templates, an intuitive List View, Blueprints and Workflow Rules that assist in automating routine tasks, Gantt chart that graphically depicts your work items, and Reports that give timely insights, Zoho Projects proves to be a promising feature-dense project management solution for businesses worldwide.

Integrations with third-party and in-house applications make Zoho Projects the most flexible project management platform that there is, allowing all your favorite apps to speak with each other, without putting a damper on your daily routine.

Pricing starting from:


  • Free Version
  • Free Trial
  • Subscription

Key benefits of Zoho Projects

  • Zoho Projects, one of the best web-based project management and collaboration tools, includes an issue tracking software that allows teams to collaborate and get projects done faster.
  • With Zoho Projects, users can post their work status, and project members can chat with each other. The Project Feed helps all team members get immediate updates about the current status of their projects. Users can easily keep all content organized and accessible by centrally posting files and easily creating a project web page or documentation.
  • Create project files directly on a browser without any need to install additional software. Upload Microsoft Office, Open Office, Star Office, AutoCAD, Photoshop, ZIP files, and any other kind of document that can also be associated with a specific task, bug, or project.
  • Zoho Projects' Bug Tracking module is a powerful issue submission software with which users can define a structure and organize how bugs are to be handled.
  • Users can customize their own interface by using Zoho Projects' WYSIWYG configuration options.
  • Keep track of your projects on the go with Zoho Projects' mobile apps available for iOS and Android.
  • Typical Customers

    • Freelancers
    • Small Businesses (2-50)
    • Mid-size Companies (51-500)
    • Large enterprises (500 and more)


    • Cloud-based
    • On-premise


    Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile and 27 others

    Supported Languages

    Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch and 13 others

    Pricing starting from:


    • Free Version
    • Free Trial
    • Subscription


    Zoho Projects Software - Drag, Drop and Done
    Zoho Projects Software - Intuitive Gantt Charts
    Zoho Projects Software - Inbuilt Issue Tracker
    Zoho Projects Software - Portfolio Dashboard
    Zoho Projects Software - Task Automation
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    Zoho Projects video
    Zoho Projects Software - Drag, Drop and Done
    Zoho Projects Software - Intuitive Gantt Charts
    Zoho Projects Software - Inbuilt Issue Tracker
    Zoho Projects Software - Portfolio Dashboard
    Zoho Projects Software - Task Automation


    Total features of Zoho Projects: 145

    • @mentions
    • API
    • Access Controls/Permissions
    • Activity Dashboard
    • Activity Tracking
    • Ad hoc Reporting
    • Alerts/Escalation
    • Alerts/Notifications
    • Approval Workflow
    • Archiving & Retention
    • Assignment Management
    • Backlog Management
    • Bar Chart
    • Billable & Non-Billable Hours
    • Billable Items Tracking
    • Billing & Invoicing
    • Budget Management
    • Budgeting/Forecasting
    • Bug Tracking Software
    • Bug/Issue Capture
    • Calendar Management
    • Capacity Management
    • Charting
    • Chat/Messaging
    • Client Portal
    • Collaboration Tools
    • Color Codes/Icons
    • Commenting/Notes
    • Communication Management
    • Configurable Workflow
    • Content Management System (CMS) Software
    • Cost-to-Completion Tracking
    • Create Subtasks
    • Customizable Branding
    • Customizable Fields
    • Customizable Reports
    • Customizable Templates
    • Dashboard Software
    • Data Import/Export
    • Data Visualization Software
    • Deadline Management
    • Dependency Tracking
    • Discussions/Forums
    • Document Management Software
    • Document Storage
    • Drag & Drop
    • Email Management Software
    • Email-to-Task Conversion
    • Employee Database
    • Employee Management
    • Employee Scheduling Software
    • Expense Tracking
    • File Management
    • File Sharing Software
    • File Storage
    • For Small Businesses
    • Forms Creation & Design
    • Gantt/Timeline View
    • Goal Setting/Tracking
    • Idea Management Software
    • Import Tasks
    • Invoice Management
    • Issue Management
    • Issue Scheduling
    • Issue Tracking Software
    • Kanban Board
    • Knowledge Base Management
    • Live Chat Software
    • Milestone Tracking
    • Mobile Access
    • Mobile App
    • Mobile Time Tracking
    • Monitoring
    • Multiple Billing Rates
    • Multiple Projects
    • Notes Management
    • Online Time Tracking Software
    • Overtime Calculation
    • Parent Task
    • Percent-Complete Tracking
    • Performance Metrics
    • Planning Tools
    • Portfolio Management
    • Prioritization
    • Productivity Tools
    • Progress Reports
    • Progress Tracking
    • Project Management Software
    • Project Planning Software
    • Project Planning/Scheduling
    • Project Scheduling
    • Project Templates
    • Project Time Tracking
    • Project Tracking Software
    • Project Workflow
    • Projections
    • Real Time Analytics
    • Real Time Editing
    • Real Time Notifications
    • Real Time Updates
    • Recurring Issues
    • Recurring Tasks
    • Reimbursement Management
    • Reminders
    • Reporting & Statistics
    • Reporting/Analytics
    • Reporting/Project Tracking
    • Resource Allocation & Planning
    • Resource Management Software
    • Resource Scheduling
    • Risk Management Software
    • Role-Based Permissions
    • Search/Filter
    • Skills Tracking
    • Stakeholder Defined Attributes
    • Status Tracking
    • Summary Reports
    • Tagging
    • Task Board View
    • Task Editing/Updating
    • Task Management Software
    • Task Planning
    • Task Progress Tracking
    • Task Scheduling
    • Task Tagging
    • Template Management
    • Templates
    • Testing/QA Management
    • Third Party Integrations
    • Time & Expense Tracking
    • Time Tracking Software
    • Time Tracking by Client
    • Time Tracking by Project
    • Timeline Management
    • Timer
    • Timesheet Management
    • To-Do List
    • Traceability
    • Traditional Methodologies
    • Vacation/Leave Tracking
    • Version Control
    • Video Conferencing Software
    • Visualization
    • Web-based Deployment
    • Workflow Management Software


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    Overall rating

    4.4 /5
    Value for Money
    Ease of Use
    Customer Support Software

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    Overall rating
    • Industry: Apparel & Fashion
    • Company size: 1,001–5,000 Employees
    • Used Daily for 2+ years
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Value for Money
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support Software
    • Likelihood to recommend 9.0 /10

    Excellent tool for task management

    Reviewed on 12/10/2020

    My overall experience is great with Zoho projects, it works fine if given the right technology...

    My overall experience is great with Zoho projects, it works fine if given the right technology support. In past three years we have done multiple updates and customization on Zoho projects and they have worked well for us. I personally would recommend Zoho projects to others to built a very good project management tracking system.


    Zoho projects has been part of our organization from past 3 years. It is a very useful tool for project management. It has high importance in task management especially in tracking down deliverable in kanban projects. The user interface is very friendly and the dashboard is highly interactive. Milestones can be easily set and can be tracked throughout its completing period. Project lags, time delays, and bottlenecks can be identified easily in the system. This tool also helps to manage teams and individual tasks assigned to each person. Notifications can be enabled to track individual performances. Overall, this tool is multi-purpose tool that can perform wide range of tasks.


    Zoho projects are hard to customize. Its scalability is very limited to certain tasks. It is good in project management, but it fails to provide a communication channel between people. Chat windows lag a lot between communication and real time forums take lot of time to update. Zoho requires high internet bandwidth, slow internet creates problem with updates and Zoho starts lagging. Multi user portal has also lot of issues. Even multi user portal is a common feature. The feature creates issues with file sharing. It takes lot of time for file transfers.

    Overall rating
    • Industry: Computer Games
    • Company size: 1,001–5,000 Employees
    • Used Daily for 1+ year
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Value for Money
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support Software
    • Likelihood to recommend 9.0 /10

    Zoho Projects enables proper Project Management

    Reviewed on 15/08/2023

    Project managers, engineers, and consultants can all manage and administer projects from any...

    Project managers, engineers, and consultants can all manage and administer projects from any location with the help of Zoho Projects. A browser-based, cross-platform, and rather user-friendly SaaS solution. It has all the capabilities one would expect from a program of this type.


    We required a Project Management capability that integrated seamlessly with our CRM and Service Desk Line of Business systems and promoted information sharing across the board. To prepare for management meetings, one may manually create an Excel project schedule that includes task tracking and a Gantt chart.


    Not all browsers are supported, and not all of the functions of Task Management are present. Several additional vexing features of the current implementation of the Project Template should also be improved upon.

    Verified Reviewer
    Overall rating
    • Industry: Marketing & Advertising
    • Company size: 2–10 Employees
    • Used Daily for 6-12 months
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Value for Money
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support Software
    • Likelihood to recommend 2.0 /10

    I wanted to love it.

    Reviewed on 09/04/2019

    I wanted to love ZOHO Projects and all of ZOHO suits. And I still believe the concept is a...

    I wanted to love ZOHO Projects and all of ZOHO suits. And I still believe the concept is a fantastic one. Most of the major apps any small business will need one place. But it felt like ZOHO haphazardly patched together apps from several different creators.

    I will be happy to try ZOHO again, once integration becomes more seamless. I look forward to newer versions!


    The single login with the ZOHO suite was a nice feature. I tried ZOHO primarily because I wanted one suite for the majority of my business app needs.


    My major complaint falls into two categories:
    1. Integrations between ZOHO's own products are not as good as could be. And I have seen better integration with other PM software and third-party apps.
    2. ZOHO suite, in general, does a lot of things, but most things not well.

    I signed up for ZOHO Projects primarily because I wanted to integrate it with other apps in the ZOHO suite. However, I found these integrations were not seamless and nowhere near as functional as they could be. For example; I use both Projects and Invoices for clients, can send them invites from both applications for a client portal. However, both portals require a seperate login for the client. This frustrates clients, as they know both apps are ZOHO, yet they need separate credentials.

    On my end, all of ZOHO's billing was not integrated. Which means there was a separate invoice and viewing page for billing for each ZOHO APP. I would expect billing to function more like G Suite, with all ZOHO apps billed together.

    As a stand-alone PM APP I found it not to be user friendly. You can't choose which fields or features you want. We tend to use more of a Kanban methodology and would prefer if task start and end dates were not mandatory. While I like the idea of the Sprint version of this APP, I wanted some of the client management features of full Projects.

    Overall rating
    • Industry: Professional Training & Coaching
    • Company size: 11–50 Employees
    • Used Weekly for 1+ year
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Value for Money
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support Software
    • Likelihood to recommend 10.0 /10

    Zoho Projects

    Reviewed on 24/10/2023

    simply great

    simply great


    its a great tool to manage company projects, helps in operations efficiency


    it has come a long way and should continue previously they weren't improving it but now since its number 1, they are striving to keep it at the same level

    Overall rating
    • Industry: Real Estate
    • Company size: 51–200 Employees
    • Used Daily for Free Trial
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Ease of Use
    • Likelihood to recommend 9.0 /10

    Very good software

    Reviewed on 19/12/2023


    I liked the scheduling and project planning very much. the clone feature is very useful.


    I didn't like the monthly and yearly subscription per user. It would be good if the cost would be on projects basis.

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    Zoho Projects FAQs

    Below are some frequently asked questions for Zoho Projects.

    Zoho Projects offers the following pricing plans:

    • Starting from: $5.00/month
    • Pricing model: Free Version, Subscription
    • Free Trial: Available

    Free Plan - 3 users and 2 projects; Premium Plan - $4/user/month if billed annually, $5/user/month if billed monthly; Enterprise Plan - $9/user/month if billed annually, $10/user/month if billed monthly

    Zoho Projects has the following typical customers:

    Self Employed, 2–10, 11–50, 51–200, 201–500, 501–1,000, 1,001–5,000

    Zoho Projects supports the following languages:

    Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

    Zoho Projects supports the following devices:

    Android (Mobile), iPhone (Mobile), iPad (Mobile)

    Zoho Projects integrates with the following applications:

    Basecamp, Bitbucket, Box, Crashlytics, Dropbox Business, GitHub, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Workspace, Jira, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Slack, Trello, Zapier, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Assist, Zoho Books, Zoho BugTracker, Zoho CRM, Zoho Cliq, Zoho Desk, Zoho Docs, Zoho Flow, Zoho Forms, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Mail, Zoho Meeting, Zoho People

    Zoho Projects offers the following support options:

    Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base Software, Phone Support, 24/7 (Live rep), Chat

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